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MXLX @timetemple Dunshelm FUCKING Castle

A BIG NERD. Am an twat. Make music. Make a mess. Can't ever sleep good. used to play the keyboards in the band beak. I'm the mayor

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I would include the music industry but that has even less to do with musicNo person has made music. Deftones have come very close, and I've tried @jetfury Worse than that. Ya dun kno
@jetfury I have a couple and oh boy are they punishers @jetfury Most musicians don't make music, and fans like it. Fans are on the listNot even joking @kennuck Magma are a good bandTop 3 worst things about music Musicians Fans Music @trevorjofficial The music industry should die @knitweargoth Fair @knitweargoth accidentally tho @knitweargoth I'm one @BodyInTheThames Magick @pant_leg Such a dumb argument innit @knitweargoth My last landlord gave my deposit back in full, even after I stole the desk. Thought it was a mistake… @BrooksChloe732 @gunsnrosesgirl3 My niece got ate seal otter by orka and was boat @Timesuck_ @josalions My clothes are stuck on me @Timesuck_ @josalions That's mind blowing. It's fuckin everywhere on this island @Timesuck_ @josalions I have never taken my clothes off or been on a beach @_ednakrabappoly Finally hitting puberty @josalions @Timesuck_ I'm picturing this but in my mind, he keeps his hat on @posthuman A set of technics @Timesuck_ Donx CunfolnLooking at @RandonauticaApp conspiracies and why they're bull with @QuantumComrade
Retweeted by MXLX @sumlin I can fuck with that @gryphonbristol Easton, and somethin' floral, for my flowery palate. IPA or some such @gryphonbristol you still doing deliveries monsieur Ashby? @tokenblackaspie Masonna. Birchville Cat Motel. Astral Social Club. Ashtray Navigations. @austinkleon oh shit that was Jupiter?? Fuck man I thought it was that pussyole polaris.can't wait for the peseids in a couple weeks, pure cosmic bukakke @BetterCallTyler two absolute cosmic sluts. pure galactic pornunable to sleep cus I have Waterfalls by TLC stuck in my head but the entire thing overlaid on top of itself 100 ti… @misplaymay @NHSuk plus plus plus. look at this conversation we've had. I came across like a bullheaded cunt. You r… @misplaymay @NHSuk The mind is a fuckin muscle and part of the body. Needs work too. Addictions come from routine a… @misplaymay @NHSuk I don't wanna be a preachy cunt and tell YOU what's "better", but I know crying about it ain't g… @misplaymay @NHSuk Habits. Its only us what formed em, and only us what can break em. When cooking becomes a habit… @misplaymay @NHSuk But getting to that point has taken me fuckin ages, just looking at the ingredients of stuff and… @misplaymay @NHSuk Yeah I'm an alcoholic myself, nothing cute about it. Try and make up for it by being healthy in… @misplaymay @NHSuk I know this one too well. Chop veg, in pan, heat on, rice on, bit of protein, spice and herbs,… @misplaymay @NHSuk It's not a straight road innit. Yeah I was KIND OF trolling, cause of people just going I CANT H… @misplaymay @NHSuk same breath tho, it's really not hard or time consuming to make yr own food. Not expensive eithe… @misplaymay @NHSuk Aye, a little better each day is the thing. You didn't get to 24st overnight and you ain't gonna… @misplaymay @NHSuk Also (I'm no fucking health nut, i'm engaging with you cuz you replied) those two things I menti… @misplaymay @NHSuk Punishing yourself with rewards is a bit of a feedback loop too. If you fuck up yr thing you fuc… @misplaymay @NHSuk high fat, low sugar seems to work. Steak! @misplaymay @NHSuk it takes time and a little effort. usually hitting the "fuck it" line. And it doesn't stop. Bu… @misplaymay @NHSuk I'm not having a go here dude. That is basically it. Takes some discipline to get going. Took me… @misplaymay @NHSuk eat real food and walk @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 @anniehysterical yes she is pretty cool i just wish she would stand still long enough… @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 @anniehysterical if i stop nodding at the right time she makes a cup of coffee appear… @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 i'll level with you. I'm only half welsh, My wife is full welsh and I have