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Rachel Levine, assistant Heath Secretary, gets it.
New sitcom on CBS: 3 cancelled lesbians’s here to stay. Fuck you Paul. white supremacy (alternative comedy) has been vanquished.Tim Dillon | Hilarities 4th Street Theatre | Cleveland, OH | This Is Cleveland @TimJDillon @Hilarities
Retweeted by Tim DillonNo full name you don’t think the first 12 min of @TimJDillon podcast is the best thing you’ve ever heard you’re his aunt Kath…
Retweeted by Tim DillonOh god no make it stop
Retweeted by Tim Dilloni wish @TimJDillon can roast my family like he does his own🙃
Retweeted by Tim DillonI walked in at 9AM on Tim’s birthday for breakfast, he said get the studio ready right now, my aunt just commented…
Retweeted by Tim Dillon @stevewilldoit Too violent
@TimJDillon My only joy in life is listening to @TimJDillon spodcast Sundays scooping out cat shit dreading the upcoming workweek. Cheers
Retweeted by Tim DillonI for one am excited about the new podcast commission and think they’ll do great work. Confused as to why we have t…
My parents said “eat it now pig” debut album “Not Now More than ever” is out right now. This project means a lot to me and I’m very proud of it.…
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Aaaaaaand the press is back
Kamala has already arrested me. Not mad tho. Just enjoying the moment.Wait Trump lost?I hope there are some fun Q anon meetups and someone gets laid. I hope there’s some low level networking. I mean I… Gormans poem was good but I would’ve preferred Cat in the Hat or something more fun. @PresidentDealz It’s outsidePA we’re adding shows Get tickets here ending it all by telling his supporters “Have a good life” is amazing.Cleveland grab tickets Alt Right voted for Trump because they wanted a white ethnostate. Trumps presidency ended with him pardoning Li… if the Senate votes to convict Trump and then votes to bar him from running again, I still think we should let…
Retweeted by Tim DillonLast week Sarah Cooper just joined the National Guard 🤷 @MikesHappyHour Going up in a minMagoobys added shows it out right now. Go subscribe to the Tim Dillon Show on YouTube.
Retweeted by Tim Dillon @CultSlap Gay @WatermarkFunds @Magoobys We are adding showsPodcast it out right now. Go subscribe to the Tim Dillon Show on YouTube. the Viking hat
Back at one of my favorite clubs @Hilarities in late Feb. Tickets will be available shortly. @eddiepepitone a rare tarantula for studioOk but in the same vein let’s have Ms Cortez admit she has no real issue with state power or police as long as it’s…
Still a great country MLK Day I’m looking to America’s foremost authority on blackness-Chelsea Handler. And you should too.When the people at McDonald’s say the ice cream machine is broken has anyone said “I’ll fix it?”The @AreYouGarbage podcast is one of the most original best new podcasts about there. I haven’t done it yet because… will be at @Magoobys in Maryland 2/16-2/17 Grab tickets here @calebsaysthings I WILL NOT
Let’s go @aging_gamer YesPodcast this week is some of the most fun I’ve had. Drops in a half.
One of @BridgetPhetasy fans made her this. Beautiful. of the underreported reasons conspiracy theories take hold is because some of them are true.One in three people have Covid in Los Angeles. I am in Los Angeles. Ralph’s supermarket has just been renamed GET Y…
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Fast Food is a tough job, especially now, and workers should be paid fairly. Trump is leaving office. Wall is built. America safe. Big tech not overstepping their bounds. All and all a great run.Follow me on Tik Tok timd #104 game on Airbnb w/ @TimJDillon
Retweeted by Tim DillonArmie Hammer finally speaks out
Retweeted by Tim DillonA fantastic time with the great and powerful @yannispappas! Available now on @spotify in video and audio. Rejoice!
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In Malibu. Just swam out and got fucked by a whale. No mask.let me coach an nfl team. we will not win but i will usher in an era of drama and conflict the league has never see…
Retweeted by Tim DillonI am not related to any women. those who have!
Retweeted by Tim DillonThe future is female off the skateboard and you got it. those who have! @TimJDillon Just got a hoodie. Best thing you can buy on the internet today
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Also back till 1/26 @AiricReyts There is blackVDAY Campaign live till 1/26 campaign live till 1/26 a great time on the biggest podcast in the world with the great and powerful @joerogan god this was one such an…
Retweeted by Tim DillonThis is deeply immoral and why many people don’t care that politicians are being evacuated.
I like puppy mills 🤷RIP Sheldon Adelson my mentor and friend. @PKitchari @ElizabethMay Shut the fuck up.Um @Airbnb you removed me because two witches lied on my name. Put some repek on my name.All I have done my whole life is support small business. was raped by the owner of an Air B and B. I have never shared this story publicly. But I have been inspired by the courage of Elliot Page. @kittypurrzog The war of gays and lesbians continues. Style vs substance. And I’m a stylish bitch
This is really tragic. Jeff was a great guy and part of comedy history. Life truly sucks. we still have death penalty for children tho? I hope. @calebsaysthings FBI needs help identifying this man who seen at the Capitol. am a high end realtor Arnold just released another video where he says he was drunk and actually agreed with the people who stor… is what someone tweets before storming the capitol. out now on all platforms.
Retweeted by Tim DillonMy mother is completely out of line here. I tweet I always go “is this the one?”Arnold comparing what happed to Kristallnacht is pretty disgusting. Kristall Nacht is one of the greatest EDM vocalists of our time.Yes myself and @robertkelly were at the march. We acted lawfully. out now on all platforms.
I think @luisjgomez and myself could easily win congressional seats. just lost an alt right Saint Bernard who followed me but that’s because he died ☹️ @FluorescentGrey Why was it banned a year agoThis is truly fucked up. yes I was at the march. Alex Jones was yelling at the Q people on his show. Imagine having Alex Jones tell you to calm down.My Parler account is fake (I want less social media not more). But hopefully they’re promoting the show. @mtracey They’re good