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Catholic Republic author & 9-tailed scourge of heterodoxy. Reputedly, member of “Trad Inc.” and don of “Bro-man Catholicism.” RULES FOR RETROGRADES podcast/book

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@calixxtorocks @TaylorRMarshall @coffeeaddict99 @frjohnhollowell @FatherHeilman @mattfradd @AskYourHusband love halfcourt buzzer-beatersAt the thanksgiving mass for ⁦@CCP_Rome⁩ Diploma in Safeguarding graduation ⁦@CardinalBCupich⁩ reminded us that saf…
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@julie_kelly2 @JGunlock @KurtSchlichter Literally sick rn. My whole fam, who is usually sick together, just watches… @julie_kelly2 @JGunlock @KurtSchlichter Why is she so angry? @Jclearfield2 Yup, I too never disagreed with him too much on that eitherDubia Brother Cdnl. Brandmuller: “Communion for the divorced and ‘remarried’ 1st. Then abolition of priestly celib…“Then, a year after he successfully led the effort to elect Pope Francis, Murphy-O’Connor declared that he’d ask Ro… check out the 1.5 year old article by @JuliaMeloni1 : “At a press conference shor…’s an older term/concept for #tradwife. “Wife.” @frjohnhollowell @AskYourHusband You’re the man, Father. Praying for you. @TheKingfish346 @JZmirak @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Course I’m right. And no one cares @onetallorder1 @TheKingfish346 @MrsCasey6 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Nor I. But the book… @TheKingfish346 @MrsCasey6 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris *You’d* probably pay $500 for it.… @TheKingfish346 @JZmirak @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Is that a book? Article? Poem? @onetallorder1 @TheKingfish346 @MrsCasey6 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Paper’s cheap @TheKingfish346 @MrsCasey6 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris If you criticize capitalist greed… @TheKingfish346 @JZmirak @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris I’ll bet you get a lot of mileage out of that gif. @TheKingfish346 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Lied?! You on crack? @TheKingfish346 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 @Michael_Voris Is EMJ above criticism? @MrCasey62 @TaylorRMarshall Thanks, btw, @MrCasey62 @TheKingfish346 @TaylorRMarshall @HeadRusch @MrCasey62 Yawn. I don’t owe him anything. Leave it alone. I (and ma…
@Usccb: the youths want totally groovy tunes like “Go Make a Difference.” The youths:
Retweeted by Timothy GordonWeigel doesn’t get the joke he just told🤐4/8/16: “Those who say that Kasper has not been vindicated have the better of the argument...But that won’t preven… @ccpecknold @EdmundPAdamus @jesuitczerny @ccpecknold @EdmundPAdamus @jesuitczerny @ccpecknold @EdmundPAdamus @jesuitczerny A few videos describing the “defeat” of Progressives on April 8, 2016. A… @Grandmaintexas1 @MahoundParadise @incordemariae @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @SteveSkojec @MahoundParadise @Grandmaintexas1 @incordemariae @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @SteveSkojec @Grandmaintexas1 @MahoundParadise @incordemariae @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @SteveSkojec @MahoundParadise @incordemariae @Grandmaintexas1 @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @SteveSkojec @MahoundParadise @Patrick_Coffin @incordemariae @Grandmaintexas1 @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @DavidRobertGor1 @ReginaFabbro @RobM777 A fake progressive “defeat” never happened before, did it? @ReginaFabbro @DavidRobertGor1 @RobM777 It’s not just that, Regina. Remember A.L. The coming out party, according… @DavidRobertGor1 @ReginaFabbro @RobM777 Um, same reason Amoris wasn’t the place for a coming-out party. See vid. P… @incordemariae @MahoundParadise @Grandmaintexas1 @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot @garrettmccaff @SteveSkojec
@SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 @PCatholica @dianeski Yeah, we aren’t saying he has no view! We are saying he takes t… Three: Two: America a Catholic Republic? Episode of R4R premiering now on YouTube: my Catholic friends who struggle with pattern recognition (b/t Amoris Laetitia and Querida Amazonia)—i.e. the ka… @PCatholica @SteveSkojec @dianeski @DavidRobertGor1 Are you saying it’s impossible or merely improbable that Franci… @PCatholica @dianeski @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 It’s on World Over... @PCatholica @dianeski @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 Well, I had told him that before as well. If you believe me, w… @PCatholica @dianeski @SteveSkojec Nope. Buzzer noise! Not me. Ask @DavidRobertGor1 (who agrees with you, btw)… @SteveSkojec @PCatholica I know. Agreed. I was just being nuanced, for the sake of the people out there saying th… @SteveSkojec @PCatholica ***It did more than “leaving open,” homeskillet: it “officially presented” the synod docum… @SteveSkojec @PCatholica People are talking as if Amoris never happened! It was a “defeat” for Progressives as wel… anyone out there doubting what @SteveSkojec and I are saying about Querida Amazonia: is an important episode with @timotheeology. I hope you'll give it a watch or a listen! 1P5 Podcast #58 - Tim…
Retweeted by Timothy Gordon @SteveSkojec @michael0rose @Xopherplance I say it’s MORE than dangerous. It’s a promise @JDoming3 Presumably, an ideal but not a necessityLooky looky: a lil quote from Pope Francis from a book published just THE DAY BEFORE THE EXHORTATION WAS PUBLISHED: @chesterbelloc3 @AskYourHusband @incordemariae @MahoundParadise @Grandmaintexas1 @Liftingwomensv1 @MarthaTheZealot podcast with @timotheeology on the Amazon Exhortation is premiering right now!
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@ReginaFabbro @DavidRobertGor1 @PapaPapist @ShesATrad What if Jimmy came in brunette? @DavidRobertGor1 @PapaPapist @ShesATrad We can’t grow beards, unlike most dudes, but only like 15% of bearded men h… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @GeraldMurray8 ***PLEASE, Father Murray, address the 2018 Constitution making paragraph 3 of QA highly@likely to be… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall Look at all… @DavidRobertGor1 @miasarx_lucy @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @the_Captfalcon @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @the_Captfalcon @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall WhatREGARDING THE *REAL* MEANING OF YESTERDAY’S EXHORTATION: the author isn’t the only one with an untoward track recor… @DavidRobertGor1 @Darren2Dust @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall It’… @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 @Papabile7 @RobM777 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall Lol. I thought… @AskYourHusband God bless Fr. Hollowell. I’m praying rn @EVKLCoop Self-ownership is a false justification for free economies. It’s a poison pill that will eventually turn… times that turn into good times...good vid, Steve: @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax The article you quoted was entitled: “Vati… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax Why did he tweet this article then? It’s m… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax @TaylorRMarshall You’re overanalyzing. As… @AristoneMatthew @pellegrino2020 @SteveSkojec @t_casabianca Um...Cdnl. Czerny *literally* told America Magazine lat… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax How many of the German bishops actually ca… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax Dumb ones, maybe. Czerny and Spadaro are… @AjBaalman @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax I’m game. But the bet is *some… @DavidRobertGor1 @SteveSkojec @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax That’s truly adorable. “Certain hard canon… @SteveSkojec @DavidRobertGor1 @Papabile7 @MightyColibri @pontificatormax Ding ding ding