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Daddy Andy.
@joeynoelle @KyleThatKyle @rogformer Roger is the dude.The KF crew came by our office and me and @TrailerJones joined them for this weeks Gamescast!
Retweeted by Tim GettysSo great to have @GameOverGreggy @TimGettys and @gankstrr over last week. Check out this week's Gamescast if you're…
Retweeted by Tim GettysHands down my favorite thing about #E3 this year was seeing how much Final Fantasy 7 Remake is expanding on the ori… @Martinswagr @LastBlackManSF seeing it on Wednesday!Tim and I are back from E3 and ready for Kinda Funny Games Daily; hit us up with your burning questions, hot takes,…
Retweeted by Tim GettysNo song lyrics will ever make me feel the way hearing Shakira say "You're lucky that my breasts are small and humbl…
@garywhitta @GameOverGreggy @KindaFunnyVids <3 @Kristen59 @gankstrr @GameOverGreggy <3
Team Scorbuddies 🐰
Retweeted by Tim GettysBomber jackets and Jordans Gary. In every color. That's it. the coveted Tim Gettys Best Swag Of E3 Of All-Time Award goes to the Cyberpunk 2077 reversible bomber jacket. @jpk700 You are right! It hurt to say!
GREG DOES SUCK! ;) Update From Your Kinda Funny E3 Correspondent SnowBikeMike! I got some awards to hand out... @KindaFunnyVids
Retweeted by Tim Gettys @ZonbisWorkshop @ezcosplay_com This is too good! @markellislive Did you just casually drop Abe in there with that groip? Hahahahaha’d like to report from DTLA that @TimGettys just rolled past me on an electric scooter and said “yeah i’m one of those guys.” no stopping.
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I just played Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is incredible. My god. It reminds me of Resident Evil 2 Remake, and that… @Koffee_Dates LOL i feel you dude @Viscant I see what you did thereE3 number 10 is just as magic as the first.
@garywhitta <3I wasn't on In Review this week because there was something majorly wrong with my eye... Hope no one made fun of m… have we done so far to cover all of the craziness from #E3? Here’s a thread for you:
Retweeted by Tim GettysNintendo Square-Enix Bethesda Xbox Ubisoft @bradleyellis87 YESSSSSSSSSSI truly thank the Switch for making it extremely easy to be a Nintendo fan the last couple years. @bbcgarcia This is some Game of Thrones Season 7 levels of travel. @pettycommajared @KindaFunnyVids LOL LOVE YOU! <3 @MichaelPHuber <3Final Fantasy VII Remake Doom Eternal Watch Dogs Legion Pay attention showrunners. THAT is how you show off prestige games at E3.Endless thanks to everyone who is live reacting to the #kfgshowcase -- folks like @EasyAllies, @itsgfreviews, and…
Retweeted by Tim Gettys @KindaCoolGreg @Rudio87 @PeytonRoyceWWE I WANT IT.#KFGShowcase #E3 @TimGettys @GameOverGreggy
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Live NOW!!! Come WATCH! minutes til we’re live again for the Kinda Funny Game Showcase💃🏻🎮
Retweeted by Tim GettysMove over everyone, there's a new Sexy #E3 trio out there @KindaFunnyVids @GameOverGreggy @MaximumCortez @TimGettys
Retweeted by Tim GettysLESS THAN ONE HOUR until the #KFGShowcase! I hope you'll come out and watch because this isn't about us; we have mo…
Retweeted by Tim GettysI don't know what he is guilty of, but he is. #KFGShowcase YouTube Premiere page is ready and waiting for you! Here's the link to catch more than 60 indie ga… at my Instagram feed @KindaFunnyVids are dorks #e3 Trenta Ice Coffees -Basketball shorts I borrowed from my friend in 2006 and never gave back -Sweet sweet heat on… #KFGShowcase comes your way in just a few hours, and our YouTube Premiere page is ready and waiting for you! He…
Retweeted by Tim GettysBIG congrats to @KindaFunnyVids team for having a freaking #E3 press conference today!! GOOD LUCK! Glad to be your…
Retweeted by Tim Gettys2020 really is about to make 2017 look like 2014.
