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“A cool indie label” - Sean Clements

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Joined Twitter 5/9/18 with egg whites are so depraved @_kitfur @josalions I’m not sure! @josalions Barb is that you as a baby? @anindexofmusic Hell yeah, count me in @anindexofmusic I have a glock, but do not know how to play @MintcakeTime Who would post baby with a gun? @AmbJohnBoIton Are you Barb? @MintcakeTime Wow. WOW.Who would post baby with a gun? @AmbJohnBoIton This is the best shit I have ever seen @JamieLoveGood Oh, and can’t forget the all time classic “mozzarella dog” @JamieLoveGood Extremely good choice. I’ve been a big fan of 🎶who’s the tiniest cutie in this place? Is it you? Is it yooooou?🎶 @indie_grunge Haha I’ve never even hear that one! @indie_grunge The only acceptable oneExtremely comfortable dog @critical_masses I tried, got a busy message! @critical_masses Oh god damn it, I didn’t mean price @critical_masses Should I call back and give mike a price of my mind?anyone have experience importing .csv's from Bandcamp to pirateship?
@8pencerHowe @GoodWillsmith Hahaha god damn it Spencer @GoodWillsmith Oh my god hahahahaha o love itdo you sing little songs to your pets?Hell yeah @zongwater FuckToday’s late breakfast orange is great. Needed this.A heads up about zelda bosses fuckin sucking shit might’ve been nice @normalcatpics Did you build the model/ dataset yourself? @NonChillAunt @Gandalf6ix9ine Got his ass @World0fEcho Considered and accepted @World0fEcho @LargeProduct @sourgout might have a couple left. @World0fEcho @LargeProduct @sourgout Hey I’m just tryin to offer some data points here @World0fEcho @LargeProduct @sourgout I bought the animal crossing one for $299 like 3 weeks ago. @HTFRecords Count me in @HTFRecords Uhh I think I know how to season my food, bud lol
Livin la vida buchla @grimswim @sublamp Hang tight!If you missed out on the H-H tapes from @Timesuck_ , don’t worry! I’ll have a few up for sale on my bandcamp page soon!
Retweeted by TIMESUCK @WitchyNarcolep Unfortunately, the breakfast orange report is, at its core an exercise in honest journalism. I must… @GiggleFactory @bonerman_inc It’s what I usually cook pizza in, seems to work! @GiggleFactory @bonerman_inc I have a cast iron?I’m gonna attempt to make pizza dough again this weekend. Please give me advice so it doesn’t suck. @WitchyNarcolep I do too. I never want to tweet about a bad breakfast orangeBreakfast orange this morning is bad, no juice, too much pulp @woodnoted Oooh my boooy love that boy @narcodis Ooooh I wanna scritch that belly @AnnWigham *drags cigarette* haven’t heard that name in years @fearlessmorgan1 Oh my GOODNESS @snoggybox This video is hella moody. I’m into it. @snoggybox skaaaaaa! @JamieLoveGood @josalions It says this tweet is unavailable to me!!! The hell! I wanna see them CHEEKS @JamieLoveGood Best band I’ve ever heard @DinkMagic Not a bad way to go, could be worse @MrshaFshr 😻😻😻😻 name?Gimme that one song that’s just *hittin it* right now please @HTFRecords Ahhh that little faceIt’s that time again, let’s see them pets @Gandalf6ix9ine I’m fine with that, but it’s not looking good @tabsout
@HTFRecords Zelda has made me wanna get back into DS3 haha @HTFRecords Yeah, I absolutely understand the hesitation. Just blows! And no worries at all, I haven’t been on in a… @HTFRecords FuckWe literally have a medication that just straight-up does not allow the body to contract AIDS and if it wasn’t a di…
Retweeted by TIMESUCKSold out! Wow! Thanks everyone!1 left!2 left! @death_of_speedy Ahhhhh @death_of_speedy Love the b 52’s @sublamp Yeah they went real quick!Down to 6 copies of the sublamp tape, so If you want one, now’s the time! @HTFRecords Truly. Me and his handler kept a safe distance and did not sniff butts. :/Heck got to see her old doggie pal today at the park and they ran around and sniffed butts and were so happy.
@MintcakeTime @sublamp Endless thanks, mintcakeNew release out today on @Timesuck_ ! Made some songs about some boys I know from work!
Retweeted by TIMESUCKHappy April Fools Day everyone! @sublamp made an album about his coworkers. Check it out here: can help by buying that noise tape! @PRTLGDBD Are you saying it’s gonna be worth it? @PRTLGDBD Okay yeah, that’s a good idea @LargeProduct Lol @LargeProduct Huh, maybe I’m the freak?! @indie_grunge It’s real maniac hours apparently @LargeProduct And nothin?! @indie_grunge Nigh night pals @LargeProduct Have you tried earl gray? Chamomile? MINT? @LargeProduct Ralph. ralph ralph ralph. Tea is good. Get into the dirty water. @WitchyNarcolep @josalions I have a half a bottle of merlot that is *probably* still good haha @josalions Saaame 😬I’m reading Alas, Babylon, and I keep getting worried when it describes people being close, and then I remember the…
@thesmittysmitt1 @jon_bois Hmm, I prefer to eat them from the peel like chicken wings @WitchyNarcolep Seriously!I haven’t had caffeine in so long that I forgot how coffee was spelled for a good 5 secondsTodays breakfast orange is okay @Gandalf6ix9ine @ryanrossokay A truuuuue story @clairerousay Oh and also literally anything from Aldous Harding, but specifically this one @josalions Like, I cannot believe how good BYHO,D is. And Get Disowned is right on its heels. @clairerousay Cannot stop with these, and Porches @cakemittens Just undies @Gandalf6ix9ine @ryanrossokay I was picturing Bruce Willis the entire time and I had a whole story about how he was… Along is the best band @WitchyNarcolep What the fuck man