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Tim Shiel @timshiel Melbourne

A curious human / radio for @triplej @doublejradio / music and tech lab via @spiritlevelco / I make music for cool games like The Gardens Between and Duet

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@stint_ I used Moog Modular V on everything for years after reading one @JoeHotChip interview hahaha @wendylang haha welcome to my world {evil laugh} @DrScottWatkins @SFKband @PaulDempsey @zanrowe @doublejmornings I’m in sinking tinnies on Twitch is a 2020 mood boy @braille_face is live streaming / performing on IG right now:
During this time, it’s important to check in on the people who are most important to you #returnoftheravecave if true you @timshiel Every day around this time, Tim plays a song for us all to just take a breath to. Really ne…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @mammalalien very bloody good @bobisfalling man ... I say a lot of weird things don’t I @GuK81 gotta start at 5pm on the dot - time waits for no man, no matter how ragey
@BATTSMUSIC Too kind!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏If you’re finding it hard to work at home and need some music to help you focus this is one of my favourite albums…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @UMO join twitch please 🤙 @JohnyKanaan @CazzTran @DoubleJRadio One of the highlights of every week for me ❤️❤️❤️i think it’s beautiful that we all need haircuts and now can’t get them
Retweeted by Tim ShielOn your radio again if you need some company. This arvo @tomiansek (#1 Dads/@bigscarymusic ) is my guest plus… episode of Something Less on @triplej now online. The response has been overwhelming & has filled my heart.… @kaitlynaurelia live on @twitch right now.
@skarlettesophia @triplejplays @IAmKelseyLu 💯❤️💯I see you @HiatusKaiyote ❤️❤️❤️'m out here, playing Alice Coltrane on @triplej @alexdimo91 @triplej 🙏❤️🙏 @timshiel @triplej Tuning in from London. ‘Something less’ like an aural hug on a windy, cold day.
Retweeted by Tim ShielI'm on @triplej right now with 2 hours of beautiful music tune in if you need a reset go live on my Instagram again in a moment, it was a nice way to warm up for my show last week with some socia… @lcysmth extremely Double J content Lucy @timshiel @triplej I loved this last week - thanks for doing it again.
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @timshiel @triplej Tim, you're the best. Last week was much needed and I think I'm going to need this again tonight. Many, many thanks.
Retweeted by Tim ShielJust like last week, I'm taking requests As long as those requests are Enya was so soothing and the response was so lovely (and large) that I’m bringing it back for round two tonight.…
Everything is plugged in. Come through at midnight (AEDT) on my Insta #isolaidfestival live from the bunker at midnight AEDT. Follow me on Instagram to be notified when I go live:…
That didn't seem like a satisfying answer to him. And I've been thinking about that ever since. 6/6I didn't really know what to say. I paused for a moment and then told him that right now I'm really trying to liste… he said to me, "So.. most of the people in my car today think that there's a pretty good chance that the coron… got to talking about the media hype and how wild some of the stories are, and how important it is to get away fr… is fine, its good to talk about it and process it and drivers are well positioned to get a cross section of o… some context. When I got in an Uber yesterday (I am still going to and from the ABC at the moment to do my sh… now, journalism > commentary and conjecture. What you read on social media is often complete or partial bulls… just watched this, and as a result feeling very proud to work at the ABC. If you need an honest and straightforw… @jolauder lol sounds like half of the press releases in my inboxEXTREME COMPANIONSHIP still going, will go for another hour or so, jump in and say hi to me and my 6yo if you need a bit of a dis…'m on @twitch right now and I have no idea what I'm doing Come join me:
The most comforting radio to listen to at times like this is @DoubleJRadio. @zanrowe, @Lengbeats & @timshiel make e…
Retweeted by Tim ShielI'm also going to be streaming on @twitch tomorrow from 11am AEDT for a few hours - "just chatting" - if you want t…'m taking on the closing slot of #isolaidfestival this Saturday night on Instagram - from midnight AEDT, 9am NYC,… with @DoctorKarl: social-distancing edition feat. @ABCscience Health + Science journalist @teegstar. Answ…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @lizzie_p1 thanks for dropping into the stream!Doing a test stream with @braille_face if ya want to jump in and see us figuring shit out
