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Just got an epic invite to jump into the new WoW. See how it all began. #SoundTheHorn #WOW_Partner #WorldofWarcraft fat @JessicaBlevins @AshleyLCarter1 @Ninja @jordanfisher yeah this is littttttwho does this remind you of?? @REALMizkif W @Symfuhny POGGERS DUDE @Symfuhny just lost $3k on draft kings because the the bears went for 2 holy shit @Nadeshot @cloakzy @Symfuhny ???? delete this bro @cody29109202 @drdisrespect ok bro @drdisrespect aye bro I meant to spell fattest but had some beers sorry bro @drdisrespect example - fastest content creator @Symfuhny
@TheKingMalikai worst bet I’ve ever seenfootball Sunday vibes🏈🍕🍺UFC won tonight lowkeyBRO A DRAW???!!! LOLLLLLLL NO SHOTTTTTTT @CouRageJD Lowkey cloakzy could kick your assmike tyson could literally beat the fuck out of everyone on my timeline.@SnoopDogg performing just made this whole thing worth itSNOOOOOP @KSI 👀WOWWWW @jakepaulI want snoop to commentate everything I watch everthere is no way mike tyson loses tonightwhere is the link to order the tyson fight I’m old and can’t figure this out
holy shit what a deal... that like 5 TVs
@Tizzay44 Yurrrr @ShadyPDawg My manFriendly reminder, today is the last day of the LG Black Friday sale! Make sure to check out their LG UltraGear 2… @Trainwreckstv crazy how he is 5’10 huh? @Nadeshot @Symfuhny Wtf is my man wearing on his feet rn @Nadeshot @Symfuhny Holy shit @CouRageJD don’t you have a 5th course to go eat? @Nadeshot I lost 2k on draft kings today matt @Nadeshot I’m having a great day thanks for askingcowboys are losing by 25 and I lost $2k on draft kings gonna go shotgun a beerok I’m getting drunk cyaI’ve had 5 beers this half and could call better plays then this holy shitpain
LETS GO COWBOYS!!!stop tweeting at meif we don’t hand the ball off to zeke on this 4th and 1 I’m over this game already @TSM_Daequan miss u broCOOOOOOPfootball and food on thanksgiving hits different...there is no way the Dallas cowboys lose todayThankful for my family, friends, and amazing community. Appreciate you all❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!Vikings is one of the best shows on television and you can’t change my mind... @nmplol ayo wanna run arenas bro?😂 @oliviamunn @Attack @MorganWebb @AdamSessler @G4TV seeing everyone in this video takes me back... y’all are legends @FRONZ1LLA it’s about 70 bro not to bad...
Taking the next couple days off to hang with the family and defrag. I’ll be back Monday on the normal schedule. I…
Retweeted by timthetatman👑shorter WoW stream today! @TeamJuJu That purple is 🔥#ad btw
LISTEN UP Our friends at @NZXT are having an amazing sale! Get 10% off all builds for Black Friday + $100 off any… @Ninja 🔥🔥🔥grinding can literally play @Warcraft in my sleep... 🛌💤
Retweeted by timthetatman👑
like this tweet if you can’t login to WoW😞BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!! LG is having some amazing deals for Black Friday! Make sure to check out their LG UltraGe… is time... shadowlands is upon us @cloakzy What @BinghamBaller9 ur a legend keep it up broI lost $1k on draft kings today if y’all need any tips hmu @emonggtv we are going horde let’s run it @Ebron85 I’m not trying to jinx you E but my in-laws are very happy the Steelers are doing well! Keep it up bro! @emonggtv area 52 what are you playing @LodiTooSaucey legend @TTfue @Forsen @xQc can I bet on this?anyone else feel like it’s Christmas Eve with shadowlands coming out tomorrow?HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS @Greekgodx from a nerd that I played CS with to a weight loss, lifting legend. keep it up Greek! @Clayster the cowboys are winningI TOLD YALL DALLAS COWBOYS WILL WIN THE SUPERBOWLLETS GO COWBOYS @sonii nice tit broif the cowboys win this game vs the vikings they will win the super bowl remember this tweetTHE COWBOYS WILL WIN THIS GAME
low key the cowboys are gonna win the division and win the super bowl🤯I tried to tell y’all this is the cowboys week! @scump lmk if u need a carry bro I’m cracked @s1mpleO legend @Zedd tacos... show a pic while eating pls.DALLAS COWBOYS TIME BABY LETS GOOOOOO @JoeyB Your a legend broprayers bro @JoeyB @Warcraft me tomorrow @Romstadt_ Wthere is no way the Dallas Cowboys lose todayW @timthetatman
Retweeted by timthetatman👑 @JamesCrowder @TeamJuJu happy birthday legend @Wipz LOLLLLLLso I transferred my hunter to area 52 to get ready for shadowlands and the name “timthetatman” was taken.. so I t… @cloakzy @bigdumbgaming Dude you weren’t supposed to tweet this
happy birthday to my good little buddy 5’10! have some drinks on the beach and enjoy it bro! @NICKMERCS comms remain undefeated🤣