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Director of Technology, Emerging Platforms, @DiscoveryIncTV. Cockeyed Pessimist. Creator of quality tech debt since 1996. #FoodNetworkKitchen He/Him.

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"The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."
@TheRickWilson Whelp, looks like you've lost the credulous boomer rube demo . . . @salemhorrorfest Lucio Fulci's The Boatnicks @dick_nixon Fair question, sir. @LindseyGrahamSC @SenatorLankford You mean this manuscript? Good plan.
@NekoCase Ahem, @ArtDecider . . . . @VUXworld I also love the idea that the real value of a digital interface can be found in how effectively it minimi…'d even take it a bit farther to suggest that the voice interface is not the real area of innovation, but the move… might just be me, but there seems to be a shift happening in the mental model for developing for voice assistant… @VUXworld Great points. Interfaces are not just a surface, but exist situationally and should be designed make the… @jeffblankenburg It's what Mando would do @EricaAmerica @karaswisher @profgalloway Jumping into that gig on short notice sounds intimidating as hell, but you were a total PRO @seanmdav Remind me, the federalist is funded by . . . whom?
@patrickdebois Pixiedust exists @AFlyBlackCommie Totally missed the opportunity to give it the Geoffrey Wright delivery
HUGE news! After the #YourMusicYourFuture community came together to demand that composers be paid fairly,…
Retweeted by Tim McElreath @dick_nixon Sir. @tressiemcphd I wait a month and then just put it out in the curb for the raccoons
@SaraAlfageeh parsnipsInside VOICE Live from #ProjectVoice 🔈hear @TimMcElreath from @DiscoveryIncTV, @dianadoesthis, Adrien Glover &…
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yes please @dick_nixon "Well, I never said I wasn't a snob. I only said that I wasn't afraid of being poor." - Truman Capote, Conversations
Tennessee I can't quit you #Knoxville"While Fixer Upper ended its run in 2018, the Gaineses are continuing their path to design domination. Next up is a… 20 Most Famous Interior Designers Working Today via @ArchDigestBeing on a flight with my boss and getting bumped to first class is a career highlight @AlbrechtChris @TheSpoonTech @chowbotics Sally, the world's fort fresh food robot! Oh lordy I need to get us one.Huh. Apparently I was today years old when I learned that salad vending machines were a thing. From @AlbrechtChris, partially/poorly baked thoughts in the delta lounge killing time before my flight. Here's my dog George, wh… it can even carry across multiple UI surfaces over timeAn assistant provides a service in a specific scenario, often tied to a physical location or time of day, and the t… this leads me to think of something Will Hall from @RainAgency was talking about last week at #projectvoice, th… particularly insightful, but I feel that we are tied to the idea that experiences are designed to be 'mobile',… that it applies perfectly, but the meaning of an interface or device is contained within the current conditions…'m reminded of a quote from Wittgenstein about language: "For a large class of cases - though not for all - in whi… more I think about integrated multi-surface experiences, the less the term 'mobile' means me. Put an iPhone on…"The secret to breaking through to consumers, especially younger generations, is constantly experimenting with expe…"We don’t need them anymore. We’ve entered the age of metaphor-less interaction, when natural and intuitive human b… topics for the new year from the team at @hugeinc | What Matters in 2020 by @BelindaLanks"He was far more than one of the funniest writer-performers of his generation, he was the complete Renaissance come… Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson. You will be missed. Oscar nomination for best documentary short. Steven Soderbergh version of Bombshell that's playing in my head is one of my favorite movies of the year
Congrats to Dr. @joanbajorek, newly-minted #Alexa champion!happy birthday you magnificent lunatic @terrycrews Flav
@totalfilm @zaynah237 Whelp, just found my new lock screen / home screen @BudgieVoice It's a great book. He makes a compelling case for a daily meditation routine @MariadelMar787 Excellent, thanks! I'm also thinking about booking a day trip to Toledo (not Ohio), and hopefully s… @jpkbst I'll put it on our list, looks amazing. Thanks John! @carolinacasas Now were talking. Thanks!You know, I didn't wake up this morning planning on spending seventeen minutes of my day watching David Lynch inter… OF INTERNET: We're heading to Madrid for a week during school break (thank you, cheap Norwegian flights). Pe… @therednickm @ProjectVoiceAI INDEED @Dutchcowboy @bretkinsella @BrianRoemmele @cpearl42 @acheyer @tomhewitson @marktucker @alexacompanion @patrickhwillems is one of the better examples of how he actually spoke. You get the language of the pulpit but also the coolne…
Retweeted by Tim McElreath @LaSraJaime @mattkerns Thanks! It was chicken this time, and it turned out really well, but since it was my first t… yeah
Dear @FoodNetwork please hire immediately thx #FoodNetworkKitchen #GoodKitteh right, a decent first effort for a clueless New Englander. Got the queso fresco, radishes, and shaved cabbage r… kids are adorable entire apartment smells like ancho chile mash and I hope the afterlife smells the same . . .Happy birthday to the queen. 74 years and Dolly Parton is still crushing it.
Retweeted by Tim McElreathAnother thought: one of the problems with step-by-step recipes vs page-format is that there's a number of strategie… so far so good reminds me that these small use cases are important in migrating users away from screen-default interactionsStray observation: using a voice command to start the pressure cooker only saves a couple of button presses on the… to Bob Mould. Almost ready to add the chicken . . .Product observation: being able to access via voice context-appropriate how-to videos within a recipe (for example,… preeettty . . . Steely Dan, The Royal Scam #DontJudge #MiddleAgedOk first attempt at chicken pozole. Thoughts and prayers appreciated @ReamBraden I'll be making a decision on this, um, later in the year . . . @zaynah237 Get ready to go on a JOURNEY @kibblesmith Weed Atman, Sauncho Smilax, McClintick Sphere, Sacrsdale Vibe, Shasta Fay Hepworth, Zoyd Wheeler, Brock Vond
@Alejandrobot Mazel!I also will no longer be using my HRH title.Mood Crüe and Lars are the best thing on earth, with @reginity as a close second place.
Typing 'lev parnas' into my google photos search box just to make sureThrilled to announce my legal team @bretkinsella @voicebotai disillusionment->enlightenment ^ [you are here] @zaynah237 Call your hair sponsor before making a decision like that[NEW] The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find it, Who Will Build It, and Fortnite --- There’s a reason every Big T…
Retweeted by Tim McElreathI call dibs on Roosevelt to sneak in a bonus round at the airport with the very patient @ReamBraden ;-) @juliedavisEDU @ChargersCCS Thanks to @ashwinijoshi08 for her generosity!Thankful that this tv was donated to @ChargersCCS today! #projectvoice
Retweeted by Tim McElreath @juliedavisEDU So nice to meet you today, Julie!
@KimmyMonte That'll do, pig. That'll do. You piece of shit.Won the TV @BixbyDevelopers but wouldn't be able to carry it home. So if you are @ProjectVoiceAI and would like to…
Retweeted by Tim McElreathOnce again, it was a pleasure visiting #Chattanooga for #ProjectVoice. Even though I'm one of the Yankee-est people… @Oaktree_Dave @michaelmiraflor Or maybe one that just released earbuds incorporating custom built Bose noise reduct… strategy for #ProjectVoice was instead of officially presenting I would give my talk to each person individually… I HAVE ARRIVED
@kahle @tomhewitson 🤨My hope for design on these platforms is that the focus stays on providing value to people in the moment and then g… assistants are, at least in their current state, are terrible advertising platforms, and that might be my fav…