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Retweeted by Tim GettysOh man I am so sorry, but there was some confusion on my part. The images were actually made by @the_marmolade, I…
Nick's documentary "Waiting for the Punchline" was in the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival. How cool is that…, #SuperMarioMaker2 Invitational 2019 was AWESOME. Can't wait to play those levels. So much raw creativity. Wh… by @idlesloth1984 :)We aren't doing a watch-a-long for EA Play, so I am home in bed watchin' along with them sweet sweet @EasyAllies bo… @IdleSloth1984 @Xbox Do you know who made this?Greg is gonna kill it! WATCH HIM KILL IT! YOUR DREAMS & ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS #E3 Pre-Shoots
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We tried picklebacks for the first time and let me tell you...we did it with too much pickle juice.… my Vans on, but they look like sneakers.
Waiting for the Punchline, a doc featuring @Nick_Scarpino @GeoffLRamsey @KindaFunnyVids and @FunhausTeam screens TO…
Retweeted by Tim Gettys @bigkurz @GiaTapHarris @KindaFunnyVids <3.@GameOverGreggy, please come back. We're a mess without you.
Retweeted by Tim GettysCome watch me and Andy!
This is why I love E3 WATCH WITH US IN 15! doesn't get much better than the very first Toy Story!
@PressXtoAlex I got a really great piece of advice from @TimGettys last time I saw him that I still practice now:…
Retweeted by Tim GettysWe Have Cool Friends is up on Apple Podcasts! Please subscribe and rate! (If you like what I’m listening to in thi…
Retweeted by Tim GettysI love that Japan is still doing this
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Hey, @CodyRhodes. I have a new interview show called 'We Have Cool Friends.' You wanna come talk @AEWrestling with…
Retweeted by Tim GettysOur new baby is here! Kinda Funny's deep dive interview show 'We Have Cool Friends' is YouTube:…
Retweeted by Tim GettysYou can't have a bolder prediction than George R. R. Martin being at Microsoft's E3 conference!…'s time for a BRAND NEW KINDA FUNNY SHOW! We Have Cool Friends is our weekly deep-dive interview podcast, and Ep…
Retweeted by Tim GettysZSNES
Great @KindaFunnyVids Screencast this week @KindaFunnyKevin @TimGettys @joeynoelle & @SadBoyBarrett I just made o…
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The eyebrow section of avatar creators always stress me out. I just can't wrap my head around the differences. What… @XavierWoodsPhD HahahahahahahahYou #KFBFs guessed it, I’ll be on Toy Story in Review for @KindaFunnyVids for not one... not two... but the next FO…
Retweeted by Tim Gettys @bbcgarcia @GiaTapHarris ???MONDAY. @bbcgarcia YOU'VE GOT to be kidding me belinda. it was supposed to be A secret. what type of FRIEND would reveal th…
A long time ago... of the #KFGShowcase we are having an opportunity to demo @AdamsAscending at the @indieexchange. If yo…
Retweeted by Tim GettysAfter going to Disney World...I've realized it's just as hype as Disneyland! @GrahamOfLegend @KindaFunnyVids <3
"I'd be the perfect human being if I was 5'10." - @Nick_ScarpinoWhat the hell do we pay Andy to do?'s how and when to watch the Kinda Funny E3 Showcase
Retweeted by Tim Gettys @demi_burnett @Twitter @verified #VerifyDemi you cowards! She is the GOAT @GiaTapHarris I specifically didn't sign up for this one're doing a special screening of Waiting for the Punchline, June 7th at The Roxie theater in SF for Doc Fest! Gra…
Retweeted by Tim GettysMy favorite video game genres are: - sci-fi RPGs - competitive shooters - kojima games where soldiers run with…
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@MikeAransky @shotbyfinnegan @Nick_Scarpino @mathames @RoosterTeeth True friend. @shotbyfinnegan @Nick_Scarpino @mathames @RoosterTeeth DO IT @djKENTOLive @MaximumCortez @SadBoyBarrett @KindaFunnyKevin @joeynoelle LOLOL @MsBlzbb <3That one time you dreamt that sleeping all day would help you level up your Pokemon @KindaFunnyVids @TimGettys
Retweeted by Tim GettysShout out to Will Smith's performance in the new #Aladdin! out at @FullSail University last week for Hall of Fame week was legitimately one of the most eye-opening ex…
This is Andrew McClean. He is literally THE STARLORD at Disney World, but more importantly he is a best friend. He…