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timeisfiction @TimeisRudy Brooklyn New York

Former TimeLord who’s into video games, comics books and all things geekery. Science Rules. Beer is awesome! Will offer last kit kat bar at end of the world.

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@R0bynbird Yes, yes it is. Lol its very zen likeUsing 4 colors to make a painting that looks as if it was shot from a camera
Retweeted by timeisfictionAn owl just chilling on a stump
Retweeted by timeisfictionBecause why the hell not? #showerbeer @stereotypekillr I see innocent dog. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by timeisfiction @JordyD127 It’s a very refreshing game.introverts be like
Retweeted by timeisfictionI’ve yet to see this but now I have a chance to. 🤔 #doctorwho @FedExHelp was tracking my package 394397845515 which would of been delivered today and tracking stated “buisness c…
Retweeted by timeisfictionBe nice to retail workers. We’re actual human beings with.. you know.. feelings!? Lives!? That is all.
Retweeted by timeisfiction🥺😁 my boyfriend to send me ‘a nude’. He sent me this.
Retweeted by timeisfiction @YourSweetVenom7 I’d play it safe and wait until things improve consistently. @stereotypekillr Lol I’ve been at work some 3amTime + wine + quarantine =
Retweeted by timeisfiction @BristolianGamer I knew it! Lmao! Still good as hell. 😂 @BristolianGamer How do we know it’s coffee in that mug? 😂 enjoy bro! @stereotypekillr More beer!Wear a mask. Even if it fogs up your glasses and you have asthma and you're a mouth breather. Just do it.
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@stereotypekillr Beer! @JamesCullenB Marvels Sleepwalker and The Man-Thing🥺
Retweeted by timeisfictionMatt Smith crying while filming the last scene of the angels take manhattan 😭 my heart broke all over again.
Retweeted by timeisfiction @Jus2Xtreme At this point it’s should be wear a mask or be Mike Tyson’s sparring partner with no pads. 😷 @stereotypekillr Damn! Now I want to drink beer. Thanks. 😂 @SarahHexed It’s got like this sorceress vibe. Looks awesome. 😁👍
@stereotypekillr I was joking. But would be way cool to see lots of lightning like that. 😁 @stereotypekillr I’m a bit jealous. 😑😂 @stereotypekillr It was just so noisy and no lightning... 🤔 @TheCinemaTicket “We’ll cross the streams.” -GhostbustersBelieve it or not, it's actually fun to have a sense of humor.
Retweeted by timeisfictionHappy 68th Birthday to Dan Aykroyd! #ghostbusters #danaykroyd #raystantz #happybirthday #whoyougonnacall
Retweeted by timeisfiction#HappyCanadaDay
Retweeted by timeisfiction @CaptHalloween Nail on the f*cking head right there!This year sucks & I've already seen how it's gonna end.
Retweeted by timeisfictionDaily reminder: Seriously. Either wear a mask or keep your ass home. You are being negligent otherwise.
Retweeted by timeisfictionDating profile vs Reality
Retweeted by timeisfictionDon’t mind me. Its just #showerbeertime #showerbeer @REsi_Lover I did that with the walking dead telltale games. I didn’t see why I should give it a go again. I was fi… @Jus2Xtreme When this first dropped I was so wow’ed @Jus2Xtreme Oh does the first one have the Ryder white dlc?I just stopped on the road to save a half-crushed can of Foster's Ale that I thought was a turtle.
Retweeted by timeisfiction @stereotypekillr @stereotypekillr Good morning! Coffee!!!!!!!!! Caffeine!!!!! @Jus2Xtreme Fun ass games! Plated both on PS3. @thatcosmicfox Which album?I don’t have a big platform, if you can spread awareness to my story..pls do so by retweeting and working to educat…
Retweeted by timeisfictionI still have hope that humanity will get their shit together.
Retweeted by timeisfiction @varindersingh24 Right now I’m on my way to work. @newotakuman5000 Both excellent choices sir. @YourSweetVenom7 You’re not your on home sentence. Wish i could edit. Lol @YourSweetVenom7 The govt clearly says when out in public and you can’t social distance (anywhere where it could ge… @cloudspretty Crap! he’s got that “you owe me tins of cat food and a flank salmon from the Caspian Sea” I need more…
@pandagosa HOLY! *}£~££{>\£|^{€|€*|£~+~!\^|£~+<‘duvesgk 😳😳😳😳😳😳😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵… @YourSweetVenom7 Pretty much over here as a whole we aren’t working together. It’s why it is how it is. I wish thin… @ShamelessMcFly I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was sipping on some crystal Pepsi and watching a new epis… @stereotypekillr Wooohoo! Welcome back! @SarahHexed Woohoo adulting rules! 😁 @cloudspretty Total badassery! Well done! 😁this is what I watch in the middle of quarantine and its worth it
Retweeted by timeisfictionSaddened to hear that Louis Mahoney has died who played Newscaster in Frontier in Space, Ponti in Planet of Evil,…
Retweeted by timeisfiction @BristolianGamer Nothing wrong with the glass being half full rather than half empty. Your view and perception is u… @riatheseer @rebelcreamery Definitely will look for Em next time I’m at the supermarket. Thanks.
#PS4share #thelastofuspart2 aggressive stealth lol @JamesCullenB Hands down agreed! If anything Freddy and Jason may have to forge an alliance to gain even a bigger s… @ImTheMetalLord Listen its add more flavor and history when it’s used to hold toilet paper and it’s a cleaned and w… @newotakuman5000 We appreciate you. @ssbjezi Happy Birthday! Woot woot! 😁 @80sGirl216 @80sGirl216 @23SHATTERITALL @RetroPeachie @DarkriddenSoul @swooper_d @Wildestdream93 @CdMega @ColonelFalcon @prime_retro’s your favorite Wild Arms game. I love them all though I do have a couple favorites but a really great underra…
Retweeted by timeisfiction @WhoFanSite He’s the first doctor I started with when my friends introduced me to the show. I have nothing but love… @newotakuman5000 I’m sorry brother.Did I just film over 20 Missy tiktoks- most of which were from her @bigfinish series? Yuuuuup! #doctorwho #missy
Retweeted by timeisfiction @IrreverentGamer Ellie wipes out hanging off a line from a jet ski. I see no glitch. 😂 @Stephleesi Monday! Go away! No one likes you Monday! 😂 @Vintrouble Bandaids @R0bynbird The selfie angles are all crazy, like as your about to take it it looks fine, then you take the shot and… @riatheseer Hasn’t happened to me yet. Not sure I would. 🤔 @jerynpasha
@jerynpasha See I like the super vague scopes like “the third wave of Venus will be at the apex of Saturns rings. I… @ProteusXL You’re welcome. Enjoy. @ProteusXL happy birthday brother. @riatheseer Yes please @SarahHexed Well done. Awesome color. 😁 @stephnoob Is the spiders name on the lease? 🤔😂 @stephnoob Spiders a roommate or house guest? 🤔So far The Last Of Us 2 is a freaking emotional coaster ride. I’m loving this. Taking my sweet ass time with this g… @riatheseer Classy! @riatheseer Right hint of coffee and goodness.Those who have stayed inside, wore masks in public, and socially distanced during this entire pandemic are the same…
Retweeted by timeisfiction @riatheseer Damn! That’s looks amazing.I think with all the fireworks going off for about a month now; New York City has celebrated the independence of a… @KonradHarbert @bbcdoctorwho @DoctorWho_BBCA Well done Doctor. @Piece_of_Pisces I got you.May I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.… @fartpowder Where’s the ranch! I need a gallon of ranch! Stat!