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God first. 19. match @swsh3r. streamer for @? |

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@swsh3r yea self taught but i did music theory for like 7 years @_novuh @uwulittlebunni queenspartay @itscaseytwitch good good how are u @mistmie TY BABEπŸ₯Ί @uwulittlebunni MWAHsup sup @YukinoVAL LOLOLOL @pugtaka1 @uwulittlebunni not just u pal :'( @SQUIPey_ aw ty squip <3 love talking to u too @uwulittlebunni HONESTLY everyone on this app is like 15 @marynah_1 i was really hoping it would just say "spike defused" HAHAHA clean tho @swsh3r my insane outplays 😎😎😎 @uwulittlebunni LMAOOOi hate my laugh sometimes but i was actually so dumbfoundedLOL ??? @st8llar THX! @SQUIPey_ hihi @swsh3r have fun zzzzz @elo1ne LETS GO @sh0pguy all good man πŸ‘i'm laying down in bed and something big just thumped behind me now i'm scaredi gotta stop caring @swsh3r @hxrryval_ smh @swsh3r @hxrryval_ 🀨masterchef got me invested @swsh3r @hxrryval_ yea sage when @swsh3r yes @hxrryval_ @swsh3r when he lives at the furthest point of the US from you 😍😍😍😍 i swear id play more w sage he wasn'… @swsh3r i'm waiting for ur lft post @annettaaval ITS OKAY WE GO DOWN BHT WE ALSO GO UPVOUCH FOR HOPPER !!!! @fawnVALO pausechamp? @kensword420 @finlmasquerade @qtmufasa @itzHernando @_KryptWalk @riotgames @RiotZiegler @RiotSuperCakes… @swsh3r yes yes i am the best 😌 @HoodieFR LMFAOOOOOOO @palepocky 19 gang :] we old out here @swsh3r okay but how's ur mental health? 😸 @madivalorant TYi am officially LFT RN BTW
stream tn @itzHernando @_KryptWalk @riotgames @RiotZiegler @RiotSuperCakes @PlayVALORANT @HitBox_Hiros @hitbtc @gungalsval… does this sound so condescending mother a brothai ain't never seen two pretty best friends 😳😳😳 except them @madivalorant IM@HONNA DIE WAYCNONG THSI @swsh3r fine true whatever @swsh3r sage pls stay in school πŸ™πŸΎ but it means like people act like they're top shit and ego ppl bc of their rank @swsh3r yea that's how most of games have been going too πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ end of season demons coming out @mel_anji @aimlab SO TALENTEDthere are actual rank elitists and it's so cringe @swsh3r uh oh anti buff @altgirltiktoks @chloe_hime7 trueHow to fix Valorant's current dm problems - Create a new mode called "Warmup" - Warmup has infinite time, no stat…
Retweeted by tina (suki) 🀍 @altgirltiktoks @chloe_hime7 the one thing w disabling minimap is that new players might use DM to learn how to nav… @uwulittlebunni u play video games too much sometimes i get concerned. also stop focussing too much on your rank be… @sameerxashraf UR SOMETIMES ANNOYING AND LOUD BUT ILY and u make me die of laughter @hxrryval_ i honestly don't know much abt u but you stop by my streams sometimes and you're cool af so ty 😎 @LilJakie jackie i remember playing 10 mans with you and always laughing cause ur funny af. i have nothing bad to say abt u. @swsh3r YESSSIIR πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅ @CallMeZeus26 nah if ur half white your safe πŸ’― @zenverous i literally don't know who u are @ameliemartel_ TBHHH ur kinda chill hang soon 8.5/10 @Nexqal idk u that well but u either are always on twitter or have my notifs on but ur legit an enigma to me @skeeterrr1 buffest person i know @CallMeZeus26 HAHAHA @ShadyLamp2k 😭😭😭 @hxrryval_ LMAOOOnever trust a white manall WoW players are incels i stg @swsh3r all men are the same @swsh3r wow @Kidlander_ 😁😁my all time favourite woman moment in valorant is when i comm something and then like 2 seconds later a guy on my t… @sh0pguy yes @sashavalorant katarina perioddddd @swsh3r well .. it stuck w me :) HAHA @swsh3r u r very chill and i like playing w you but ik it's always a risk because sometimes u throw for content 😸 b… @tinurrrr BRUH
Retweeted by tina (suki) 🀍 @swsh3r STFUUUU LMFOAOFOEJSJ WHAT IS THIS @swsh3r ur copying me @swsh3r HAHA ur so cracked u shocked urself @swsh3r im sure if u won it it would've been clipped 🀣🀣🀣🀣 @swsh3r my thoughts exactly @sh0pguy 😐btw free discord nitro on epic games for all my epic gamers @swsh3r this is hawt @swsh3r sour patch kids but they are so stale i wish i never got them @annettaaval haiii how are uupdate: i biked to the convenience store and got some >:) really want candy rn @itscaseytwitch actually yes for once im 4-0 today
@itscaseytwitch poggers :Pog:wassup my bitches :sunglasses: @slaze444 @aheartout omg loooool glad u could upgrade tho @slaze444 @aheartout if your desk is big enough and u dont have a full sized keyboard theres no reason to play with it tilted @claudiavalorant i'm really sorry to hear this claudia :( im still supporting you if you ever decide to come back πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—hi guys no stream today :) i am tired af and im doing shit around the house. cya tmr!