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Tim Callahan is an educator and a writer. His opinions are his own.

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@ThatShaneBua Just a broken back. No prob. @mikesterling Get those pennies! @rogbennett Into the #Nigelverse @ThatShaneBua Or literally running into each other. @ThatShaneBua ManU forgetting they are playing counterattack and stopping their forward momentum every time.
@garaujo1 Cap always. @whereismygarden @TheJawaJosh That is my favorite part. He studies stories and has not been to the movies in 30 years? Amazing. @jason1749 I loved it and still do and yes.Ballin. DHS vs PHS. Devils win on the road. #wearedrury
@kylepinion Buy the B&W book. Enjoy it for its beauty.
@WillCarpenterJR He has never seen the movie. He watched Starcrash instead. He maybe read the wiki. @MitchGerads Writer's strike. Without writers, the show just became a documentary about Landry killin' dudes. Just… @WillCarpenterJR He's right! It has the Emperor raising a fleet of zombie Star Destroyers with built-in Death Star…
@TessFowler My elementary school taught Narnia books and The Hobbit in the 1970s and it opened up the world to me. @mercurialblonde That is a gorgeous book. Lee’s layouts are not nearly as dynamic now and he was so great then. @mercurialblonde Is this this XXL book?
@kylepinion @CharlesForsman Or when Mad Men ended.people are always like "teleporters just vaporize you and create a clone of you at the destination" as if that's so…
Retweeted by Tim Callahan @DZawisza I vote both! ❤️
Truth at 24 frames per second. @lilah_sturges Good writers only use manual typewriters according to every movie ever made. Nice try with the “computer.” @andykhouri @MichaelMoreci Christian Ray Cyrus Bale
@AndrewRilstone Your 1984 presence appeared in my reading tonight. Warrior no. 18. @FredCStresing Did you read Chuck's comic? @JeremyMBent @brettwhite I imagine this every day. How can you not?
@turnerlobey @kellysue 86% is impressive! I enjoyed Quixote too. It’s funny. @JetpackComics @Doncates @Todd_McFarlane The Toddmeister don't need a shirt: @DZawisza Always Nighthawk. But the Squadron Supreme universe one, displaced dimensionally. @ThatShaneBua You are kind and beautiful and the tech deck thing is surprising. But amazing.
@andykhouri But he finished the run with Sim. I wonder if there was a point when he emotionally disconnected from the work. @andykhouri Yeah, Gerhard needed to escape. I read about that. @ifdestroyed This is great! @andykhouri I continued to worry about Gerhard as the story progressed. That guy was along for THIS ride? (I do lov… help Joe Pesci reclaim his rightful place as an one of America’s rapper/actors.
@andykhouri @ColleenDoran I approve of so much. And I am horrified by the other 99% of it.I am enchanted. @ColleenDoran @andykhouri It’s wholesome. Those are vines. Or snakes. Or Alec Holland’s special place. @ColleenDoran @andykhouri What is more exciting? The Druid aesthetic or the assault rifle 3D mural?
“The forewords are, at any rate, a sort of literary mask — the 'impersonation of Vladimir Nabokov' — and it is one…
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@ifdestroyed Yes, please. @M_Morse 9+10 (1983). Marvelman, Warpsmiths, V for Vendetta, and Laser Eraser and Pressbutton all in top form. Art b… @TimCallahan Have you seen this?? Definitely want to get some comics going in the new year!!
