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Tim Callahan is an educator and a writer. His opinions are his own.

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Currently reading. Slum Wolf by Tadao Tsuge. #manga #garo #comics #readmorecomics
@kylepinion Gotta get em all. Then when they do a remastered rerelease at a larger size in 2025, get those too. @kylepinion Yes, although he had some pretty good fill-in guys! But I am glad to see you pulling a Callahan yet again.
Currently reading. Raymond Pettibon, Homo Americanus: Collected Works. This thing is a beast. #punkrock #pettibon
@kylepinion Same. Vanilla is clearly superior.My son invented a way to cure your existential dread: your own Galactus, “You can’t spell ‘existential dread’ witho…
Currently reading. Pittsburgh by Frank Santoro. I have never read a Frank Santoro comic I didn’t love. Raw beauty.… @MatthewElmslie Look for an action that Dart takes in the later issues other than swooning over the guy that betray…
@tinyhandprez Old people liked it. If the Academy Awards nominated it, that's what that means. @kylepinion Get all the EC books! Except all the recolored ones. You can pretend those don't exist. @Grendal1969 Agreed! Both heavily Star Wars inspired but with a twist. Strong characters and great visuals. Licensed but not lifeless. @MatthewElmslie The ending is fine. But Dart does nothing for issues 14-20 except change her character completely.… read Bill Schelly’s Kurtzman biography last week and dipped back into a bunch of classic EC tales recently. Highl… reading. Custom bound complete Atari Force by Conway, Garcia-Lopez, Andru, Baron, and Barreto. Issues 1-1… @TheKyleStarks Orson Welles's The Stranger so you can see nazi-huntin' Edward G Robinson play checkers like a boss.Dinner by the lake. Masked. by the lake. Masked.
@augiedb Full report: I loaded it up on the PS4 (The Golf Club 2019). My daughter (who never played golf, in real l… @ThatShaneBua Word. To be fair, and maybe now's not the time to be fair, but I am super-in-favor-of Zoom meetings f… @augiedb I will go play some golf on the PS4 right now and report back. Is that good enough for you?
Hey! Come join us for a Grant Morrison documentary watch party at 9 PM Eastern Time tonight. See my face on screen.…
@roshow Start with this and then evolve into this and read all Four…
I think Andy said it best. Please review.
@tinyhandprez All those legs and yet you cannot hear their footsteps. #spiderstealth
@jeffparker Perfect movie? I'll take your bait and throw it into the river and say that Zemeckis has never even mad…
Postscript to the Epilogue to the Orson Welles marathon. #orsonwelles #theorsonwellesshow to the Orson Welles film festival: “The Fountain of Youth.” #orsonwelles
Mini Orson Welles film festival today. Watch em all! #orsonwelles #cinema #movies
Why am I wearing a suit in a hot July day. No biggie, just successfully defended my doctoral dissertation a few min… @tinyhandprez 77?
@danmcdaid When my wife and I saw Dead Again in the theater, the projectionist accidentally played Hulk Hogan's Sub… Kane. Joseph Cotten.
@kylepinion @millerunc Completely agree. Byrne rankings: Iron Fist > Uncanny X-Men > Action Comics > Superman > Mar…
@kylepinion Read all about it in Back Issue Magazine #45 (December, 2010) in an article written by me!… @kylepinion I think Conan (just look at the comics spawned or inspired by BWS Conan), followed by Luke Cage, Hero f…
@TheBurnham We called it "Kill the Guy with the Ball." That was its name. @Cormacaroni I think she is ready for Advanced Placement English. She can probably skip 1st grade English.
In tonight's D&D session, my half-elf friend and I explored a underground cavern, killed two giant snakes, a maggot…
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@deathchrist2000 @newjasonhorn It’s Lost. The others aren’t even in the running. @BenjaminBirdie You gonna say that to his face? @factualopinion Get used to that. Time is the new MoviePass.
@TomKingTK What about a crossover that ties the promise of all those ads together? What’s the secret behind the TRUE history of the DCU? @Kevin_Church I never understood the complaints about participation trophies but if that's how they are distributed, now I get it. @ianmacewan @andykhouri I remember a time as a teenager when some younger kid asked me “do you remember Star Wars?”… @d5tar_ @andykhouri @NickDerington Stagecoach maybe? Or Frozen. Everyone seems shocked when they talk about Frozen and I sa… @kylepinion It’s reprinted often, but you gotta grab it when you can. @kylepinion Moorcock’s stuff goes in and out of print quickly in the US.
