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@pgcornwell lol someone else said that too!!!!
@CantSwingACat No no sorry just to be clear I’m saying I *don’t* think that happened. I’m saying the person who sub… @DrSarteschi I assume?? But also I doubt anyone does that anymore no way you could get away with it @sophyish @ravivullman I am deeply impressed at your encyclopedic knowledge on this!!!! @sophyish @ravivullman Lmao incredible @sophyish @ravivullman Omg wait really???? Hahahahahahah @sophyish Lol it’s in the same category as that one episode where the husband gave his wife herpes then gaslit her… @sophyish Omg could you imagine hahahahah @meehikabarua 😅😅 @sophyish Hahahahhah it absolutely is lmao @shaneferro Lol I know, the writer here just flew too close to the sun. If they had only skipped a few of the eleme… @thecitywanderer Lol that’s how I approach r/relationshipadvice I know they’re all fake but I want to believe @shaneferro No question about itIt has it all: Secret love child! Infidelity! Racism! Incest! Broken families! This is like an assignment in a crea… college a friend interned at a major national mag and one of their responsibilities was to write the “reader” qu… @thehungryhutch ❤️ @saltandbitters 😬 @kbdagency 🤣This is a good idea. The Daily Beast will start doing this right away. Should've done it sooner. DM me if you're fr…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️Sage advice from @vsaffron: Be, ahem, ~careful~ what you do while you're on the clock at home ... 😅😅😅 is an excellent idea and I can’t believe outlets don’t do this, it would cost literally nothing @bdspiegel @joliekerr Irl lol yes exactly, love finds a way!!!! @mollytaft @joliekerr It’s just incredible beginning to end @joliekerr this u? @SuWu121 Should be no. 1 but I’m glad to see this representation!!!! @rwgonza It’s real!!!!
@titonka writing from ~experience~ 😌💫✨ @julieeelogan @ariannahuff 😅I’m in the office this week and had piles and piles (and piles) of mail, but look at that, @the_rewm’s wonderful bo… @Cision 👍 @Cision yeah can you just do that for me i've emailed and requested a few times and you never do anything it @meehikabarua @jessicabateman hahaha omg no i did not invent this i've seen it around!! but i have def been using it!! @jessdavis_folk yes! that's in the story!! @sjguenoun 😅 @yashar wait lol same that's weird @anniemal totally agree, it's so hard!!!• Seek out the tiny joys and wins where you can • Get a change of scenery, if only for a small portion of the day… how are we supposed to maintain motivation? For most of the folks I spoke to, it boils down to a few things: •… @Bookgirl96 i have a few friends who have launched books during the pandemic and it sounds really complicated!!! @HillaryRichard omg love it! @bankonjustin @ariannahuff ❤️And then @fosslien put this whole situation so so perfectly: “Now seven months in, every day is Groundhog Day. We’v… @andeehannah deal!Something @ariannahuff shared in this story really sticks with me: She takes 60-second "resets" throughout the day… @megy love it! @swodinsky @Cision for years i've dreamed of doing a stupid stunt piece where i literally don't use email for like… @swodinsky @Cision oh i mean yes there is no escape. every day i get closer to deleting my email account and just having a secret address @StephenTweeted the little wins! @IsaAdney ❤️ @andeehannah (except, extremely believable) @andeehannah unbelievable @swodinsky @Cision 👀OK we're 7 months into the pandemic with no real end in sight. I'm losing motivation. Help?!… damn I hate this website’m sorry I know I’m on a tear about this lately but it is the most immoral, evil shit that @Cision scrapes your in… @PoopVampire @manymanywords @rtsugar thank u, poop vampireLaundry is an existential problem, and @rtsugar has an existential meditation on it, plus history. It’s very fun, m…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️ @reallykristi @ellesep @KristiPahr Lolllll
“Lol can I screenshot and tweet this?” — me, in every text convo @EllieBehling All credit to @fosslien!!! @poniewozik Ah yes surely this will solve all their problems! @poniewozik Lol cool, last to the party I guessI somehow have very little work right now so if anyone is looking to assign out articles or needs a fact-checker/re…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️ @adampopescu @ShaquiseTeach you make my job easy with excellent copy and ideas! @MsEmilyEdwards @EmilyPopek this is a good place to start if i do say so! @wirecutter 🙌🙌🙌 @JessGrose @nytimes oh my god this is SO good, literally doing this for all our old service is a dream project of m… I could not bear to write another depressing column about all this mess, so I decided to look through the…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️ @nicalexiac @jdbiersdorfer only the most important!!!We never want to leave our friends high and dry when they're dealing with stress, but maintaining our own emotional… important content: How to take better portraits of your pets by @jdbiersdorfer🙌🙌🙌 way to go @harris_rainier! @mmmfiber lol @TylerAKing Whatever gets us through!!!!
Our otherworldly Adult Spelling Bee is this coming Sunday at 8pm EST and sponsored by the wonderful @KnackFactory!!…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️hello! if you... ⭐️ identify as a student/early-career journo ⭐ enjoy reading the comments & being creative ⭐ want…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️Big job opening: Editor in Chief at @highcountrynews. For people who care about the West. cc: @culturedish
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️ @zandywithaz Lol oooo that’s good @AmeliaBeamer Ahh I hope you’re okay!!! @ParkerMolloy It’s sorry this is just who I am @pamelakaye Lmao this is all your fault!!! @pamelakaye THATS IT!!!!!!! @JadeNYC Tbh yesThe deadline for @WSJ Summer 2021 internships is fast approaching. You can count journalism's finest like @raju amo…
Retweeted by Internet Person™⭐️ @lyzl Okay busted lol @sharonodea @jamesrbuk Lmao hell yeah @oliviasolon i'm sorry!!!!! @_cingraham lol honestly that is a very apt observation, i don't disagree @joliekerr not today jolie this is just too much for me to take on, idk if i'll ever be emotionally resilient enoug… @kelseylh i know i'm sorry!!!!!!honestly bummed i learned about it after i wrote this @karengeier lol gonna use this to justify absolutely everything @lyzl i'm sorry!!!!!! @daniellesinay irl lol @apoorva_nyc it's soooooo bad @rachelholliday not great!!!!who taught me this? show yourself and accept responsibilityis there anything more obnoxious @wirecutter do those blue light glasses actually do anything? they're a scam right? i remember y'all wrote about th…