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Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion

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Holy fuck man
This was the right vote and Republicans are dead wrong on this issue President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please: free Julian Assange. You a…
Retweeted by Tim PoolThe Fuck?? "A trial judge raised the possibility that another federal judge overseeing Michael Flynn’s case could…
lol John Kerry is the bad guy from Kingsman political and corporate elite are selling us out in real time They are stealing from the poor to give to the r… isnt in anyway news how stupid are just so awful @KateGardiner this is like 100 times smaller than the Biden celebrations and BLM protestsI was surprised when I saw trump supporters talking about guillotines for the establishment elites because it sound… don't want to set the world on fire... small business owner bringing left and right together if only for just this momentIts political war The GA runoff seems to be making everything worse really close to yelling workers of the world unite after seeing what they are doing to people guy sounds like Bernie Sanders and he's right The Millionaires and Billionaires in this country are enjoying… @scrowder @Twitter That's a statement of fact made by Twitter that is false right?
holy shit step, pardon those convicted on non violent drug offenses There would have to be a review as to who gets pard… think the image is meant to be an insult to women lucky for Biden that in major cities in key swing states he got 90%+ of the vote because Trump was doing really… is how MCN's should work Maybe someone just needs to make a site where people can list "shares" and trade th… it the "Big Ask" Or is Trump trying to destroy independent media? woman
They kept saying there was no evidence of fraud Now they are moving on to "unproven conspiracies" because there is evidence of fraud @TheSchwab Vultures
2011: President Obama ordered an extrajudicial drone strike targeting a civilian restaurant killing a 16 year old A… this is funny kinda weird that pro photogs are lurking around hospitals to get photos of crying covid patients these people… want you dead but will settle for your submission
Retweeted by Tim Poolmany may hate Trump *more* than they hate Biden but more people hate BidenIt started a while ago actually Conservatives and progressives are recoiling at what Biden has already started doi…
rules are made up so why not change the rules so that every team is diverse and inclusive All major league teams 5050 men and womenHistoric First woman to play Power 5 Football Opened second half with 30 yard kick Final score 41-0 with her tea… @TRHLofficial "With this Xarflim knew the resistance was done. The last hope of the small woodland creatures had be… @TheRealArtBlack thats not the issue, its that the GOP passed the law and started the process to amend the constitu… did PA Pass No Excuse Mail in voting before COVID?"There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to… is part of what drives the realignment in politics Democrats are the party of the wealthy, managerial elites,…'s highest aggregate approval ever was during the daily COVID briefings as soon as he hit all times highs medi… not a conspiracy theory’s not over. This was not unexpected. Stay tuned.
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@YesThatAnna Carmen Best is a woman, they ran her out of her jobthis is not correct Snowden and Assange should be pardoned @jfdrangula finally got my ps5 so stoked immediately downloaded spelunky 2 this is what the ps5 was built forThe filing wasn't the Trump campaign But talk about insane GOP Legislature passes unconstitutional law, governor… @AnnaBananaHops But what if the plane you're on is bombing kids in YemenWoah. has been on the radar for a lonnnng time I covered this when the co founder of MSNBC said Trump would try it… does "inclusivity" stop? There certainly is a limit as leftists don't want to include many on the right So…
lol bad news is that what Trump is calling for would destroy independent media overnight The good news is that Rep… Arrogance Narcissism iiiitttt @realDonaldTrump
Make it happen @realDonaldTrump
@VaushV @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump @VermilionViath @VaushV @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump I literally had Sean Parnell on my show last night you brainlet @VaushV @VaushV @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump No, this isn't true. I just talked to someone involved in the caseActually, all of the steps for Pennsylvania certification may not yet be complete, & we just got a favorable order…
Retweeted by Tim PoolHoly shit is filling the swamp with a firehoseobligatory twitter is full of morons and the above tweet is a joke poking fun at hypocrites follow upHollywood actors have finally convinced me We must listen to what these actors had to say Republican electors sho… left got hoaxed Parler was not hacked parents were not good at cooking I love Thanksgiving food and its pumpkin spice season which apparently every… @AJemaineClement @Carlosd96422822 I'd be able to criticize your Prime Minister if your country did more than wear c…
trump is still president Joe Biden's advisor said national lockdown is more like when you're really thirsty and you open the fridge but there is only a gallon of milk so you gra… DiAngelo is an avowed racist so why the fuck would she care? "Now that we won we can stop acting like psychopathic conspiracy theorists burning shit down, beating… @KnowN0thing1 But but but what about drumpfff????this is probably something about Obama top tier cringe even for then is what bad parenting looks like asking a kid what they want, ignoring what is best for them, then just stari… Cuomo is a murderer inside is banned unless the inside is outside of the main inside they said "Fuck you I wont do what you tell me" behind that was "I want you to do what I tell YOU" days to slow the spread
to clarify I mean government wont force it, private companies willI dont think vaccines will be forced on anyone I do think that most large multinational corporations will probably… cable leak from Wikileaks Dates back to 2006 News, Breitbart, Tucker Carlson are all apparently paid CCP shills and working with the deep state confirmed o… they said "You can't cuck the tuck" apparently they were right "...Powell’s public claims had gone beyond the… we ignored constitutional safeguards so that the media can declare a winner? Well you might be a fascist,…, please avoid having dinner with your family on Thanksgiving. Stay at home instead and organize a massive,…
Retweeted by Tim PoolThat show where John Cusack wants a world free of racism and inequity so he stages a fake pandemic in order to expe…
It sounded more and more like Powell was getting her "evidence" from online conspiracy forums guess there was no kraken after all news be fake newsin Black Rifle says they didnt pull their sponsorship with The Blaze is weak @YesThatAnna anna this is not correct war crimes are privilege plus power that means that women ordering drone bombings is okThis is actually creepy @KnowN0thing1 Good job cutting out the dates 😉 @SleepyNBA @KnowN0thing1 I did a whole thing about it and The_Donald stickied a post shit talking me @KnowN0thing1 And how about all the time I said trump barely won 2016? You guys don't even watch my content