Retweeted by Tim Callahan @TomTaylorMade @jasonlatour This character is pure Latour. @TomTaylorMade @jasonlatour Hey @jasonlatour, my son bought me a Peter Porker toy for Christmas and that was becaus… of the Decade list below. 8, the final issue of 1982. Father Shandor takes the cover and it’s a nice cover but no one cares about tha…
I think I found mine cheaper than that, but it took years. Dez has some reasonable prices and it looks like he main… know I’m reading a bunch of Warrior issues this week, but did you know that editor Dez Skinn sells back issues… @gibsoncomics I love this. Please make some comics on this topic of foxes and moonlight, inspired by cartoons from my youth.Warrior 7 (1982). Let’s be honest: the only things that matter in Warrior are Marvelman and V for Vendetta and some… @gibsoncomics I would love to see this guy in action.Let’s pause from our Warrior Magazine reading to take a look at some beautiful original art from the Miracleman Art… 6! (1982). Alan Davis begins pencilling Marvelman with Garry Leach phasing our by only doing the inks. Turn… @revsully I have never seen it. Instead I watch Star Wars and read 1980s British comics every day, apparently.Warrior 5 (1982). Double dose of V for Vendetta installments from Moore and Lloyd and nearing the end of the Garry… @revsully Not a rip off. A delirious celebration. @fredvanlente Stay safe. Watch out for Billy Zane. @noncorporealfrm @LlcTerrific What?Warrior 4, also known as the Summer Special 1982, is the not-best Issue so far. David Jackson replaces John Bolton… 3 (1982) highlights. Alan Moore’s Kid Marvelman is real (bad) but looks great with Garry Leach art. Paul Ne… 2 (1982) highlights. Jim Baikie barbarian illo. Alan Moore’s Young Nastyman by Garry Leach. Curt Vile (aka… @brettwhite Then you should do it. With that amazing photo that deserves you.Highlights from Warrior 1 (1982). Garry Leach space-monster slayer. Garry Leach’s first Alan Moore’s Marvelman. Joh…
@brettwhite Note: not weird if the art is that of a camera lens or video camera because JEEZ YOU GOTTA TURN IT SIDE… @revsully I carved that model from the wild material of the internet just for you.When Alan Moore was young and best known for his work on Marvel UK’s Star Wars and Dr Who comics. From the back mat… @revsully It’s a plot point in Solo! @revsully @mercurialblonde I love it but I don’t think I can sustain that love for 7 seasons.Basil Wolverton is one of my Top 5 favorite artists of all time. Sunday morning reading. (This book about the first…
All you guys in your Jedi robes making YouTube videos about who Rey’s grandmother could have been are missing the m…
Retweeted by Tim Callahan @dranj70 One post! A biggie.I’m seeing a lot of tweets about Little Women but I see it as Little Watchmen and I am ready for Greta Gerwig’s Minutemen prequel. @Tim_Jong_Illest Cup of chits, only the cup is crystal and the chits are gold-encrusted gems. @Tim_Jong_Illest They might do that, and glue a diamond on the d20 just like the old days when we all played with g… thought this was a joke. But it is real! Order this for your loved one! @revsully Oh snap, Palpatine!They saved the $$$$$ and the cosplay crew for the final two episodes of the #Mandalorian and that’s cool because ep… @reliablecomics @ennacooper @AdlaiM Thank you for understanding. @mordicai I think you will be into it. And you’ll be singing the Witcher song by New Years. @mordicai I think you will like it if you go in expecting schlock. It is pretty schlocky. Top schlock. @SecretPrison Your ranking is the first honest and pure one I have seen.Hey @tinyhandprez and @a_callachan, you should probably retweet this masterpiece so you could say you knew me before I went viral.All you guys in your Jedi robes making YouTube videos about who Rey’s grandmother could have been are missing the m… @zacksoto @reliablecomics I will buy them all too! More LIFE OF GIFFEN.
@drklutch Yeah, I miss him too. He was one of the greats. @derekmballard You are correct. Rikki always. @Veronicatxoxo I ❤️One of the truest things about me is that my son created my Playstation user profile because we shared it when he w… @mancandy666 I don’t think I’ve seen a Denis movie before. I have seen zero previously as far as I know.HG Peter’s Wonder Woman comics from the 1940s are great. Brendan McCarthy’s 2000 AD comics from the 2010s are great… @mancandy666 That movie was rough. As a parent and as a human. @tinyhandprez Not with this guy around. @bwcostello You have planned the perfect crime.This is my favorite Christmas present of 2019. @GoldenBoyPhoto1 Oh cool. It seemed just like a bunch of exposition told as expected, but it’s a worth a buy as a collection?