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VIVID VOLTAGE & CHAMPIONS PATH SOLD OUT‼️‼️‼️ Still have some packs from DAB, RC, SS, and CI available 😁 @iKaylur @maddiesuunHOMIE BOUGHT A SINGLE PACK, CHOSE HIS PACK FROM THE BOOSTER, AND PULLED A CHARIZARD VMAX 😂😂😂😂 WTF!!!! personal Champions Path packs then opening my Pokémon shop orders 😍 LIVE @… @maddiesuun He acting like there an army recruiter or something 💀 @idkcaleb_ I can’t wait til people like him just die off tbhDude really said RANKS 💀💀💀
@NickiTaylor Wishing you the best of luck sis times are tough out here 😂 @NickiTaylor LMAOOOOO dude the shelves have been cleaned out for months I feel so lucky rn 😂 @Patsim_ You inspired me @idkcaleb_ @maddiesuun @JayaXOX @maddiesuun LMFAOOOOO SHE BUGGIN THO 😂😂😂😂 @maddiesuun “Wait there’s a charizard in those packs right?” 3 seconds later “Is this how you spell charizard” - Maddie 2021Opening these tonight 😍 @JgarzaSleeps Omfg that’s literally so trashTHEY ACTUALLY HAVE CARDS WTF always gives me LA vibes🏝🥰 @meowdya Calm* not call @meowdya 100000% you have the right to be mad. I used to hate crates but crate training is a very nice alternative… @meowdya Oooo girl I’d be pissed! Maybe suggest crate training to her? Helps a lot for sure. My dog did the same th… LIKE AND COMMENT new Black Ops Cold War update is rolling out now on all platforms. Update includes early access to the Death…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @KoalaUhhBear Yes we getting upWhen you’re in bed and want a bottle of water but then you remember you gotta walk all the way downstairs to get it 😪Just uploaded my $500 FaZe @yoseph “MIXED EMOTIONS” challenge: I love Cold War sniping 🔥Late night grinding hits differentSay hello to the amazing ladies of team Owa Owa as they get ready to compete in The Proving Grounds Tournament for…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @YTMySticGrizzy Let me know if you pull anything cool :D @songbirdGG Feel better soon amiga 💖💖💖
@Patsim_ I NEED ONEY’all really just keep coming out with the non-stop Ws @PlayVALORANT!!!! 🙌🏻 shining fates packages were delayed again :))))Diversity and inclusion create more opportunities for everyone, better development pipelines and brings more busine…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAESas is worth repeating: women's and mixed-gender teams already play in the main esports circuit like in Valorant. cr…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAESSo we built a fighting arena in @Valheimgame........ LMAOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @freakingLIBS @ChainFeeds YOUR BAL SHOT WAS FKIN NITSSo we built a fighting arena in @Valheimgame........ LMAOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣 @papieileeen LMAOGood service gets good tips 😁 #tipthebill
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @Nadeshot Solo queue on new account. Start freshPOKEMON RESTOCK!!!! We have champions path, vivid voltage, darkness ablaze, steam siege, rebel clash, and crimson i…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @H3CZ 👀Warzone is hard
Warzone tourney with @Kekoa_US @IamNXERA @GFuelEnergy I vote @IamNXERA to win! @berbaroovez oooo thank you!POKEMON RESTOCK!!!! We have champions path, vivid voltage, darkness ablaze, steam siege, rebel clash, and crimson i… SOME POKÉMON CARDS 🥰🥰🥰 we have vivid voltage available! Updating my website within the next hour!!! for the delay friends ill finally be shipping out everyone’s cards from our Pokémon breaks TODAY 🥰 Texas weather sucks 😤 @SurrealLuna Noted! Thanks for the info girl 😁 @EleniRannis Damn wtf imma do that @EleniRannis Really???? I did not know this💀💀💀 @alyssabflowers 😂😂😂 yeah im shipping people stuff and like ya girl ain’t tryna expose her addyCan you send a package without a return address?!Excited to play in this tomorrow with @TINARAES
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@maddiesuun WE BELIEVE IN YOU @ResexrcH @Metrokenshin_ @eFuseOfficial 👀 @bretmanrock Can I be you @idkcaleb_ @eFuseOfficial Caleb u suckI need a male teammate for the @eFuseOfficial co-ed Warzone tourney hmuHope my Shining Fates came in today 🙏🏻 the snow f’d up my delivery 😭 @Metrokenshin_ DONT EAT THEMWE HAVE A PIGGY NOW #Valheim house is so beautiful 😍
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@Riku_Jones @Valheimgame 55 😅In 24 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in Bitcoin! (Yup, gonna experiment…
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @Sacheverell @Valheimgame Curtesy of @xoZenitH 🔥My #Valheim house is so beautiful 😍 this game less than 5 days ago LOL and this is with major interruptions from the blackouts
Retweeted by Gen.G TINARAES @Radiels @AveryHam Yes you can have up to 10 people in your world at once
@AveryHam Valheim. Give it a shot! I was in the same boat but this new survival rpg game is so freaking fun. Soooo… @DuckConfetti My lil German Shepherd took it 😉 @itsarixo_ Those are cute af omgNew collars 😁 @GenG @NathanStanz LOL WELCOME NATE! out to my loves @GFuelEnergy for the restock 😍😍😍 guys use code “TINA” for 30% off RIGHT NOW!!! 🧡💛💙🧡💛💙 @Shaemmon @LickyRara @HEB I saw!!! Literally the best grocery store everShout out to @HEB for actually having food available 😭 @Metrokenshin_ @souljaboy Vouch @_anabarroso @AvaGG We do 😁 @dreamcrazzy This game made my snow storm a little better for sure. I hope you’re doing well too amiga ❤️❤️ @4Shall0w Thank you!!!! 😁My beautiful girl 🥺❤️ @idkcaleb_ @maddiesuun 💀 @maddiesuun Maddie.... it’s been like 3 weeks for you..... @dreamcrazzy Worth as a solo but even better with friends. Soooo addictingAfter a week and a half I FINALLY SHOWERED!!! Thank god for us having our water back 😂 @ONE_shot_GURL I’m so addicted 😭😭😭 @Metrokenshin_ HiWHOS JOINING MY VALHEIM WORLD. OUR VILLAGE IS COMING TOGETHER SO NICELY @AltosOGK BUNS OUT @Patsim_ Hopefully tonight if my GameStop is open @RESPAWNProducts NOOOOO 😭😭😭 @Reg1337 W my dude! @ralvbtw Yessir @chappypoptart33 You gotta pre order early sis cmon!Who’s getting Shining Fates today 👀