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Tim Pool @Timcast Washington, DC

Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion

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Hes out means that 30% of NYC residents will be barred from public accommodation and employment and around 40.2% of Am… Chamber implies more than this data shows Listening to right wing media does not mean you stop listening to l…'s interview just incriminated him imo He said he couldnt check the gun because manipulating it would get i… Alec Baldwins story is that the woman he killed told him to point the gun at her and pull the hammer back and th… state will lie to protect itself the state will violate your rights to protect itself worse than that the st… still living in New York city zucker too we aren't post-pandemic
The injection is at 4 shots Wtf is that? This vaccine is shit no you don't like Santa Inc. it proves you're a white supremacistNEW: Chris Cuomo was fired three days after the network received a new accusation of sexual misconduct from a forme…
Retweeted by Tim PoolThere's nothing about that #AlecBaldwin interview that in any way changes my legal opinion that his killing of Hutc…
Retweeted by Tim PoolEndorsed. “I’m no lawyer, but if I were Alec Baldwin’s attorneys, I would quit immediately. What a disaster. I was…
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Doing some reading!
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I propose doubling all outstanding student loan debt do the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated?
Retweeted by Tim PoolUnconstitutional IN - Twitter’s new CEO announces "major reorganization" following the sudden departure of former CEO Jack Dorsey (WaPo)
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Retweeted by Tim PoolYou were wrong @Timcast. It’s vacation!
Retweeted by Tim PoolClaire Lehmann tweeted *at me* and I responded Now she is saying that because I responded I "sicced" my followers… white supremacist angle shows how desperate they but it also shows how weak their argument is In Claires defen… is why I push back so hard against Jesse Singal and Claire Lehmann's lies This started with "international ar… BEACH, Va. (AP) — Judges confirm Republican win in Virginia Beach House seat, cementing GOP’s new majority…
Retweeted by Tim PoolNext up from @joshzepps @Quillette @jessesingal "Sending people to detention centers by force for being suspected…
Retweeted by Tim Pool @HipHopThinker @rResearchGroup I just offered $5,000 for the one day report and he said no, he just wants free tick… @rResearchGroup @HipHopThinker @mrejfox to be fair, there is a contractor format for a deal like this but he's just… @HipHopThinker @rResearchGroup @mrejfox Sorry it didn't work out EJ shit Spiderman presales BEAT Avengers Endgame and The Last Jedi Scalpers are selling spiderman tickets for u… wait thats literally what is happening oh I forgot to add The minister says you cant leave your home to get f… up from @joshzepps @Quillette @jessesingal "Sending people to detention centers by force for being suspected… context @joshzepps this is weird, this lady wasn't arriving internationally I thought you said the Quarantine camps we… @Mia_San_FCB @marc_pear @jessesingal @JackPosobiec @ElijahSchaffer His pathetic effort to use the fact that my name… @Mia_San_FCB @marc_pear @jessesingal @JackPosobiec @ElijahSchaffer all my sources on Howard springs are mainstream… @Mia_San_FCB @marc_pear @jessesingal he then justified a smear based on a fabricated narrative under the pretext th… @Mia_San_FCB @marc_pear @jessesingal Jesse claimed that I pushed a conspiracy theory about the camps because I said… @pirate_teddy @jessesingal Jesse made up a fake story because my name has been trending for weeks and he used me to… the well As more and more people are taken from their homes by force to the Camps in Australia Jesse's only… info It seems Haley was referring to the NT Center for Disease Control Check out her interview with video re… @jessesingal what did I get wrong jesse? @MrAndyNgo @chill__man @jessesingal this is literally one of the hot babes saying it sucked assIts a good thing intrepid journalists like Claire Lehmann and @Jessesingal lie in order to protect people from this… Rice, a relative of George Floyd who recorded a video saying he knew of people with cameras in the courtroom…
Retweeted by Tim Pool @The_Jak_Life's a red flag I hope @unherd vetted her and her storyDoes Australia even have a CDC? She's says near the end she talked with the CDC to popular demand we have created a poster version! Get yours today
@frewen_d @oliebergpc What if there's a typhus outbreak in one of your ghettos?To debunk the conspiracy theory narrative about Australia's Quarantine Camps we here at Timcast made beautiful shir… @mrejfox I delete all my tweets periodically, every couple of years, like many people do I am still down we have t… quotas are fucking insane I'm with the Buzzfeed Union on this one @thevivafrei ISRFID Individual Suppository Radio Frequency Identification @Proper02022832 you're* @tacofro77 and then evading policelol "staying here" "escaped"none of this is actually happening 9 news Australia are just conspiracy theorists The camps are voluntary and its… the courts cant adequately provide bail hearings due to being overwhelmed then they should not have the right to… getting back to their traditions me know how long "free speech" will remain a viable market plan under their new advisors"sell" to clarify its a SPAC plan According to the SEC, "A SPAC is created specifically to pool funds in order to… this is good news though @AlexKoenig1 @IanCrossland yes i like youtube and I like facebook I also hate them for many reasons too But with… @mkj1951 @IanCrossland meaningless Shane controlled VICE and look what happened there @jdub_2K @IanCrossland he was soulbound to a cave for thousands of years and I had to bring DMT to break the curse… crazy thing about it is that Ian warned they would eventually sell but I dont think he or I expected it to be in 3 weeks @OGcryptocracy @IanCrossland no i completely agreed with him and we both ranted about it on several episodes. This… sure @IanCrossland predicted this @JonathanPieNews Fully? did you get three shots or two not left vs right AOC knows its complete bullshit but these people dont care because they have embraced "there… this saying the vaxx reduces your chance of getting covid by 0.24%🔥 A study funded by Moderna tracked 705,756 people; half who took both Moderna shots; other group unvaccinated. “D…
Retweeted by Tim PoolJussie Smollett was a simple man trying to satiate his egg craving at two AM when his two black personal trainers a… @MKBane1 @cmdr_gloval @thevivafrei'all will be so embarrassed when they put the Osundairo's under cross examination and it turns out Jussie Smollett… now understand why white people are so hated, I finally get it.
Retweeted by Tim PoolEverything is normal Go back to bed America't forget, If the Chief Minister says you can't leave your home even to get food, thanks the Army for their tr…
Retweeted by Tim Pool @jessesingal You didn't do a single piece of research nor watch even a single episode. You cited the completely fa… @jessesingal You dont watch my show and made up a fake narrative about me Today we ragged on trump for being on th… @jessesingal wrote a fake story about me, refused to research or correct, and is now deflecting by arguing how he accident… @jessesingal You wrote a fake story about me and refused to correct Your argument was that I retweeted…
Did you do research and apologize for making shit up? @jessesingal Never got it, not sure whyStill waiting on @jessesingal to email me his article about me and issue corrections Been several hours nowOk so the military is aiding relocation of indigenous people barred form leaving their home to get food and police…'t forget, If the Chief Minister says you can't leave your home even to get food, thanks the Army for their tr… I've hosted Jack Posobiec out of hundreds of guests 2. I once retweeted Elijah Schaffer who got something Wron…