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@PhantoMantis The writing’s on the wall @sydneyjanexo Fi write my to-do list i see my to-do list do i work on my to-do list? only my to-do list can tell Halloween! Here's my first "real" YouTube video. It's about the history of creepy dolls and killer clowns. En…
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Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @sydneyjanexo thoughts on the new Stars jerseys?that was a solid nintendo direct! lotta good news and dope looking games.running my heater for the first time this season and it feels so good @BDavisCollins Extremely jealousTomorrow.
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃Drew Carey with this beard is a very good look for him
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃rewatching Better Call Saul Season 5 and I forgot just how terrifyingly unhinged Lalo is @sleighrin
Pig Ganon
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃cozy is as cozy does’s eat the rich, idk @PhantoMantis Make it extra smoothSix fanarts challenge✨ #SixFanarts
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃BREAKING: Keith Raniere, who ran the cult-like NXIVM group that kept women as virtual sex prisoners, has been sente…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃What's happening in Texas with early voting is jaw-dropping—and if it leads to the state turning blue it'll be one…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 is exactly why so many poor people are pro capitalism they are clinging onto the hope that they too can one da…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃I do not like the new gmail app icon.
@heavybretting so you’re saying you are flexible. makes sense that the moon is damp, she is constantly mixing the ocean for uspersonally, i refuse to write the capital Q in cursive. that shit stays standard.look, i know how to write cursive, but i know it’s bullshit because the capital Q looks like a fancy number 2サルバドール・ダリが描いたみたいなアヒルを作ってみました。 段差必須のフィギュアなので置き場に困ります。
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @brockwilbur don’t mind me, just moving into your left armpit @brockwilbur Imma hug you one of these days and get lost in your arms (in a purely platonic way, of course).@brockwilbur is a foot taller than me.After COVID - voter suppression, electoral college and gerrymandering need to be first priority. No progress will l…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @brockwilbur oh my god the intentional typo @sleighrin the first two episodes of the new batch of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. really digging these stories. @sleighrin JCPenney @morgmorgan25 Took me a second to notice it, but yeah that’s tite @PhilDragash Yeah boiiiii @sleighrin that’s fucking weird! Here’s the tweet: depth of my nostalgia for this image is unimaginable. it almost feels like a sense of dread or foreboding, ring… me a game that looks like old 3D rendered promo art
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i was mostly a Nintendo kid growing up, but i made my dad buy a new graphics card for our PC so i could play the Lo… you realize tomorrow is Monday…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃as is tradition, I have begun another rewatch of Gilmore Girls as my background show while I pack up my stuff for my move @ronnui_ @MNateShyamalan @myslas @letterboxd omg @tonybreed Big “Father” vibes from Codename: Kids Next Door (an old Cartoon Network show). Love it! @mcumaximoff_ @letterboxd Honestly, mad respect.I enjoy liking and not responding to negative replies / quote tweets Keeps the trolls guessing @IanStowers @letterboxd Solidddd @Humanstein I need to see those middle two. That’s a solid lineup tho!I, uh, guess it’s been a weird week for a lot of people, lmao @josephgervais_ @letterboxd which I also respect! It’s a unique brand of comedy that I can admire from afar. @josephgervais_ @letterboxd the simple answer is that I missed the boat when it first came out, and the humor just… @letterboxd’s been a weird week @sleighrin fucking literally, I hate this @Humanstein Woah Pt. 2god I’m only halfway through It: Chapter 2 @sleighrin You and me both, sis @PhantoMantis Also, bear in mind Skyfall made a Billion. I just don’t see this happening at all. @PhantoMantis Nah. I think most people would be. I also can’t see Netflix dropping 600 million for it. The budget o… @PhantoMantis hmmmm.
@morgmorgan25 I’m gonna bite the bullet and finally watch it tonight, but I have been actively avoiding it because… get why It:Chapter 2 is three hours long, but why is It: Chapter 2 three hours long. :/
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃BREAKING: Universal mask use could prevent nearly 130,000 deaths from Covid-19 by next spring, and without mask use…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃At last my arm is complete again
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃*guys who choose. whatever.people that sit directly across from you in a large, empty waiting room (wearing no masks, too) have the same energ… Episodes You Can Stream This Weekend: A Thread Community Season 2, Episode 6 "Epidemiology" Availab…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @SyncRatios Absolutely agreed. It’s always super interesting to hear about The Nintendo Treehouse’s localization of… Sûl ( The Lord of the rings ) Support my work on PATREON : ( if you want :) ) PRI…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @SyncRatios 100% - especially in those early daysAfter nearly four months on the road from Minas Tirith, Boromir arrives in Rivendell.
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃TIL Fall Out Boy was named after a Simpsons character @brockwilbur @MatWBT Is that’s Jamie Kennedy?? @brockwilbur Love the gold frame for it. @mattbirchler FEditorial boards are having to make some difficult decisions ahead of the election and, to be honest, this is BRAVE.
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@IAmJenMcG on the cusp of 30, complete with a red nose from wearing a mask @SyncRatios your brief tangent on the latest episode about Princess Mononoke’s stilted English dub reminded me of t… @_GKeenan I KNOW“For the viewership that it had, it was a very expensive show. I don’t think we’re going to be able to do it for le…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃Honestly devastated. Mindhunter is an incredible show, and the buildup to BTK was enthralling. This is The Girl w… @sleighrin happy for you both!RT this post for a chance to win a limited edition #CadenceOfHyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend…
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @BDavisCollins @SyncRatios For reals, man. Looking forward to diving in on the morrow!“Welcome Back”
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃 @SyncRatios THE ELATION I FELT WHEN I GOT THE EPISODE NOTIFICATIONmaking my peace that Borat just isn’t for meBorat 2 feels like it’s 3 1/2 hours long @Humanstein Don’t forget the platform shoes that make him perpetually lean forwardimagine if there was someone actually progressive in this debate instead of two conservatives
Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃I think the last time I ever felt joy was when Bob Odenkirk entered and said “My Little Women!”
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Retweeted by The Pumpkin Prince 🎃honestly dreading Baldwin and Carrey on SNL this weekendTrump just trashed AOC. AOC won the hearts of 430,000 gamers this week. Gamers.... it’s time to rise up. @vizual_leader LBJ, tooTrump, seductively: You gotta talk’em into it, Joe. Sometimes you gotta talk’em into it. Me: