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solver of daily catastrophes/mom/wife/silly lady/likes to talk to strangers/fan of nature & peace/lover of animated movies & Doctor Who/trying to be the best me

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@patrickkevinday @AlanTudyk The character they won for or any character they’ve played or any character period? @PaulHollywood Or the oven isn’t level 😆I’m 2.9% Spanish and Portuguese, so that accounts for my zest. @i_mthestorm But, but, kids and responsibilities @SimonMajumdar @FoodAllergy That looks delicious @i_mthestorm
@TheTedAllen @EnswellJones @i_mthestorm This might be one of the best gifs I’ve ever seen @i_mthestorm @FOX2now I’ve seen this movie. Tom Hanks was good in it.3:30 am the dogs cry for a potty break. 1 dog comes back, the other does not. Get shoes & coat. Find dog wedged beh… @JimCarrey Happiest birthday you beautiful soul! @BettyMWhite You are a treasure! #HappyBirthdayBettyWhite
I yelled no so loud after that #interception that my dogs started howling. #CHIEFSKINGDOM @reneknottsports @mandyann74 Because you’re in charge of football education @reneknottsports Better safe than sorry, so hopefully he can play next week. #CHIEFSKINGDOMI’m reclaiming my #Trogdor hoodie from my son, and he’s mad. Luckily I don’t care bc he has a ton of hoodies. Think… I learned what I touchback is and I feel let down that @mandyann74 wasn’t better with my football education. @DouglasEmhoff @KamalaHarris @CBSSunday I love this @reneknottsports I want the @Chiefs to win, but I won’t be mad if the @Browns make it. They’ve both played a great season.Leia’s being very good watching the #AKCdogshow. #woof @JerasIkehorn Not only didn’t follow but blocked because I didn’t need that negativity on y timeline @davidalangrier Trying to get your name out there? 😆 @kzieff By @RANDYSRANCH a tractor! @bader_diedrich Wouldn’t want them opening it up to a bear butt.
@NotSoNiceville @UltimateXiphias I humbly request y’all recreate this @terrysimpson @SimonMajumdar @producergirl Not sure why you want me dead, but taxes are due first @terrysimpson @SimonMajumdar @producergirl I’ll let you know when I’m more prepared 🤣 @SimonMajumdar @producergirl @terrysimpson I want to be cremated in an oversized hoodie. @duffgoldman That is the face of a mother who’s told her child one time too many. @datguyryry and #Luke. #BestFriends. #woof #meow
#me @AngWxGrl @FOX2now Totally missed your chance to say, “And snow it begins!” @SimonMajumdar Figured out it might be this. Apparently my nephew picked it up somewhere, but he can’t remember whe… @datguyryry Which toe? @SimonMajumdar You seem like you know people who know things. Know anyone who knows things about coins? My sister h… @StlArtMuseum my sister has this coin, it looks old, but she can’t find any info on it. Any ideas where she can get… @i_mthestorm He enjoys having his blood pressure taken. I think he’s like a blood pressure cuff that fits over his whole body
@i_mthestorm He’s collected more pillows and blankets and sleeps better when the dogs are either sleeping on his be… @SimonMajumdar @R_McCormack Maybe you’ll enjoy them more when you have dentures lol @SimonMajumdar Well at least you’re being specific 🤣 @Jandalize Black Potato 🤨
@relaxmelodies I did this 3 times and got this every time. I cook almost every meal at home already 🤣 really like what my hair is doing today which is a sure sign that it’s supposed to get cut soon. @stlzoo was my aunts funeral and I’m thinking increasingly more about my dads family and where they grew up. I ho… @ericarhodes Treasure Planet @hitRECordJoe backyard, June 8, 2019 search the word “sky” on your camera roll and post your favorite… @SimonMajumdar @EatMyGlobePCast
@NotSoNiceville @FOX2now That he knows of @NotSoNiceville Supervisor @RandyGrim @RandyGrim St.Louis county and St.Charles county are doing preregistration now. I signed up but I’m in the last group to be vaccinatedMy arms are noodles. #armday #exercise @midwestern_ope I wouldn’t say warm, I’d say, it’s not too bad @SimonMajumdar That’s a beautiful image. Hope things start improving soon! @THR
@RexChapman I bet he’s popular with the other guysMy level of petty wasn’t ready for her weekend to be over. #mondaythoughts #woof want my text notification to be @BaileySarian saying, “nay nay”. @JohnLeguizamo Used to watch this all the time with my 2 besties. #love #blastfromthepast @UltimateXiphias
@mksnark I don’t remember large amounts of several years after my kids were born. @i_mthestorm I know someone who was in a car accident because of a sneeze. Crazy business @petehasabeard @smickable @i_mthestorm why did this make me think of you?
I want this to live rent free in my brain for the rest of my life Moses I can fit into the dress I wore at my high school graduation 20 years ago. If you know me, you know why… @JuddApatow @josephlongo_ This is my level of petty @birbigs 1 decaf @dionnewarwick My sweet rescue kitties Han and Chewie #PeaceAndPets
@JohnFDaley #happydance @HamillHimself @John_Henson I’ll sleep better tonight LOL @mksnark Both depending on how long we hang out @NewYorker Math is hard @pattonoswalt @RealLucyLawless #yass @i_mthestorm Cheese?I’m looking forward to reading the same books that my kids do as they go through school. Some will be new reads, wh…
@itmehoe26 @bader_diedrich @bader_diedrich And he’s said he doesn’t have anything to apologize for because the people from Missouri should be… @shaunking @johncusack Anyone else looking forward to seeing the mug shots for the fools? @CaseyNolen @reneknottsports @HawleyMO This Missourian is not a traitor to her country or state. You do not speak f… @tvalwx My kids (10,10,12) started watching the vote counting with me. Then they all had to get to V learning. By t… @itsJeffTiedrich No because I hate his voice. @Patrico1057 Be safe, be well, get some rest!Such a bittersweet day. My aunt passed in her sleep last night, last living sibling of my dad. She missed her famil… @CleanWavy @charlie23argust @JoeWaczewski @RonaldKlain @afentra @HawleyMO #ResignHawley @AnnaMcC52119447 @BoldProgressive @HawleyMO #same @CoriBush #ResignHawleyI’m proud to share this day with my kids. Not because it was a good day, but because they need to see the truth of… @CoryBooker telling it like it is! #CapitalHill @tonymess I never want to see peaceful protestors tear gassed, hosed, beaten, or arrested again.