@SeamusByrne yep haha - hello anywayoh no of the delay with me getting my @twitch game on is literally me remembering how the f**k to use a PC lolhey @seamusbyrne 👋 you must have some faves @Tezamondo @LukePlunkett @DaftLimmy there is a cognitive strain in understanding the man that takes a toll (literal… recommend good twitch streamers to meI'm acclimatising to @twitch Currently watching a German farmer in a tractor who is livestreaming to 1,000 people.…
clear as mud guys I’ve got twelve litres of Pepsi Max, nineteen packets of Doritos and Quake installed on every machine, this… @haydendavies @rinasawayama @DirtyHit yesssAlso - several sources saying that streams overall are down, perhaps as people divert attention to more lean-in typ…
@zoologyrohan @LukeSmeaton Mini Motorways (the follow up) is also excellentAnd of course The Gardens Between, which is one of the sweetest and most visually stunning games that has ever made… is one of my favourite games of all time, always challenging but never frustrating, and yes I wrote all the mu… is a sci-fi game about potatoes and it’s probably for the best that I don’t tell you any more before you…’s Odyssey is a gorgeous and ridiculously fluid game endless snowboarding game that is dead simple to play but… is a minimalist space colony game where you have to manage your people and resources against waves of in… Metro is a zen subway-building game which keeps you focused and alert but never stresses you out. Beautiful so…’s a thread from me, prompted by the fact that one of my favourite mobile games ever (Mini Metro) is free on iO… shout out to my big sister who is a public hospital doctor. This is how I picture her - and all public health w…
Retweeted by Tim ShielI've read/heard this from multiple sources now, to my surprise: aggregate music-streaming activity is down. While…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @JohnyKanaan @DoubleJRadio 🙏🙏❤️Feeling a bit hectic or a little frayed around the edges? @timshiel’s put together two hours of music designed to h…
Retweeted by Tim ShielCome hang. @DoubleJRadio now until 7pm AEDT unnecessarily sexy Spanish army is exactly what I needed this morning
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I am playing Enya on @triplej right now. Because it is what the nation needs. @LeahKardos haha have been thinking the same thing - I have a salt and pepper beard thing going on that I have never fully exploredI mean now haha i.e. right now on @triplejWe're away - listen/float here: @caitelatte @triplej I honestly can’t wait - just want to find a way to help some people and hopefully this does thatTonight - if you need it - I'm about to play two hours of beautiful & revitalising music on @triplej. I might share… @timshiel @triplej Other tips/tricks: -Outdoor walks, especially at bat time (sunset, when fruit bats fly overhead)…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @timshiel @triplej Sense awareness for sure. In your immediate surroundings, think of five things you can see, four…
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @timshiel @triplej Breathing technique used to save me daily! 4secs in from the nose Hold for 7 8sec out from the mouth
Retweeted by Tim Shiel @timshiel @triplej Crotcheting Mandalas colorings
Retweeted by Tim ShielAside from music - what techniques do you use to manage anxiety? Gonna mention some simple strategies tonight on… much Enya should I play on @triplej tonight?A reminder - this is tonight from 11pm. I'm listening to Enya right now. @triplej nailed it too. send your Something Less show IDs to and I'll play some tonight on…’d like to hear real voices on my special “anti-anxiety” @triplej show tonight, so if you want to record a show I…
Loooooving this right now @kaitlynaurelia @LEAVINGRECORDS come join !! @levdawg Railroad Tycoon II - including the complex modelling of the mid to late 19th century American financial systemhey so we are 100% working on bringing the @spiritlevelco family to @Twitch in some way. If you want to be notifie…
So one more from me, then I'm off the feed for a bit, which is simply to say - my DMs are open if you need someone… you're not feeling up to it, get off social media .. If you are feeling up to it, think about how you can provi… .. just sharing this again. my 2c: social media is a public space. It feels really cathartic to vent anxiet… to @merpiremusic & crew for pulling this together! #isolaidfestival starts TODAY AT NOON with streamed sets… wonderful collection of Italian artists have come together on this charity release. Get it today on @bandcamp ❤️… seems like a good time to watch every episode of the Eric Andre show back-to-back