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He/him. Professional gamer. Aspiring journalist. Welcome, the name's Tim. Private account: @ThoughtsTim.

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i spent way too much time on this take it
Retweeted by TimothyPersona 5 but with the P3 FES opening kinda 🔥
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Retweeted by Timothyc'mere you
Retweeted by TimothySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate is now unavailable for purchase.
Retweeted by Timothythis why u should never leave me in ur discord when u stream an horror game
Retweeted by Timothy @erincookies456 fixed it
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Retweeted by Timothywhy don’t we ever get hype moments like this in sonic games anymore
Retweeted by Timothythis is crazy look how many big Nintendo titles are on here
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Retweeted by Timothy @HellolmJoe @kinetrixz Oh no, did 🅱️eter cheat on Lois? @WuTangKlann1 Because Pokémon fans are stubborn @BoiledSwift Yeah tbh, I didn't like Makoto until after Kaneshiro's palace @HellolmJoe @kinetrixz Joe? Do you know Peter by any chance?JOINED MY ZOOM CLASS AND FORGOT TO TAKE OFF MY ANIME BACKGROUND I WAS USING IN A MEETING WITH MY FRIENDS I HATE MY…
Retweeted by TimothyHey Did you know Someone used a Nook Miles Ticket to go on an island and guess what they found in the rocks Lots…
Retweeted by Timothy @ShiningComet_ I farted @BoiledSwift Lies
My boy Scott is still in school? I had no idea lol. But take all the time you need, king 5 in dreams: sparing coochie edition #MadeInDreams #PS4share
Retweeted by Timothyapril 3rd 2020
Retweeted by TimothyFuuksona 5
Retweeted by Timothythis video radiates a bizarre energy
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Retweeted by TimothyFavorite: Sonic's Schoolhouse Least favorite: Sonic Mania
Retweeted by Timothywe were only seven, but we have you all now
Retweeted by Timothydaily reminder that alpharad is the best items player i've ever seen
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Retweeted by TimothySo me and my dad were playing Smash Ultimate, and long story short, I beat his ass with Dark Pit, and when the dark… 'n Boots looking ass what the fuck
Retweeted by Timothyscott the woz is a twink
Retweeted by Timothydonald duck went off in this clip😳
Retweeted by Timothyoh yeah i beat re3 in less than 4hrs on my first playthrough how could u tell
Retweeted by TimothyMy week on Twitter 🎉: 449 Mentions, 517 Mention Reach, 2.38K Likes, 284 Retweets, 73K Retweet Reach. See yours with…*slams fist on the table* "IRFH I CAHNTCH HAF SHEX, NO ONE CAHN!" *fucking breaks the table by accident*
Retweeted by Timothyme when it comes to actual jokes me when it comes to jokes about ian
Retweeted by TimothyFor all Mii competitive players
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Retweeted by TimothyHe’s back at the drive through
Retweeted by Timothy @yungseventeen Lmao I ain't hating on Three Houses. It was my favorite game of 2019 besides DmC V, but it's a fact…
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Retweeted by TimothyGaming is a right. Internet needs to be a utility.
Retweeted by Timothy56 days left for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Retweeted by Timothy @HagenJenson @Female_Ren LmaoIn 2012 I made a "model" of myself for a Half-Life 2 mod that went nowhere and I found it again last night.
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Retweeted by TimothyPunchline: Pewdiepie is a chad boi and idubbbz is a sad simp. A fat, hairy asshole: Oh! I can make this about raci…
Retweeted by TimothyWhen someone thinks the mascot of Atlus is Morgana the fuck was this tweet for
Retweeted by Timothy @CoryxKenshin Dad, is that you?Animal Crossing players going to their fridge and they see eggs
Retweeted by Timothy"Yeah, I'm a Joker main, how could you tell?" ''I challenge you to a race, you'll never beat me!'' Carl: ''Good joke bro''
Retweeted by Timothysothis is the main protagonist of fire emblem three houses
Retweeted by TimothyPaper #Mario will make a big return on #NintendoSwitch in 2021! Are you ready for a new dictionary-sized adventure?
Retweeted by TimothyThree Houses looks like an upscaled PS2 game.
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Retweeted by TimothyEtika with his Smash Bros mains! Artwork created by @Chrodofa
Retweeted by TimothyOur biggest fans this week: Fries101Reviews, CosmoManiaBruce, Midnight_Baka. Thank you! via can basically tweet on my account now cause he has my PS4 login
Retweeted by TimothyPeople are finally saying that 5G network towers are the cause of the Coronavirus and I’m just in shock because I’v…
Retweeted by Timothy“Than any Melee game” Guys what’s your favorite Melee game? I like Melee 3 personally
Retweeted by Timothyme when I’m in New Jersey
Retweeted by Timothythe song we’re all singing #KidsTogether
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Retweeted by Timothy 5 Royal really changed a lot didn't it?? I don't remember being this in the original.
Retweeted by TimothySubmitted by: @AtticTrash249
Retweeted by TimothyJust wait til danganronpa fans discover people wear these irl
Retweeted by Timothy @heehoharu You seem cool I followed you @dededeismywaifu My son in HD @Ban_LeMn @CloudStrian @gamingguru456 Nah @Ban_LeMn @CloudStrian @gamingguru456 No @berez326 @gamingguru456 It's... Perfect @CloudStrian @gamingguru456 8 is better than 7 @3Charloxxe4 Take that back Right nowtouhou fans be like "hmm which 9 year old girl will i molest today"
Retweeted by TimothyMy plan for America 2.0: - Ban single-ply toilet paper - No one-lane highways - Term-limits on ALL government posit…
Retweeted by Timothy @berez326 @gamingguru456 Family Guy Video GameShow: Max and Ruby... 7 Year Old me: Ruby and Max!!!!
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Retweeted by Timothyi found the origin of the music makes you lose control guy and it's better than i ever could have possibly imagined
Retweeted by TimothyI just drove for 30 mins in GTA 5 to clear my mind.
Retweeted by Timothy2020 Delayed Until Early 2021
Retweeted by TimothyGood morning, and happy birthday to @Roy_1up_. Enjoy it, man! 🎂 @StormYorha More like "you thought you were safe room"
Retweeted by Timothy @Roy_1up_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING ENJOY YOUR 16THSojiro now calls your phone in P5R This is character development
Retweeted by Timothy"Fire Emblem is Fire Emblem and that's not okay." - Smash fansTook a goddamn global pandemic for you to actually think of your employees' health. ...and likely only 'cuz you l…
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