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I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

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Hey, here's info about the First Nations Artists & Community Appeal #FNC19Appeal. ❤️ @Briggs @SimonCollins74 🔥Look! @Briggs and I done some #covidart! I frickin LOVED making this. 🏠🔥 #HouseFyre Sales and Streams of this so…
Me and @timminchin cooked this one up in Iso. We all still remember the fires. C’mon Scott, you got one job - level…
Retweeted by Tim Minchin @abernat93 If it only it were so simple that it could be explained away with some ironic quotation marks. @mngcudgen @loubaforster I’ve a lot of weaknesses, my faceless little bot, but a lack of vocabulary ain’t one of them. 🤓I don’t feel right asking people to dig into their pockets again when people have lost their jobs. But if you have…
Retweeted by Tim MinchinScottie Marsh hasn’t been wasting his iso time. This is epic. @Briggs @Scottie_marsh @ScottMorrisonMP @PeterDutton_MP I think you and I need to recreate this awesome mural. (Whe… @fallofasparrow I know he doesn't make all the decisions, but one does despair knowing that our Prime Minister's id… rallying cry falling away to a sigh. @Briggs Makes a change from being told to check my privilege. 🕺
@kenahodson I agree with all this. Nothing I have ever said contradicts it. I’m glad you’ve read the statement. @Aspecialmum @ClareLinane Please send my best to them both. Pell’s pain is just beginning. I hope with all my heart… @kenahodson Hey Ken. Not looking to continue this argument. I understand that Pell has been exonerated. I am sure y… is part of the statement of Witness J, the guy whose clear, consistent testimony put George in jail. I’ve neve… @kenahodson Sorry, you must be reading someone else’s tweets. I didn’t comment on whether or not he should lose his… @DennisHammond @angeplusfour I agree with both you guys, in a way, for the record. xx @kenahodson He’s not innocent, and wouldn’t be even if the high court said he was (which it didn’t). Regardless, th… @Jesswithgusto 😂🤓Fuck him. His legacy is toast. But you survivors? KNOW that you are goddamn heroes to most Aussies. You took on one… @CSHauteCouture @Pontifex 🙏❤️ @ericmcclenahan @Pontifex Another perfect McClenahan tweet. @david_parr0 Thanks so much David. Xx @ianmccosker @Pontifex Indeed, sir. @Pontifex This is your shittest tweet, Frank. @carlyfindlay @Pontifex 🙌News: Reminder - Starts in 10 minutes. #ShamblesStayatHomeFest @NickdMiller ditto
Tomorrow morning at 10am @robinince and @JosieLong will be back LIVE on the #ShamblesStayatHomeFest with special gu…
Retweeted by Tim Minchin.@TimMinchin on the songs that shaped his life
Retweeted by Tim Minchin @watsoncomedian #essential #ascension #esscension @Martin_Hosking @Herring1967 Thank you! x @RC4mbo @khizzy007 It’s just a tech upgrade that was in progress many years before this particular strain of corona… @Stray2617 😂 Best response. Thank you. 🙏 @mariahhlovely No. The science behind 5G is incredibly well-understood. The virus was predictable and is completely… @TheEddiePerfect Aren’t they amazing! Huge and loud and beautiful. @WinterSling Yes they did. It just wasn’t called 5G.
More gentle version: if you’re not post-grad educated in virology / medicine, please have the humility to keep your… @trissy_tweet Lol, Trissy. Poe’s law gonna swallow you on this one! 😂😭*Starts stopwatch to time how long it takes before I delete this tweet to stop my bowels hurting*SO ANGRY about this dumbass 5G + Covid conspiracy theory. You‘re perfectly within your rights to be scientifically… @RobWolfe 😂 @ProfClown It does in my business. 🕺Ok shit I have tiktok. Same handle. 😫
@bri_rel @ABCTV @infilmsaus @FergusonNews Hi Brian. I’ve given hundreds of thousands of dollars away to charity in… Next weekend watch Tim play Judas in #JesusChristSuperstar, screening for free over at #TheShowsMustGoOn! Se…
@Briggs You volunteering? @rupturerapture Oh cool. And does the phone then just recognize it as input automatically? (thank you) @m_fox85 2 hours on google so far @OnePerfectShot It really does stand up contemporarily. Be excellent to each other. Party on (zoom), dudes.
@Racheldoesstuff Wow. X @benjaminruse @NickdMiller I've learned a lot during this conversation. Most importantly, that Rusey is on twitter. @TomChivers Oh Tom. Peaked. @NRA Imagine being proud that your citizens are scared of one another. @JaneCaro I feel strongly that you’re neither ugly nor dead.Oh shit yes. I know it’s a tough time, but this extraordinary documentary by @infilmsaus and @FergusonNews concludes to…
Goddammit I just wrote King Lear again
Retweeted by Tim Minchin @robinince you have to be a little bit naughty... 😉 #AprilFoolsDay
Retweeted by Tim Minchin @ronnychieng Oh thanks! I liked it too. I wish people could see it right now. Lots of relevant theeeeeeemes. x @ronnychieng On the upside, hello Ronny. 👋 @ronnychieng Just horrendous. If someone had actually set out to design an algorithm to make you despair for humani… @NickMotown It'll have been worth it, trust me
@shell_here @BenNorthey @TheEddiePerfect Exactly @BenNorthey @TheEddiePerfect Guy has a piano. Takes it to his mum. Camel dies. Sweary girl cries. @BenNorthey @TheEddiePerfect This is about as useful as living through a year of catastrophic bushfires and a globa… @BenNorthey @TheEddiePerfect Ahh here we go. The fkn cable guy is here. @Briggs There ARE not enough beds. @TheEddiePerfect WHAT THE ACTUAL FARK @Foxtel 🙏❤️🤓🙏🤘 @Briggs Sure. Meanwhile I’ll get the Mr Sheen onto your genuine Straight Out Of Shep’ton grill. @Briggs I fear this banter is going to land me in trouble. I think we should just cut to the chase and fight. @Briggs I also hope you get ill.Leave sound off. It's unnecesaarily melodramatic.I'm trying not to add to the tidal wave of Covid chatter. But this is excellent if you want something to show your…
@Briggs I opted for Lord cos Senator was taken. @blackcatservice @CatherineMelli4 @JamesBlunt James, you’ve put up with a lot of shit on this site, but having your… @natalietran Yes. 🙌
@i_in_the_dark @TimsRedPants @alicfuller @jasper_tree Oh there she is. Lindsey, it's epic. @rikilindhome @BryanFuller And I'm at Riki's house. #fate @Briggs How DARE you @Briggs stop whinging and write a fuckin song about it "senator" @Olanoo The song, Apart Together (from which the album will take its name) is actually a bridal waltz. Not joking. @jasper_tree This is amazing!! @LollyPollyish Happy anniversary Lol. x @SarahKSilverman Oh Sarah come bubble with us.
@lucycochran @hahildebrand @anthonydever @zacmartin H Anthony specializes in the body corporate kiss. @SimonCollins74 Waaahho- oh.This reminds me... I have JUST finished reading his debut novel, "The Last Smile in Sunder City". It is funny, blea… Aussies. Unless I've been misinformed, Foxtel has unlocked ALL its channels. So anyone who has any foxtel at al…
@MagicianPodcast @bigcox 🙄 @AdamRutherford This is one of those jokes that you’re pushing right to the point of not-funny-any-more. Edgy shit. @robinince @AdamRutherford Ditto.
@dcturner @jimlefevre 😂 @jimlefevre 😊🙏❤️ @TomChivers I can do this all fat. @TomChivers Ampersabs.