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Nashe if u nasty

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I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone....
@moneyymaya Sending love ❤️ 💕 u got thisRIP to this legend ❤️ @ItsHippyPotter ❤️😘😘😘
@PopCrave @Olivia_Rodrigo WOWWW 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @yngmzz Omg whaaAAAATSo my cat can open doors now
@kingkachings Ya she’s great fr lololIt’s been 7 years since @Tinashe released her breakout debut single ”2 On.“🔥
Retweeted by TINASHEToday has been an excellent day, wow. Love that for us .
@sincerej_ that SHIRT ! @KellzNCaLi ok 🤗 @_eLmarai LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOWhen @Tinashe said “They don’t understand that I’m the shit” I felt that 💯
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@SeventhEvan Naaa the best of you is yet to come @MsTaylorBanks Alright Gayle, enough
@tlicgee I def know what u look like but just realized idk your name ? @bishdafak Bitch -I - want attention @RajTheOnyx @Queen_Martian @Original_miyah @oohnahnashe @littIerascaI No idea. Potentially dirt? Oh ya this is what… @ghoulskill Present @Queen_Martian @Original_miyah @oohnahnashe @littIerascaI Literally @evayoncee @oohnahnashe @oohnahnashe I think he wasn’t feeling well but still like... my BED bro ? @oohnahnashe @littIerascaI I tried to throw them away immediately but my mom said I should just wash it 🙄 but I was… @littIerascaI @oohnahnashe Diarrhea too @lovepositiions @oohnahnashe Hiding because he know he in trouble @oohnahnashe He pooped on my bed this morning so .... no.I need a hug @KingJoeJr_ Nah it’s time to wake it up and be accountable
@JoeBiden Stop coddling people let’s get real . This is America @JoeBiden Clearly we are not. @big_business_ @ImKingRich THAT PART @joangrande Go off mama grande @zackfox @moneyymaya SkskskskkskCops are taking selfies with the terrorists.
Retweeted by TINASHEReminder fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests th…
Retweeted by TINASHEWhat you are seeing now, as white people safely storm the US Capitol is evidence that American policing was never c…
Retweeted by TINASHE @fangurlalexx I’m sick manbe of color and protest racial injustice - get teargassed, shot with rubber bullets, & arrested be a white nation…
Retweeted by TINASHE @lexiisoutro I’m thinking MarsReady to move to a new planet, who coming?? ✌🏽👽This country so embarrassing man @itskeyon So fucking embarrassing @oohnahnashe @kaykachingwe Gucci 🤙🏽 @Andjelija_K Wowww! @Jess_WentXO @kaykachingwe Girl my whole edges sweaty af also u can tell I sweat my foundation off cuz my freckles… @kaykachingwe Omg to leave the club this sweaty after dancing all night again, those were the days♥️ Thank you sm ♥️ years ago, @Tinashe released the music video for “Company.” It was met with acclaim and called “choreographic per…
Retweeted by TINASHEcan’t believe it’s been 4 years since this video
Retweeted by TINASHEThis is a Stacey Abrams stan account now
Retweeted by TINASHE @malachiitefern A gemFour years ago today @Tinashe dropped Company. A cultural reset.
Retweeted by TINASHE @fordrevo Happy birthday! ❤️ @GTjumperzo @sweetnlowshawty 👑 @livvalice Perfectwhen my autocorrect changes STFU to SRFU
Retweeted by TINASHE @coachmikebayer @DrPhil Yep!!! Thank you!! Happy new year 🎈🎊
@coachmikebayer @DrPhil Already started reading it 💯
all these songs for you baby 🤍 @Tinashe
Retweeted by TINASHEWoke up on 2021 listening to Aquarius @Tinashe
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New year, still THAT BITCH 💋 New Year ❤️ Let’s elevate spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially 📈 @Queen_Martian TA DA DA BISHLet me get a round of Ta Da Da's before 2021 hits 😌✨
Retweeted by TINASHEWhy 2020 didn’t suck, if you’re a @Tinashe fan... a thread of 2020 highlights since it’s coming to an end.
Retweeted by TINASHEThank you for following my posts throughout the year! Here are some of Tinashe‘s highlights from 2020. Happy New Ye…
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Some days in 2020 called for the summery escape of @PopcaanMusic’s “Chill,” some for the anthemic pop of @Tinashe’s…
Retweeted by TINASHE @taevjen @NextLevelShittt I replied because these conspiracies are literally dangerous @NextLevelShittt Y’all trolling fasho lmfao 😂😂😂 @The_Trxth People are dying of covid in real life @The_Trxth Yep @The_Trxth I said it’s irrelevant . No one is writing me a check to tweet lmfao like y’all need to come back to reality @The_Trxth Allowed by WHOM Sir ???? @CensoredMonii @NextLevelShittt LOL WUT OK IM OUT @NextLevelShittt Lmfaoooo brooooooo 😂😂😂😂 @JMon3yMik3 @charcoalswan @NextLevelShittt This is the same argument as “all lives matter “ @The_Trxth @NextLevelShittt Y’all spreading these conspiracies is really dangerous , people are dying in real life @charcoalswan @NextLevelShittt Lmfao are you ok ? 🤦🏽‍♀️ @NextLevelShittt Bro this isn’t 2009 let’s leave the conspiracy theories alone @DrZele 💯💯💯 @telly_simone They triggered cuz they don’t wanna take any accountability ☹️ @__ChanelNicole I did, I stayed in my studio and worked on music. And myself @clamerion Why not ? WHY NOT ?!I’m literally so hot and if u dont think so than that’s on u
Retweeted by TINASHE @_MeOhMaii Skssksnskksksksksk 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @_lynbae This joke is tireddddd“I say ‘OUT’ to every negative thought that comes to my mind. No person, place or thing has any power over me, for…
Retweeted by TINASHE @ifeoluwaow No but we should be at home fasho @lishaaleeanne_ I was very happy this year I was referring to the 500k+ ✨deathsconsistency is a must. you can achieve anything and everything if you’re dedicated, focused and consistent. if you…
Retweeted by TINASHE @dre_ayyee I was talmbout the club or large groups2020’s surely taught me how to be more in the present moment and how to set healthy boundaries. Fixating on both pa…
Retweeted by TINASHE @Evry1Hate_Chris You wontdedication and consistency are a must. you can't allow what's going on in the world, figuratively and literally, to…
Retweeted by TINASHE @Tinashe As I nurture my mind, body, and spirit everything falls into place.🌸
Retweeted by TINASHE @Staydafuckmad Hahahaha 💯💯💯 @tropicranger Selfish onesI learned to really to not be so critical of myself and stop caring about what other people might think, and just s…
Retweeted by TINASHE @SamHookOfficial 💯