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Technical Integrity @tintegrity Boulder, Colorado

We love building startup communities. We also build diverse Executive, Sales and Engineering teams for companies with amazing cultures.

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🙋🏽‍♀️Any engineers out there drink wine and code? Image: @MTijnNL #NationalDrinkWineDay #Engineer
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityBluebird pow turns are currently happening and it's glorious out there. 🏂: Corey McClure 📸: Ian Zinner #ABasin
Retweeted by Technical Integrity🤔 Companies need to think about how their products may harm the communities they are using to spread their message.…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityOver the weekend I helped build @flowerpotnet during the @EthereumDenver hackathon and we were chosen as a winner!!…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity"@ILoveManitou: #Colorado Beautifully serene at the Garden of the Gods. ❄💙"
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityAn amazing organization @eforallLongmont that @google #Boulder is proud to partner with! Helping Towns by Seeding T…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityI just subscribed to my first ever creator on @Patreon. Holy crap does it feel good to support an entrepreneur with…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityOh dear. Yes please. is the night. Excited host our Denver community thanks to our supporters @getzestful @soonastudios
Retweeted by Technical Integrity @owocki @EthereumDenver @Consensys @gitcoin we definitely need a few of these avatars...I gave a talk @EthereumDenver called 'Cathedral & Bazaar in the web3 era' This talk explores concepts from the 90s…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity"@Valerotti: An absolutely beautiful day in the mountains today. Thank you @AspenSnowmass @IkonPass 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#thereisnotry #coffee #yesplease’s enough sun to shine on everyone.
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#HomerFTW🚨Top 25 Programming Books of All Time Apply now → #programming #developer
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityFeld Thoughts: Venture Deals Online Course – Spring 2020 Registration Is Open
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityNice post from @ImanAbuzeid on how inciting FOMO can help you raise. Translated: Making potential investors jealous…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityThis is how an aurora is created
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#powderdaze what you're doing @datdudejibril ! Keep fighting the good fight!
It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. - Voltaire
Retweeted by Technical Integritywin the lottery: 1 in 302600000 die by falling coconut: 1 in 270000000 hit by a tyre during an interview: ...???
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityIn 2000, Netflix wanted to sell itself to Blockbuster for $50 million. “They laughed at us,” says Netflix co-foun…
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Headshot Happy Hour! Love it. Great idea.
Yes. Just, yes.
🤔 Which technologies do you use the most? #developer #engineer
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityWe love this community! 💛 Today spread the love in your work, your community and your home. But most of all please…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityMy new friend Kylie has been recognized by @NCWIT for her impact, teaches elementary school students how to code al…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#evilgenius"I decided to launch @AfricanWIT in order to teach women how to move forward in their chosen career path." 🗣…
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Happy to be a part of this important #ruby #rails #community in #boulder ! Thanks for having us : ) ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and change yourself is a superpower. - via @@Valaafshar"@elliotpappas: Good Morning and Happy Thursday from my hill. #mountainlife #Colorado"
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityThe ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and change yourself is a superpower.
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityMeet @unstoppableweb, @Temporalcloud, @textileio, @IPFSPinata, @dappkit, @3boxdb, @TupeloDLT, @iEx_ec, @kauri_io,…
Retweeted by Technical Integrityyep tov!!🙌🏽 Give back to the tech community by sharing your technical knowledge! 🎙Apply to be a speaker at Connect 2020 SF →…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity"I want to draw your attention to someone in particular: Chelsea Stoner, the general partner who has been integral…
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🤔 Which one is most surprising? #Engineer #Tech
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#powderdays #colorado @andreaOrrego @Starbucks Dairy Queen is your friend for this... @Social_Mime @mommajessiec @JaredewyThis. Is. Real.
Retweeted by Technical Integrity❤️ Just because you fail doesn't mean you are a failure! #womenintech #womenwhocode
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Atari acquires Wonder, a hybrid mobile gaming and entertainment platform: Comments:
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#oops CJ Walker was just one example of the #creative economy serving as an on-ramp for #women entrepreneurs and e…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity#runaway !! : ) launched the Get Outdoors Employer Toolkit for Colorado companies interested in improving the healt…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity @aaronclarkcodes @DKMayer Thanks @aaronclarkcodes and @virtuallybing !! Aaron- we will send you a DM! @virtuallybing @bldrstartupweek Happy to brainstorm and chat- as you may know, we've donated more than $65,000 to c… are all the amazing Nobel Prize awarded women who changed the world #WomenInScience
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityIf a man invests all of his money, all of his time, and all of his intellect into giving the world what it needs...…
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Coming to the Front Range Pythoneers meetup tomorrow? You can still join us:
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityYour life is short. You have no clue when this ride will end. Stay present and live fearlessly. - Brenden Dilley #quote
Retweeted by Technical Integrity @virtuallybing @bldrstartupweek love to be part of this discussionColorado entrepreneur org @BEN_Colorado hires new leader -- Kay Henze, previously with @ZayoGroup. Takes over from…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityThen my work here is done...
Retweeted by Technical Integrity @Casey OMG yes pleaseTFW all ur global web3 friends are coming to Colorado this week, and all the #shillcolorado has finally paid off.…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity @owocki ummmm- need ten stickers- save us some please!!!So although it’s true that it’s not enough to stand and stare, what I’m finding is that it’s necessary to begin tha…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityStrong leadership from Colorado on this important topic.
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityIf any female founders are having a hard time fundraising dm me I would like to embroider your name on a cape
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityOh Dear.
#Boulder is less cypherpunk 101 but it is software development in a team 101 canon
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityYou make the world a better & brighter place just by being in it Image:
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityHow Etsy doubled its hiring of Black and LatinX employees in one year. #diversityandinclusion
meow! cool tech. the sunshine today before the snow returns tomorrow! 📷: heatherdyer_xo via Instagram.
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Lots of trends to unpack here but safe to say that operational and platform support plus expert networks etc. are o…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityNow hiring for a Seattle-based technology and business reporter! The journalist in this role will find, report and…
Retweeted by Technical Integrity21 episodes down and #GiveFirst is featured as a notable branded podcast by @MShowrunners! Excited to watch our pod…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityIt's anniversary season at Basecamp this month. Celebrating nine years with @merissie who've provided some of the k…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityThinking of signing up for #StartupWeekend but want to know more first? Take a look at this recap of @techstars Stu…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityOMG- happy Friyay. #doggos #startups #colorado #friyay introverts yeah. Welcome to #Boulder ! deserved!
#remotework"No one in the brief history of computing has ever written a piece of perfect software. It's unlikely that you'll be the first." - Andy Hunt
Retweeted by Technical Integritycool!'re looking for a few more technical judges for #ETHDenver! Interested? Know some who would be a great fit? Share…
Retweeted by Technical Integritylol smart, super relevant, super important. In 2020, #community is the new moat for #startups #inclusion company's technology is used by customers including NASA and Xerox.
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityI'd love to get to know more women who angel invest, so I can send you interesting-but-too-early-for-me companies.…
Retweeted by Technical Integrityfabulous depiction
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityGiving is a choice. Honesty is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Forgiveness is a choice.…
Retweeted by Technical IntegrityWhat if there was an AI programmed to want to pick as many strawberries as possible, and so it cultivated nothing b…
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Beautiful view from the office this morning! Tons of great mentors through @techstars Boulder this week.
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