no idea wh… @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 very popular welsh pasttime is that. As popular as inventing vowels. @gay4gundam @derek8185338005 and yet you're still YANKing my CHAIN will i ever have a day on this website where I… @derek8185338005 actually we in the englaUKnd call potato chips "big mouth circles". get your fact straights. @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 WELP I live in "the englangnd" now, and the welsh aren't passive aggressive, just pas… FUCKIN OI! Don't forget, if you can get to a less lit part of town, weds 12th is the peak of the perseids meteor… @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 do not mock my welsh heritag e my people will..... do nothing and just sigh about h… @gay4gundam @derek8185338005 we as brits hide entire novels in our glottal stops, and you yanks will NEVER parse ou… @asmeurer @derek8185338005 i say this every day to the lettermother, which is what you outdated oiks call the "mail… @VinceEckert @derek8185338005 flipped up gavins @PaulSimber @NHSuk fOuNd tHE vEgAN @Fiona98190096 @NHSuk awww @NHSuk the replies in this thread are gold. @misplaymay @NHSuk so............ @Sean6374 @liam_mulvey @NHSuk it's not shaming. Nannying, maybe. @demelo64 @NHSuk y o u c a n w a l k
@CoupleInAHole seen it mate @SqreenIO i mak esure my dAUGHTER wear a helm eT @bodyvoid @DryCoughRecords @MANY__BLESSINGS shame they weren't a Corrupted tribute band tbh @meerkle @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade yeah, my understanding of it is rudimentary at best, but.... shyeh. big tings. @meerkle @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade hehe it's cool you can say all you need here innit @meerkle @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade Through a few different factors, randonauting being the main so… @meerkle @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade I'm still recovering from my last randonauting experience where… @Natedogisdeadlo oh look "cute" autism again. @meerkle @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade What have you found, what have you found out, how has it changed you? @thespinsterymc hahaha @jackdwagner it do be like that tho. no capEverything about working on this was a blast. Love this film @Timesuck_ napped during a comedown (at atp) to bohren und der club of gore. no shade, it was really nice soporific… @tokenblackaspie I think autistics often have a mind/body disconnect somethin I realised a few months back No photo… @LankumDublin @foggynotions @RoughTradeRecs @beggarsgroup @Nialler9 @hotpress @thetwicket @GoldenPlec @thethinair @tokenblackaspie I can't even parse what the original tweet is trying to ask here, so maybe? Who's even beautiful? @tabsout *chefs kiss* please make this a reality @Statick777 @kittynouveau DO YOU NOT RECOGNISE THE INFINITE TERROR OF THE OCEAN @VeryNearlyViral @DaeIsDead you pair of milfs @hotsalvation data = oil @hotsalvation which i kinda get, cause i felt the same leaving facebook and insta, streaming was an easier choice b… @hotsalvation i've been railing against this for so long, and I'm at *least* glad that people are more aware of how… @hotsalvation @RamsgateMH Yes, the fans will complain for about 10 seconds then find your bandcamp. One cd sale = roughly 5000 streams? @Shuffle_T I would but you're fake and a twat I hate that you're wack Actually mate I take it back, sorry, youre… @Bobcluness *at all @OssiaOssia It's true. But sad that hmv is the best one we have in bris @QuantumComrade Everything about it is interesting tbh. Haven't found much about it that's worded in layman terms… @QuantumComrade Mainly the difference between attractor and void in terms of intent - much difference with a pseudo… @QuantumComrade ah! It's you! Last time I went randonauting I broke my toe and lost my cigarettes. Which is not goi… @thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade @memeintagency Ah cheers. Thanks for introducing me to randonauting, it…
@thegoddisk @TheRandonauts @QuantumComrade Where can I find the whole conversation? Huge into randonautica @JJStannard that could ALSO workput your own records out put your mates records out start a collectiv (a la the mighty avon terror corps or young e… @JJStannard i am the ophanim