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@K1 holy shit bro lol @Frozone You a CS god to fro? @FallGuysGame what’s up bro? @fl0mtv Get some coffee and ranked Q like the CS dayslowkey I could get radiant in Valorant @Zedd hey man I’ve played like 3 times wanna run ranked? @lukecombs Do it
dAk iSnT a GoOd FaNtAsY qB❤️
Retweeted by timthetatman👑 @ScooterMagruder Big vibin bro how are you?THE COWBOYS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFLI TOLD YALL LETS GOOOOOO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!please God zuerlein don’t miss thisHOLY SHIT THE COWBOYS GOT THE ONSIDE KICK LETS GOOOOOOthe cowboys will recover this onside kick @D_perezzzzz1113 Miracles happenI’ve had like 5 beers and I can tell that is a catch???????aye bro you good? @Ninja COWBOYS ARE GOING TO WIN THIS GAME LETS GOOOOOOOO.@EzekielElliott I love you broI LOVE AMARI COOPERanyone else’s fantasy team in shambles?after the half I can confidently say the cowboys will win this game. @stephenasmith @AtlantaFalcons Thanks Stephen!zeke is a beastBRO WHAT IS HAPPENING @Ninja I’m ok😀holy shit @stephenasmith @AtlantaFalcons @dallascowboys Delete thisthe cowboys will win this game @MikeEvans13_ ur a BEAST brostop tweeting at me broCOWBOYS TIME BABY LETS GOOOOOO @Fwiz Bro SOOOOO TRUEEEEEE @NICKMERCS @ThnkYuComeAgain @drdisrespect Aye bro delete this one @drdisrespect @NICKMERCS @TheKingMalikai We’re you literally waiting for this tweetI grew up here @Tommey relax bro lol
@The_N00DLES @FortniteGame @Ninja @DrLupo @CouRageJD @Classify @Ac7ionMan Looks litttt bro! Happy birthday! @drdisrespect We know old man @Nadeshot miss u brobro.@Logic301 aye bro change your twitter name it’s been like 5 hrs that’s enough @Zedd Hey @theajgarces This is litIf y’all retweet this enough, maybe @timthetatman will play it on stream! New Stream Theme - TIMBO!
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@drdisrespect Bro?Just from the first 5 minutes of your intro @timthetatman
Retweeted by timthetatman👑C L E A N @Clayster @andbox_official @Subliners @ZooMaa @MackMelts Wlive for the day games with @Logic301 @cloakzy @Tommey later! @drdisrespect Shouldn’t Alex do all of this stuff for you??? What’s he even doing in the command center??? @drdisrespect @kanebrown @Rated_COD @Finessen aye bro deadass have you ever placed top 10?????? (besides 1993 and 1… 8th in the tournament played well ggs boys @kanebrown @Rated_COD @Finessen
I can’t believe I pulled this off🤯 @Logic301 @cloakzy @Tommey LETS GET IT BROlive warzone tournament today with @kanebrown @Rated_COD @Finessen @Swagg Still love it to this day bro @NICKMERCS Shoulda blasted this instead @Symfuhny yeah I’m claiming this video lol @Finessen @Adamlest21 Nah never
gonna try and stream (net / power may drop) sally is no joke man stay safe everyone @actionjaxon True
Playing with @timthetatman again in Vikk’s $20,000 showdown tomorrow. Think it’s time I tried that Bacon McGriddle now, huh?
Retweeted by timthetatman👑I’ve never seen anyone this excited to get killed by me😂 unless Sally knocks my power out @Ninja touchdown celebrations are top notch😂 @TwitchSupport how do I know if this is happening to my channel and can I please opt out
Another day with ole chunk tuna 😂
Retweeted by timthetatman👑 @NICKMERCS Nice tradethat wasn't offensive pass interference so I had a seltzer and gave it some more thought... THAT OFFENSIVE PI CALL WAS BULLSHIT AND YALL KNOW IT for some beersok ok so I’ve given it some thought and I’m not mad at the rams or the refs holy shit what are we doing going for… @NICKMERCS He literally got beat so he flopped lolAnother cowboys game ruined by the refs lolGET RAMSEY A FUCKING OSCAR HOLY SHITLOLLLLL THAT CALL IS BULLSHITTIME FOR THE DAK-ATTACK LETS GO BABYthe rams just ran a pitch on 3rd and 3 holy shit we can’t lose to this teamthis 3rd and 3 is the game... need a stopthere is no shot that’s a catch and fumbleit’s dak time baby... this is the game winning drive right hereI’m still sitting here in disbelief we didn’t kick a field goal to tie it up on 4th and 3?????????? @ScooterMagruder Facts.@EzekielElliott legendY’all are about to see why the Cowboys are gonna be Super Bowl contenders...
@JKap415 Glad you came ur senses kap, I got a jersey for yaI think this goes without saying but... LOLLLLL EAGLES ARE TRASHHHHHH.@JoeyB is gonna pop off this year bro you good? @Ninja fantasy team is in shambles @Ninja don’t talk to me @Ninja delete this