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MXLX @timetemple Dunshelm FUCKING Castle

A BIG NERD. Am an twat. Make music. Make a mess. Can't ever sleep good. used to play the keyboards in the band beak. I'm the mayor

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@sewerdoll I get like this too.... "but I ate *yesterday* I can't be fucked doin that two days in a row I'm busy gaming " @anniehysterical coffee @anniehysterical no @anniehysterical i just wanted to say yes @anniehysterical noyes, @OssiaOssia That's my "just nipping to the shops" faceit is my face a photograp h
@retro_respawn Ah biden's about as credible as a leek. He'll have his nap time soon
but i will fuckin go back to noise soon. cuz I miss it and i can't be fucked writing with an audience in mind innit. plop. pee.ok yeah i'm basically making really nasty noisy party jams here. I fuckin miss noise but I think I've "done" it for nowsooooo... the new live set is kinda... industrial trap? I make no apologies for this.wonder if i can vape ed sheeran
@djfuckingidiot but i got all these grenades @radiomidwich @xazzaz My stepdaughter eats lemons like that. WHOLE FUCKING LEMONS manfirst album in 3 fuckin years. let's fuckin GO.i'm ready bitches @therealrhysmwyn @BBCRadioCymru @pixieglas ^^^ most of it lives here
Lookin for promo/reviews/airplay for new mxlx album - who does things?
@charlielooker Yeaaaa. .. there's a couple of those. Luckily I have no fame tho, just fellow geeks who dig my shit @charlielooker For real. I don't really think of myself having fans cause they all turn out to be mates pretty quick @marshalsea DEADLINES HELPhahaha I currently look like Tommy chong and a yeti @marshalsea Been a fuckin minute tho ey Used to average 4-5 a year but things are different nowadays Goin back t…
Fuck! 60 seconds into the new Poppy album and it's a banger - it's what I thought Mr bungle were gonna sound like.… @uniform_nyc Damn that's a sick lineup! Might make it if start walking nowTbf there's 3 ready by the end of the month, another 5 is CHILD'S PLAYSo if I keep on top of my shit I think I can manage 8 new releases this year at least (bear in mind I haven't put a…, that's 8 weeks from graphic score to final vocal takes + edits! Nice, looks like I'm back on my bullshit baybeeeeeFinally figured out the right metal screaming technique on this too. Ironically on an acoustic piano album but wha… liibrary album III written and recorded between 22/10/19 - 14/01/20 - two and a bit months, thank fuck that…
Who's good to talk to about eu shows? Just realised I haven't left the UK in 4 long damn years n should change that!
Retweeted by MXLXStill looking! 4 shows is decent but 6-8 would be rad. 10 would be gnarly. More would be champion tits. Pls help!
Retweeted by MXLX @Subjar_83 Yep @Subjar_83 Southwest UK innit
Who's good to talk to about eu shows? Just realised I haven't left the UK in 4 long damn years n should change that! @Subjar_83 I'm definitely up for it. Got nothing booked tho, it's been 4 years since I've left the UK so it's about damn time @retro_respawn @crpWritescom Jungle Book, '88. Me dad slept through it all and I ate a whole bag of opal fruits. Re… @bismuthslow See ya Friday - lookin the fuck forward to it :) @tabsout Hahh no yes yes I just googled it and yes it is the same dude. Utter fucking lemon. @tabsout Wait up in think I used to know that guy. He had a very "high iq" vibe if you get me @charlielooker Yea I'm down for this. 100% ready
@TaraBusch I can effortlessly pivot between I AM A GOD I AM A FUCKING WORM several times a second @Timesuck_ Do go on @Timesuck_ When I figured out Kevin drumm's hotel room and made him sell me an lp at 5am while drunk. Sorry kev
@babyhomunculus nerds suck and as prime minister i will have them all turned into paté @radio_bukkake Naaaaaah. Did it in a Boston brogue, doesn't fit :/
Still looking! 4 shows is decent but 6-8 would be rad. 10 would be gnarly. More would be champion tits. Pls help! just projectile vomited a single chunk of bread flew all the way across the gardenToday my therapist tanned a redbull and crushed the can on my forehead and wouldn't stop until I gave in and admitt… @OrbKA I directed a vid for my gfs band a couple years ago (her idea) - was just her in a leotard puking for 5 mins… is I don't even know what retcon means or if it's even a word
@c_alcx It's unrecognisable now. Not that it was ever great, but watchable at leastHad a tourettes tic during recording and shouted RETCON MY ASS! before the song started. Might leave it in. @Bandcamp bout to release my first record in 3 years n wanna get a lil hype goin, would you be up for doin a daily/mainpage thing? @djfuckingidiot @egg_dog let all go to a pint soon together as chums. the two good things. pints and chums.Gettin there! 2/9 vox done for knife liibrary. This one has yelling on it.
