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Try harder, Marvel Girl. Writes comics. ♀️🏳️‍🌈 EUTHANAUTS - THANOS - EXCALIBUR - DEATH'S HEAD - STRIKEFORCE - Icon: @hannahtempler

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My Robin 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 cover pencils. In stores March 18. This is the 1940s decade…
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With EXCALIBUR #6 out, I cannot emphasize this enough - we are really & truly just getting started. Thank you all.… quick in-the-car sketch of that Nightcrawler fella. First full iPad sketch I’ve posted(?)
Retweeted by Tini HowardNow that everyone has their sea legs under them...the best of Marauders is dead ahead. Stefano, Matteo, Russell and…
Retweeted by Tini HowardI have a tattoo of a Marley drawing on my body and every time she posts I want another. @Drew_Rausch Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness! @GottasavebuckyC Wait is Lovecats not on there? Good catch. Our team is wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty.Gong Hay Fat Choy everyone!
Retweeted by Tini Howard @MagsVisaggs Extremely rebellious Ultimate Gwen Stacy vibes here. @TiniHoward Its really great! He did another piece giving us some more of her favorite bands!
Retweeted by Tini Howard @MentalMonarch I love this - my only critique is I think Betsy's all time fave is Kate Bush.I do! It's all goth and hip hop beats:'d never seen this drawing and it's sniping me right in the heart. "Atmosphere" is one of my top Betsy songs. known photograph. 🦴🔎📸 @ Hollywood Forever #spiderwoman #marvel #watercolor
Retweeted by Tini Howardvery few of the people who hate my guts could actually beat me up, which, as an empath, is painful to me. I really…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @marcusto Dude, that [A] and Gambit page. Far, far beyond anything I could have expected. ALL the energy in it. You make this book SING.Excalibur 5 B/W pages
Retweeted by Tini Howard @maliciousglee Moment of the Week: Excalibur is more than worthy — a look inside Dawn of X's Best Series…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @ohcararara I prefer the dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena to the original voice cast, and it's my favorite anime of all time! @lesbianjubilee I have this panel saved on my phone. @RachaelAtWork 😍😍😍 @AshcanPress No, I'm a Dumbass @AshcanPress Oh also you used yours for actual marketing and I just was shitposting(Matt was smart to attach the name of his comic to his- This is Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain, and if you dig he… @AshcanPress I literally made mine on my phone on Instagram and just screenshotted it, I am A Hack💜⚔
A Duel To The Death! A Throne Ascended! A Sexy Hot Tub! All This And More In Excalibur #6
Retweeted by Tini Howard✨ EXCALIBUR #9@TiniHoward & @marcusto
Retweeted by Tini HowardPSA from your local half-Chinese Auntie Andrea: DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR ON LUNAR NEW YEAR TOMORROW. Kind of like Gr…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @dymphna91131433 On the Battleship like cover is all my early 90's anime fever dreams. @MahmudAsrar and @COLORnMATT for life. Wolverine, Issue 1 (final order cutoff is Monday). Look who just showed up on Krakoa. @VikBogdanovic and…
Retweeted by Tini HowardMy variant cover for Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1.
Retweeted by Tini HowardY’all read this week’s #wolfsbane on @webtoon ? Cause this one’s a doozy, we promise.
Retweeted by Tini Howard @kibblesmith @JenAshleyWright @McDonalds the food brand hath made thee a cuckold @XavierFiles @kibblesmith Add a little cream to that coffee - no sugar, we're not CHILDREN here - and that's my order too.If you get up an hour earlier than you usually have to, for any reason, the universe is entitled to provide you one…
Retweeted by Tini HowardMe hanging out in my gaming room doing some gaming in my expensive gamer chair with my one friend whom I don't own…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @crashwong HUGE congrats! @DannyKhazem @Wil_Moss HURK guys this is making me gag @OhHeyDJ S A M EI can't recommend Danny enough.
A messy finish, but I had fun tinkering with it! 💕
Retweeted by Tini HowardThanks for the s/o @theblerdgurl You still have time to Pre-Order #MarvelsVoices #1 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 BONUS: Pre-orders ca…
Retweeted by Tini HowardTying with MJ/Peter and Lois/Clark, Rogue + Gambit are my favorite couple in comics. I loved this moment between th…
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As much as you guys all talk about wanting to be in the X-Men writers room, that's how badly I want to have been in… @JessCamNJ Welcome Dante! <3If you love EXCALIBUR, you’ll love STRIKEFORCE, but I think the most comparable series in some ways is IMMORTAL HUL…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @RobertSecundus This is HUGE praise - Al's work on Hulk is changing the game and inspiring me all the time. @Nadia_Shammas_ got to speak to the folks over at @SYFYWIRE about NEBULA, coming your way this February!
