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Brit put me on
We Sagittarius’s babygirl, I don’t think that’s possible lol
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹I have to learn to be patient. @_tdionne This was a moment.I just wanna know, as humans, who deemed near death experiences as “fun”? @_SeanKemp Lol it bc they own Hulu and Hulu owns FX lol 😂 @_SeanKemp Gtfo lmaoNormalize getting your body done, it’s a look just as well as a natural body!!!
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹I wanna see Will I Am in a #VERZUZ his produced so many hitsDM me some good manufacturing companies pleaseIf you haven’t touched your goals by 30... is it time to wrap it up and try something new? Do you agree with…
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹I need a signMad at my nigga so he sent me $3,000
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹Wanda Vision got me questioning if my neighbors are even real.imagine not liking me but STILL having to see me everywhere cuz everyone else do 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹Wait I forgot ima be outta state all next week 😭Am I the only one tired? Im exhausted
bitch is a filler word. like ‘like’ and ‘um’
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @BigHomieKODAQ It was fire I need moreYessssirskiiiii. JJs chicken
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @BigHomieKODAQ So it was crack lol 😂 got it @AyeThatsHoOtie This what was on that chicken you gave us? @BigHomieKODAQIf you close your eyes and listen to Coi Leray she sounds like Tommy Pickles .. but I fwiI LIKE TO BE ——— like a SLUTTTTTTTT
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹💖 sissy’s Barbie party .
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹Mia always think she putting someone on to something. I hate my friends. @kimlefleur It’s the milly rock lolParty ain’t lit if they don’t play “computers “You wanna see my black ass right in front cho house
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹So you wanna talk sh*t? And run ya mouth?!! @Its_PauldineJ Anywhere man lol sell it at Victoria secretWhy can’t they sell pads in places where I know I won’t run into certain niggas... like why can’t forever 21 Carry always @Its_PauldineJ A game changerThis is so dope hair, just face.
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @kurlykyyy 😍🙌🏾🙌🏾 @kurlykyyy ❤️❤️❤️School tycoon was an elite computer game
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @Chawcolate_Drop Thank you ❤️I loved last night spazzed on throat baby remix
@TheJessieWoo ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😂😂😂Pee after sex ladies you don’t want an hdmi
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹he want a Barbie, I’m a Brat tho💘
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹Magic✨
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹I love all of my friends. Every single one of them ❤️Lmao @tinaqueen_15 u think u slickk 😂
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @jxchameleon 45 min commute. Vs paying a crazy ass rent ... 😂If it ain’t me then who? ❤️ just know New York goin crazy rnI was born a real nigga snd it shows.
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹In so glad the internet found you
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹Mia was a vibe this weekend @_heyitsautumn House of cbHBO Max came into the streaming game wit sum shit to prove clearly
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹I had an amazing weekend
TV made me think high school was gonna be nothing but long ass conversations in the lunch line. @SiimoneJay I was crawling by the end of the night. @SiimoneJay YeahHim: “lemme see your nails” Barbie you can’t play with @maniskordaze 15 people who got tested negative is vibes I agree.Damn that’s her song lol
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 to say she loved it themed birthday for my bestie!! nails >>>>
@_KillaMeggs You swear every btch wanna taste you😂 @MurielEsther1 ❤️❤️❤️ @__JasminJ ❤️❤️ @leesacehoe ❤️❤️Alumna @MurielEsther1 Congrats Mur!!!My nail lady told me I had “such pretty feet” and gave me a discount. Like girl if you wanna suck on my toes just say dat 🙄
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹
SleepyHigh standards protect you from low quality experiences.
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @BigHomieKODAQ They did my girl dirty.Man I forgot I had that piece of paper @1DJFirstClass This fire @britneystp Let’s seeI love shopping
My friend just had a baby and she snapped. I gotta remind her every time she did a good job 😂 her baby is mad cuteThe government said “since y’all can’t stay y’all asses home, ima leave the snow machine on” @desdolllas 2nd hand embarrassment is real lol @imsydbell Naaa we gonna run it back @GQxJQ @britneystp @kimlefleur We was distracted by the special effects 😂😂😂You wasn’t fly if you wasn’t wear Nike dunks in 2008 @britneystp @kimlefleur Idk lol @britneystp @kimlefleur It’s not out yet @britneystp @kimlefleur Period!!!! It’s on HBO max @imsydbell Omg Syd we only watched 30 mins of it. We should run it back for you @Cbizzlex Lol 😂 it’s tooo many to tweet. As of rn HBO Max def has the best movies run @MarcusIPaul 😂😂 @Jbellz14 She ignores me and calls me when she feels like itI be knowing some good movies and tv shows. I appreciate stuff like that. And I love interpreting them. @liberianlois I was irresponsible and got it from a friend in the library 😂😂 at a PWI, yeah I was trippinthat movie was good af...they missing out
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹An Elite movie!!! They’re missing out!
Retweeted by Tina Turtle 🐢🇭🇹 @1DJFirstClass Both. Sci-Fi very good if you appreciate video games, Easter eggs, and pop culture. It’s on HBO Max