got shows booked for Feb 13th (Bristol) 27th (London) 28th (Brighton) and March 5th (Cardiff) ---- Looking to fill… @radio_bukkake I find it fun but I enjoy making my therapist uncomfortable. Is it fun for you? I've been going si…'s basically gonna be nietzsche and Marie kondo on eccies calling pigeons cunts and laffin at ponds
@V_E_S_S_E_L Big oofs manthinking about writing a philosophy book despite the fact that i am "cock stupid" (~ Jeremy paxman, 2015 after I dr… @vulgaris_vox have you heard these lot? might be up your mucky little alleyway to go looking for cds in hmv but stormzy decided to show up n I can't get in. Ey @stormzy mate can you pick… @ludicrousdsplay @Timesuck_ No u
@Timesuck_ I'm the only beer?! @Timesuck_ The only beer is Polish beer @Timesuck_ Ambivalent. OK tomato. Sometimes bad sometimes good. @Timesuck_ no @Timesuck_ Pbr sucks and so are cats U HEARD ME @Timesuck_ Cats and pbr @Timesuck_ Ah yes. Two things I hate
@djfuckingidiot hooray @djfuckingidiot can i comeShout outs to elevator sound for letting me return the synth I hated in exchange for this dirt beast @BBC6Music Sunglasses and condoms @XeaglepissX @RoughTrade @wearespectres Hmmmmm bit dry for my tastes. Good sounds tho @XeaglepissX 2019 was the absolute tits for new records. I couldn't keep up! Any recommendations? @DasGiftBerlin Cuz I'm louder @punished_picnic don't want towho wants a fucking game of scrabble then i want to play scrabble
@punished_picnic Which one? Stokes Croft one is efficient as heckSelling my arturia microfreak - seems promising if you're into that stuff but I'm not gelling with it - like new, u…
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Selling my arturia microfreak - seems promising if you're into that stuff but I'm not gelling with it - like new, u… @bonniebaxterka got the post mdma squits
hope i get to look at a pipe this year i know theres already a pipe in my house but it's unimpressive just want to see a good pipe @LuckyStubbs wood @anniehysterical geyLook like that guy popeye doesn't like. Happy nuyår
@marshalsea Was thinking of making it a gap year and go backpacking around Asia getting mercilessly brutalised in public beauty spotsCan't decide whether to do cds or tapes for the knife liibrary album, whatchu reckon kids? @CouchSlut @gileadmedia Fats trimmed mate. It's just a very large bird. Might be able to cut a song or two when the… @hownicearechips Uhhhhhhhhhhh..... lest ye forget oim frum essix stacey: ai am frum wayels me: this is well funny
Retweeted by MXLX @egg_dog I've been trying to make a bench appearo joke for ages but they were all bad LIKE THIS ONE haha OWNED punkNew years resolution is to get publicly flogged by the mayor
@DanielPCarter Nope @gileadmedia I'm struggling with brevity at the moment and utterly fucking cursing meself for it - used to barely b… that what pokemon are you thing and it said I was Johnny greenwoodI miss drumming in this dumbass band