Retweeted by Tini HowardHOLY SHIT I CAN TALK ABOUT THIS NOW!!!!!
Retweeted by Tini Howard"Excalibur#6 is everything that Tini Howard promised the series would be and more...Overall it's a kinetic, emotion…
Retweeted by Tini HowardMarauders 6 arrives tomorrow, but give a wide berth to the spoilers that are loose in the gloaming.
Retweeted by Tini Howard @mymonsterischic @cynthiashearer Holy heck, hi Leah's mother. Thank you for making Leah and also for seeing this an… @mymonsterischic 🤣👏 A safe space for me to type out eight paragraphs of pitches I will never actually send in tbqh!!!!!#XSpoilers Absolutely in love with Rogue's new costume 💚#Excalibur @marcusto @TiniHoward @cracksh0t @annalisebissa
Retweeted by Tini Howard @mymonsterischic @dogunderwater @Trungles Press F to check on @TrunglesA couple of important points from today's EXCALIBUR #6: 1) it is very good.
Retweeted by Tini Howard @TheAnarCHris Ugh, the worst. I'm so sorry my dude. @annalisebissa @marcusto @erickarciniega "Erick if you could just throw some cold water on these pages and shout HAND CHECK" @AgentM @disneyplus I get the theme song stuck in my head once a week when I'm writing comics, no joke. @annalisebissa @marcusto Somewhere there remains a safe with Marcus's initial, too-naked pages. too many of you are sleeping on STRIKEFORCE. Forget the unfamiliar name or early assumptions that this would be…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @EliotRahal god Eliot this is sending me, i'm s o sorry but i cannot stop laughing this is a renaissance paintingI would also bet this. You can also pre-order the trade paperback now - STRIKEFORCE Vol 1: TRUST ME at your favor…
@MahmudAsrar This image was one of the very first things I thought of when I was pitching this fairytale of a book… @NotLasers @NotLasers I'm absolutely champing at the bit to read this, Jay. Huge congrats.Hell yes.’s the cover of Excalibur #5 in inks. Drawing all the leaves and flowers was kind of therapeutic.
Retweeted by Tini HowardFriends, I'm little light-headed with excitement and anticipation for the final issue of #Triage to be out TOMORROW…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @JamesTheFourth @theWoodenKing This is lovely. I cannot wait!
I'm just gonna lightly suggest that it was Betsy and pray for fanart of her doing this by accident. @misskittyf It logging on every morning
Retweeted by Tini Howard @weredawgz @definitelyvita Me attempting to keep up with Danny's knowledge and skill: #6 - (W) @tinihoward (A) @marcusto (CA) @mahmudasrar (VCA) @Mike2112McKone - in stores this week!…
Retweeted by Tini HowardSo, yes. Here is the big announcement...I have been trying to get to write Nat for years now and I’m SO EXCITED. I…
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Retweeted by Tini Howard @RianSygh @Kate_Farina Mmhm! In the Valley currently. Really enjoying it here. @lilah_sturges They were so wrecked from the move, I just had them cut super short and Iron Man red! @lilah_sturges Got my nails done cute and just ate a buncha sweet potato fries!A LIDS EMPLOYEE, ONE WEEK AGO: Are you sure, sir? No one's ever bought that one before. It's kinda just for display…
Retweeted by Tini Howard @RianSygh Mmhm! Blake and I did!💙
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19th Century French Sideshow Poster
Retweeted by Tini Howardhey "nice" manbun haha it fuckin sucks you hipster asshole [he turns around and reveals he is a samurai from the tokugawa shogunate] oh fuck
Retweeted by Tini Howard @albinwonderland SAME, Orlando is like a baby bat with delicate damp wings and Hugsie is like when a four year old… @AlielynR @homosuper1or omg girl calling me OUT!!! 👏💙 @dreamoforgonon Let's lunch, darling. @chaoticute Yes please!!!She's lived in California for five minutes and she's already started dressing like she has a pool for you to clean. @KarenKilgariff This is a nightmare.Some superhacker made an exact copy of my account and is tweeting “Hello how are you doing” at the blue checks I fo…
Retweeted by Tini HowardHey! I’m looking to start a DoX book club podcast! We would record on Friday or Saturday nights! Looking for 2 Fem…
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