@kylepinion Corum is a big yes! @heartimecia What’s a “preoder”? Is that spelling part of the joke? @JAMALIGLE Why would he ever be inside the armor, hard light or metal? Because it’s cooler that way. Same with metal vs light. @thisismrking Yes. It’s that one.We watched Old Guard last night and my kids were waiting for All-Star by Smash Mouth as a music cue. Realize that k… @dianecope1958 You seem nice and funny and I hope you don’t go insane for at least five or seventeen more years. Enjoy!Big ask. I am 62 this weekend, so will probably die soon, or get alzheimers or be rendered insane. I would love my…
Retweeted by Tim Callahan @ryanqnorth Check/wreck is the only true rubric. Too much gray area in other dichotomous poles. Good/bad? There’s a… movie night. We ended up watching all 4. Or, rather, some of us watched all 4. Others did...not. '80s called and wanted to let you know that today's the 40th anniversary of the New Teen Titans 💥
Retweeted by Tim Callahan @Brian_Cronin Thank you for understanding. @Brian_Cronin P.S. I didn’t just make it up. I can cite my source: Oh wait, that’s me 7 yea… @Brian_Cronin Yeah but in the early phases it was just about the Monitor cataloging all the characters, and then th… you know Crisis on Infinite Earths was inspired by Ende’s novel, The NeverEnding Story? That’s a comic book urb… @kylepinion I like Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master more than any villain in JL and WW combined.Post-credit scene! @tinyhandprez when Luthor says, “...shouldn’t we have a league of our own?” don’t think it’s any worse than Wonder Woman though. Both have similar problems but at least JL has more things g… Justice League thought until the SNYDERCUT launches: it’s a nothing movie. The stakes feel insignificant even… @popgunchaos Nah, he’s a big Mantis fanboy. Probably has Mantis PJs and sleeps in a cocoon every night.Okay, back to finish watching Justice League. A thought: parademons in the DCU aren’t insectoid, but in the movie t… world, had to break for dinner. Maybe getting back to #justiceleague someday. @ajnorthrop YesssssSteppenwolf as “fallen angel” is not a bad angle. Too bad he’s all CGI and there is no suspense in any scene he’s i…
We are expected to believe Cyborg uses Helvetica? Naw, when he hacks into a system it’s Franklin Gothic all day. #justiceleagueThe flashback to Amazons and Atlanteans and Green Lantern fightin’ Steppenwolf in the olden days is what I’m here f… can tell that video of “aliens stole my husband” is a Joss addition because it’s supposed to be traditionally f… move that Steppenwolf literally teleports in from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Big media tie-in here. #justiceleaguevhobbitThe problem with Justice League is that they all act like the parademons don’t have feelings too. I bet Joss pitche… @Darkseids_Boots @tinyhandprez They are where the anti-life festers and grows in the darkness.This is a hot @tinyhandprez take: I can’t believe this is an actual movie released in theaters. #justiceleagueI think I’d rather see the Irons Cut. Get this: Jeremy Irons (playing himself) leads a squad of heroes (Batman, Won… and pepper beardy Bruce Wayne confronting Nordic Anthony Michael Hall. I’m into this. And the comic strip on t… Woman does her Wonder Woman stuff within 9 minutes. Justice League > Wonder Woman (the movie). #releasethesnydercutohyouarekcoolI am watching Justice League with @tinyhandprez though. She will likely have hot takes that will never be published.I am doing it, and by doing it I mean watching Justice League again. Is this the Snyder Cut??? JK don’t @ me. Ever.I don’t remember the post credit scene, but if it’s not a telephone ringing, Wonder Woman picking it up and saying… Woman defeats David Thewlis’s mustache with lightning and that is one of her well-known powers: lightning v mustache.That’s not David Thewlis inside the lava armor. I feel robbed.I admire the audacity of casting David Thewlis as a supervillain. #wonderwoman @ubi905 Haha all I remember about the finale is that there is so much CGI. @revsully Oh I’ve seen it before, but after watching the bonkers Batman V Superman, this Wonder Woman movie seems so slow and dull.It’s a good scene, though. Wonder Woman scaring the entire German army into retreating.The first Wonder Woman scene is 75 minutes into the movie. It’s been a long wait. I hope WW84 has Wonder Woman scen… you don’t yet own Omega the Unknown, this is a fantastic deal. Or give it to a loved one! @douglaswolk Animal Man #5 has an appearance from me in the letters column and that should probably be mentioned in… am watching Wonder Woman and they could have cut the first 60 minutes down to 5 and it would have been fine. Let’… @TheBurnham Deep cut @urbanbarbarian Pretty easy when you do it like that. @kylepinion I had my run of GC bound, mostly as a test. But now I can easily find it if I do a reread!My printed dissertation. Miniatures not included. Dissertation defense 20 days from today.…