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@RejanteVAL u legit played 2 full games worth of rounds @yslnai yes bestie
Retweeted by suki πŸ‘Introducing: VersionX | #VXVAL Our all-female #VALORANT squad πŸ’₯ @NaomiFPS | @NattyFPS | @BasedGodMilk | @karraOf…
Retweeted by suki πŸ‘ @chloe_hime7 yeah i fully agree πŸ™ just sucks because i want him to be good so bad, especially since he has a molly… @chloe_hime7 i feel like phoenix would be D tier simply cause he's decent on haven but that's it πŸ₯²πŸ₯² pls buff soon tho rito πŸ™πŸΎ @chloe_hime7 is this ranked or organized play? @bbylapras no fr tho @ch3nn1e WTF LMAOOOO 😭😭😭 bro some girls actually make me cringe so mad how is this not embarrassing ... @Kaitthh I JUST WOKE UP I SLEPT 8 HOURSi really said "this tomorrow" cause i was gonna say "this friday" but friday is tmr zzzzVCT game changers this TOMORROW 😁😁😁😁 @mistvalorant omg @tereziFPS hell yeahLMFAO ITS TRUE 😭 @1EDEN_ you're so brave @GeorgeCGed ruined or just balanced her to make her not a pseudo duelist and more in line of what an initiator should be πŸ€”im becoming a jett one trick this bitch fun af @ZD_Moonkiller IDK bro i just shut down when ppl say shit to me, even though like i dont think what i said was that… go! vol. 1 > valorant go! vol. 2
Retweeted by suki πŸ‘ @ryannnnnnnnn52 @PlayVALORANT thanks ryannnnnnnnnnn52 @xefiyy @PlayVALORANT bro its my twitter account @demonVAL_ @PlayVALORANT who said i didnt move on, its a singular tweet @Neural_Theft @PlayVALORANT thanks i appreciate it <3 @cocoscraps @PlayVALORANT yeah its up on the shop rn its just a cool 90$ @ZD_Moonkiller @PlayVALORANT YA FR ITS JUST WEIRD LIKE PLS anything for their waifus tho @elo1ne @PlayVALORANT and the ppl who are like "wdym this IS realistic" have really proved that this sort of media… i realized i worded this kinda annoyingly but my point still stands tyπŸ™πŸΎ @noxufps @PlayVALORANT mb @Specctix6378 @PlayVALORANT mb @sonryaz @PlayVALORANT yooo mb @Boom_fps @PlayVALORANT yeah chrew @ZD_Moonkiller @PlayVALORANT WAIST ON THINAAIM A JETT MAIN NOW @haelyli @PlayVALORANT BYE LMFAOOO @jakeeVAL @PlayVALORANT true the sova one is pretty fire, but i wish they zoomed it in more, same for all of them. @Soulwxyz @PlayVALORANT last pack was way better while not looking weird LOL @jakeeVAL @PlayVALORANT compared tho this tho, where her back is arched in a similar if not more drastic way, but s… @Soulwxyz @PlayVALORANT im like half joking, it's just weird to look at @pityzx @PlayVALORANT yea, not to mention the actual gun skins are literal garbage, worse than BP skins. the buddie… @pityzx @PlayVALORANT legit overall just worse quality. i guess you're getting quantity over quality this time around?? idk @sophistiredtwt @PlayVALORANT okay lol @dollyoc @xxelitism @PlayVALORANT fr LMAOO @Australissss @existingee @PlayVALORANT wat @sophistiredtwt @PlayVALORANT if u think that's what a normal stomach looks like when a back is arched idk LOL it's just off putting 😭😭guys i know it's not "serious" i just think it looks weird, esp compared to the last pack that still looked extreme… @Ino_VAL @PlayVALORANT okay im not dying over it i just don't like it. it's an opinion and i think it's weird, plus art matters @pityzx @PlayVALORANT yea and this style is arguably worse than the last one :/ characters look one dimensional and lifeless @scrollval @PlayVALORANT it's weird @Cookii923 @PlayVALORANT IDK ITS ALL I COULD NOTICE. IT JUST DOESNT MAKE SENSE ON RAZE?? someone who's like tomboyi… @ilbeons @PlayVALORANT yeaaa the last ones were so awesome and really captured the characters' vibe, this one falls really flat. @xxelitism @PlayVALORANT my issue is that it's 1. worse quality compared to the last val go! pack 2. it's not true…
@HK4RI @kazeius bro???? @kazeius @kazeius sup @angdownbad LMFAOOO THIS IS SO GOOD @1HUNNYU IM JK @1HUNNYU white πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jellyfish_val my audio keeps cutting outhave a strain in my right forearm, gamer + student moment @Governor_Val anime battle @Kaitthh LMFAO @jellyfish_val YES pls smurf my peaki want a boyfriend
Retweeted by suki πŸ‘ @HoodieFR yes @steph_ecx .346 best sens even tho i use .36 rn @HK4RI LOL bro i don't wanna hear iteveryone's hitting diamond and im demoting to plat 1 @KingFPS__ LMFAOOOO @jellyfish_val agreeok valorant hate me gg
Retweeted by suki πŸ‘im so fucking bad at ranked
@ShadyLamp2k that's true, i guess some people hate that he's a must pick. it's a 50/50 opinion tho fri think the only nerf they can give sova is making an agent that can be interchanged with him. they tried it w kay/… @jellyfish_val πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ @jellyfish_val ohπŸ™ @OfficialAproto but sheriff is semi automatic...the only person who ever told me abt this and used it was my friend in bronze who played for like a month then quit… @TenZOfficial he's already broken fym πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ– @censorablee omg any chicken tender lovers @Nuldrex well technically ur wrong 😑😑 @bbylapras I LOVE THIS SONGNGNGN AND THIS ALBUK @Nuldrex yeah but i consider those weekend days like margins, and the real week doesn't start till monday. IDK sunday feels wrong @silas_gottwalt i guess we just gotta see how it changes the meta and how ppl play jett πŸ™ step in the right direction though @existingee negatory @HK4RI ikr @memoryVAL_ i know exactly what u mean but like maybe it's not healthy for the game 🀣🀣🀣🀣bad work team mains malding but do u guys not remember when they literally took 2 of reynas orbs away 😩 and she's still viable, just not as broken.i knew they'd remove a smoke, idk how good the ult change will actually feel but better than nothing @sashavalorant it's a look @madifps morning @ZatoPotato yeah i've been to a few in the past, i just stopped going because of covid. but thank u!! i'll update how it goes ~ @_Od26 team @_Od26 i don't think any of those characters (save skye) can get an insane amount of value for very little effort.… @ZatoPotato !!! @dollyoc THANM YOU @madifps 🀨
@jellyfish_val JFJSJHFJSJF @ARIANARCHIST map fun