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Tim Pool @Timcast Philadelphia, PA

Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion

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Joined Twitter 3/27/09 the young turks change their name yet?Was this dude sleeping while people were getting killed? didn't he find out in 2016?, 2012: Participants who watched identical videos of protests disagreed on key "facts" about the nature of th…
Retweeted by Tim Poolim old enough to remember when the left was cool and the right were stodgy weirdos when did the switch happen? Th… day of record low covid deaths in the US (just 209) Even the hardest-hit states like Texas & Florida that…
Retweeted by Tim PoolIf painting public spaces is legal political speech than it would seem these people are engaging in the exact same… @MovieHooligan @maddoxrules @kcoffeeCO This is the problem with modern news. There's actually video of him stoppin… @drmistercody I dont think you've done any research into what happened and I don't know how to use twitter to show…
what the fuck?? @maddoxrules @kcoffeeCO you make way too many assumptions in this post circumventing a blockade implies intent Fo… @maddoxrules @kcoffeeCO No it isn't You clearly didn't know what happened before commenting @maddoxrules Hahaha jfc dude Read the whole sentence @kcoffeeCO @maddoxrules The driver did not drive around a blockadeto enter the highway. The road was curved so he l… @maddoxrules Do people even bother reading the news before commenting like this? @drmistercody Try reading the actual report instead of meme posts to get your newsGrift to see anyone lose their life We need to do better to teach our kids not to hang out on interstate highways at… 8 year old girl was shot and killed near the site of the Rayshard Brooks protests by an armed group blocking a p… that journalism is dead local corruption has never been easier Journalists used to risk their lives chasing in… White rioter blamed a black man for giving her molotov cocktail supplies when questioned by the police and then t… @PumpknSpiceSoul @stillgray went from "Our hospitals are overloaded and people are dying!" To "Asymptomatic cases are skyrocketing!" And…“Ah cool, there’s a black militia called the Not Fucking Around Crew that’s well armed and marching to fight back a…
Retweeted by Tim PoolIf the presidential election were held today, would you vote for
Retweeted by Tim PoolIndependent?
@cameron_kasky my family celebrates the ideological revolution that government was for the people and not by divine… is spitting fire supporters, are you worried that Trump will lose re-election?
Retweeted by Tim PoolIf they tell you to be silent, keep speaking. If they shame you, keep speaking. If you are scared, keep speakin…
Retweeted by Tim PoolNice try Britain are two major political tribes Those who understand irony And those who don't Off all black, at night, no lights, around a curve, with cars blocking the view of the driver and themselves Dude...Are we really supposed to be shocked that a bunch of people were standing on the highway at night and two people go…'s starting to figure it out She has become a heretic The game was rigged from the start JK tell you not to stop on the highway if you have car trouble because people driving can't tell soon enough you'…
@Van1llaGorilla by thin margins in several key states winning him the electoral college And if insane activists wh…'m saying It doesn't matter if the silent majority exists, its silent so no one cares Silent majority may as wel… farted on live tv @sourpatchlyds Ehh she wants to be like her dad, its fine.Ha people are ragging on Claudia but I think its great. Her and her dad found a father daughter activity. Its like… yes now do The Young Turks far left wants Trump to win? Could make sense Its the chaos vote They think it will radicalize liberals to t… the revolving door of corruption in this industry While FT pushed him out there are many corrupt outlets gleef… refuse to hold each other accountable the same as any close knit community This dude was suspended and… can't keep track anymore So Trump was right... again? How long until this gets reversed they killed an unarmed 16 year old people- STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching…
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Journalism has become a circle jerk They just write about themselves it Ghislaine Maxwell dies of COVIDTrump tries to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and now I'm supposed to oppose this move because Russia wants i… Now they are removing a monument to Lincoln and the end of slavery was half joking about Epstein killing himself In the back of all our minds we knew it would happen And t… we put like 800 cameras on her at all times no the economy is recovering, quick push the second wave! cc @billmaher remember when you said bring on the r… shit me translate "After 5 shootings and a young black man being murdered, we asked them to stop and they said no.… is shocked that she got canceled for saying offensive things This is the world you created and now you get…
NYC Occupation exempted of course then appoint a minority King or Queen Have the Queen step down Nothing more institutionally racist than heredi… from LA was recommended on Amazon I wonder if we are all seeing similar movies and ideas because of algorit… wtf?? This is just overt activism now is religion level gullibility as far as I'm concerned crazy to see so many young conformists I just assumed that the young people would be more likely to rebel agai… Lives Matter extremist arrested on attempted aggravated murder charge, among other charges, for shooting the… Biden will not win on this front unfortunately I think most people, even his own supporters, do not see him ne… being a brand that got a handful of angry emails so you decide to pull your advertisements from the highest… absurdity of 2020 knows no bounds one has proven to me the 16 year old killed by CHAZ Police did anything wrong Is there video of them doing some… is a whole new level of parody The ongoing violence cited by the SPD is CHAZ's "security" shooting at two und…'s police shot and killed a 16 year old black kid and critically injured a 14 year old CHAZ police brutality i…
@karagillis @Neiito_san War is peaceCan someone explain to me how the choice of words you say during a protest affects the spread of the virus? @roaddancer55 lol Republicans who pulled guns on BLM then issued a statement of support for BLM blaming white peop… @BeneteauJohn So you think conservatives will support them now they they issued a statement of support for BLM and… @PolishFlash they donate republican, defended their property, and then immediately issued a statement in support of… goal of these two people was to make sure they had absolutely no friends when the state brings criminal charges… to one of the livestreamers out of CHAZ/CHOP There have actually been way more shootings than reported…, we are totally in some kind of simulation and they are just mashing the keys at this point is not the headline I was expecting today @brianstelter from cnn sales disagree This definition basically makes Antifa out to be superheroes but also complains about superheroes know how to tell you're the good guys? When all the massive multi-national corporations that have questionable… this tweet and then deleting it shows is that The Democratic Party has adopted a non-theistic religion, Inte… the minutes until CNN becomes a far left activist blog run by one person in their Brooklyn studio apartmen… love how the Revolution™ has corporate sponsorship @janestreet Yes! I have 2.
Now you might argue that globally its not true! But if that were the case the rule wouldnt make sense. It only mak… announces that hate targeting people for being female is allowed @TaylorLorenz this means Reddit is running retroactive enforcement How is the manageable for any channel, site, account, etc?Armed St Louis couple announces their support for the BLM protesters after all Reddit just banned The Donald but that sub has been dead for months Wtf is this? The donald moved over to… @TaylorLorenz uhh what? The Donald left reddit a long time ago and the sub was almost entirely inactive for months weirdI'm not a doctor but I feel like a male pelvis will not be able to deliver a baby So I think this would involve a…