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MXLX @timetemple Dunshelm FUCKING Castle

A BIG NERD. Am an twat. Make music. Make a mess. Can't ever sleep good. used to play the keyboards in the band beak. I'm the mayor

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@GeekRemix duuuuude. i have a SICK shawl too. It's rad and cosy and makes me look like a goth jedi. Makes the ladies wink at me too @dogsliveforever OOOOOOH EXPOSURE, VALUABLE VALUABLE EXPOSUREnb i ain't teachin a course on "how 2 shred" or "time 2 scream" - It's a few lil seminars n a workshop talkin about… @real_life_ghost yeah i can but that's not what I'm teaching - looking at the attitude n aesthetic of metal and how to do it better @carlosgiffoni @0PN so fuckin good @egg_dog scaryyo i dunno anyone personally but if anyone you know studies at bimm bristol and likes metal let em know i'm teachin… @Seth_Cooke it's fuckin stellar @Typicalposy dude that's fucking cool @Stereocilia_ no really it's just floaty cozy bliss, no existential dread. playing games and feeling warmBEST HANGOVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuck a house, this new Lagwagon album is fuuuuuuuuuuuuckinsick. DAMN.
@deathbombarc s'cause i loved the village hardcore @egg_dog your cat look like nietzche why
@djfuckingidiot yeh it's doin the rounds fuckin got vertigo too so i'm ALWAYS DIZZY @djfuckingidiot i saw it tother day. enjoyed it, tho my damn head cold made it hard to focus but yeh, fun @GOP lol. you're just scared of the dude. that money ain't "free" and it's got nothin to do with tax. @TheDailyShow satire works better when it's ya know........ on point
@DoomTripRecords @collectionsODS yeh that attitude sucks. saw it from all the local old guard who just wanted every…
@ludicrousdsplay aye for sure. they're not always *rad* but always important. I also love how much they piss off th… @ludicrousdsplay yeh from the singles I'm expecting new BM to be a bit of a mixed bag. Not so much an album-album,… am doing a class on "why is metal sucks and how can we make the good in metal happen" @jetfury @xdannyxbrownx you hear his last one? fuckin slammmsthink i might be teaching again soon. yikes
@ludicrousdsplay yes lad
@anniehysterical who is GOOOOhhdd @jetfury @tuco_tuco @_billy_nomates @sleafordmods No I'm just an idiot not a loon @tuco_tuco @jetfury @_billy_nomates @sleafordmods It used to be good for dumb jokes and riff news until everyone de…
@anniehysterical @richardrolfe @jetfury can't spell grindcore without GRIN
@Timesuck_ im thinking about coming out as the ENTIRE SKY @knitweargoth yeah i still don't know what she meant. nor does sheAnnie just said "the botness of them to not trying to light" and I think we are all stupid in this house because I… @Shuffle_T with a boner for nancy... over a shandy
@jetfury i remember being berated by some eurogoth that we sounded like we did on record. for ages @grahamdunning @misterunderwood @phantomcircuit becase he was excited about the year 1999 and thought it would be a… @ssilverwavess @HeinzJunkins yeh i have it set that way @HeinzJunkins welllllll it *has* streaming on it, but it's more of an option rather than that being the basis for the whole platform innit @shiitcreek lewis the drawings are very good @phantomcircuit @grahamdunning ^ correct. Ya start counting at 1, not 0 @delayinorbit the fact that people contribute to it is the confusing thing - bandcamp is ace! Why not promote that…
@collectionsODS @jetfury np son. time n place. we're all ads sometimes, just not all times innit @clinicalwstmn yea, i got a few bc things that are pure pwyw, still get a few quid off em now n again. Spotify just… @collectionsODS @jetfury bit insidious matealso, the way spotify works (ie pay per play after 30 secs) it doesn't matter if yr track's 2 mins or 20, doesn't f… @jetfury hell yeh i'll bet - barely even minimum wage innit @jetfury wellll......... the puppies, alright, ok. @InfiniteChicken heyyyy that's nearly half a grain of rice! LET'S FEAST! @delayinorbit before spotify I actually had a pretty healthy monthly sales goin on, just dried up since then. all f… @InfiniteChicken w/spotify it's the other way round - you expect 100 pound? How about TEN, greedy gutsIt's all still on bandcamp. you wanna hear it? go there. fuck streaming. I ain't playing this losers game. Tried it… @delayinorbit bandcamp. BANDCAMP IS BEST. Ok sure, it's not your job but ffs it is mine. it fuckin sucks and it suc… @jetfury don't be givin me no fuckin onision gifs. hate that fuckerin the interests of not bein a hypocrite, I've deleted all the music I uploaded on spotify/streaming - It seems fai… diy/ug musicians still fuckin use it? Fuckin bananas mate. @MetalwoContext w h o l e s o m espotify is just the modern equivalent of getting paid in exposure @Bobcluness @LukeTurnerEsq I still use a discman as my main player, and i still fuckin rate minidiscs, used to have… @LukeTurnerEsq fuck spotify. buy a cd walkman @Matlybigfro just meant on this horrible site @Matlybigfro finally, some good tweets @paintyrteeth looks like it CHUMP @VogonLaundromat @byhut @thelanesbristol @HoggsBisonBand @fallingstacks was ridiculously good. The strike during th… @paintyrteeth yeh last nite @suntzu_band this is also my town joseph
best bit was them getting distracted by bowling @nohugsno i'm not milesholy FUCK Truman's Water were fucking sick as fucking fuck tonight. INCREBIBLE. Take note, rock deconstructivists,… @Shuffle_T Melody Nelson
Annie trying to watch a studio ghibli film without subtitles: "Oh no, it's in a weird language!" @dsic mobineko
@scottKlang why does your son look like me when i was 24 @anniehysterical nice dog action @Timesuck_ book me. flights and soupi need to travel. can i play a show in your town?episode of mans playin is online for all to enjoy. i fuck up a bunch and stutter but i play some nice jams
@anniehysterical @hiband @BeakBristol Don't forget James hetfield @hiband @BeakBristol U look like Tim Smith in that pic
@Romeormrf french simpsons version portrayed as trees called "Oak, Le Homer" @AndrewYang yo can I donate even if I'm from the uk? @YesMissMurphy stood in a lift in a car park with the bloke from allo allo peeked in richard aoyade's argos bag on the bus @AndrewBroder God I loved that canoe @jetfury Those boots tho. Want @AndrewBroder I hear ya. Always feel like I'm back on square one every album, but heckit, if yr doin the work you w… NECK DRESSSSSSS @crowhurstnoise It's weird just how well those two sync up innit @real_life_ghost That was supposed to be to someone....odd
hehehehe spending most of my own houseparty sitting on my own playing videogames. #shyguy @GingerSlim yeh I hear ya, I can't leave cause my crews are here n such.... but you can't deny the wanker populatio… @c_alcx that can happen to you there. these burgers are simple, no greasepiles. small but oh sonny boy you are FED… @GingerSlim NOwwww.... I don't know you, but as someone who still lives here, I can confirm it is a miserable cessp… @c_alcx christopher. you come to bristol. i show you burger nirvana. hidden inside a metal pub. best. @OrbKA bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbanger @en_cohen 10CC as well @IGLOOGHOST plllllllllls repress xyz! i missed out!sexy lego harpsichord
@ArthurDudeness oosh @jurassicanamal @RobDrummond thot @GiveawayMemes @DM_No5 @RobDrummond @ChrisMasonBBC fuckin beat me to it @rhymerrigby @RobDrummond yeet originated in an old vine where a young lass tossed a can of soda - means to delete,… @djfuckingidiot oh :(