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@DannylHarle I've seen huger
@fifthelementRSE @rhymesayers Wow, love y'all.
@critical_masses @tabsout incredible!
@BenTN Hi! Here's a (non-comprehensive) list you could follow:
@tabsout @thomyorke @kanyewest @Billy @MikeDirnt @BenWeasel @tabsout @thomyorke @kanyewest @Billy @MikeDirnt @FatMike_of_NOFX @tabsout @thomyorke @kanyewest @Billy @MikeDirnt @tabsout @thomyorke @kanyewest @tabsout @thomyorke @tabsout Happy Patch Cable Day :*(
Thanks for reading Tiny Mix Tapes. After nearly two decades of publishing, we have decided this is the ideal time t…
I think I’m about to post my first tweet of the new year
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2019 that is one idea, one loop, nothing changes the entire time: “acute mastery of stasis, achieving a hypnogogic…
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they made the right pick for #1
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapeseasily the best end of decade list ive read
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Did you know: I made a special ECCOJAM for @tinymixtapes
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@GeekMaggotBingo @4AD_Official @NyegeNyegeFest @SacredBones @subpop @WarpRecords @shelter_press @UpsetTheeRhythm David Riley, bassist for Big Black onto "When Christmas Comes"Now onto "For Cryin' Out Christmas"Now onto "Miss Xmas"Now onto "Everything But The Christmas Sink"
Now onto "Caroling with Caroline"Now onto "Christmas at Pemberley Manor"Now onto "Holiday Ham"Now onto "1, 2, 3 Times a Christmas"Now onto "A Christmas Prince"Now onto "Christmas On My Mind"'Tis the season for love! Starting this year with "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Christmas." wrote about Frank Ocean and Andy Stott for this excellent and very TMT list
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♥ FAVORITE 100 MUSIC RELEASES OF THE DECADE ♥ 'best of the decade'. I used to be one of those snobs who thought they don't make music now like they use…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesa really great list from @tinymixtapes. top selections, excellent words, fab intro. an honour and a pleasure to hav…
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“There’s evidence enough that we listen less than more (even while hearing more than ever before)”. Time to listen…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesthis isn’t just an end-of-decade compilation, it’s a creative and complete narrative of the last 10 years in music…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesRebecca Black invented PC Music. @tinymixtapes where’s the long read on that?
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @BluetoothSIG should sponsor @tinymixtapes' End-of-Decade celebration #alientech
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @DannylHarle Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it, lock it, lock it Unlock it Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it (Beautiful)
I want someone to love me as much as @tinymixtapes loves Dean Blunt.
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesEasily the greatest example of communal music criticism and list-making I've ever encountered on the internet.
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesscratched some words for @arca1000000 and D'Angelo and am full of bright feelings at them appearing in this great f…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesso honored and humbled to return to @tinymixtapes one last time and contribute a final blurbpoem on frank ocean's b…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesAlso I sincerely believe that this list (and the bulk of the site’s decade coverage) is an ESSENTIAL document of ar…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesHad the privilege of writing about the two loves of my life, Panda Bear (#73) and Drake (#55). I grew up with this…
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Retweeting to remind myself to give some serious time to read this list. The writing on this site is incredible and…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @Hyperdub Thank you for the music. <3Macintosh Plus announces new album, shares 12-minute preview called "Sick & Panic (First Mix)" (@vektroid)… @0PN Thank you for the gift of Eccojams. (And of course everything else!) <3 <3Overwhelming. It'll take a whole nother decade to reckon with this list. Catch me blabbing about @keithrankin0_0 &…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesthis is one of the only end of decade lists that even resembles what people i actually know were listening to over…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapeslove it. and sorry for that. <3 is definitely *the best list*. It contains all the ones u forgot and all the ones you’ll never forget. The int…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapeswow this is hands-down my favorite piece of music journalism of all time what a wild, incredible, perfect number…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesLists often come off pretty uneventful and as more of a popularity contest but @tinymixtapes absolutely came throug…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesLook no further, people of music, bathe your ears in the greatest of this darning decade, or reevaluate what you’ve…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesAmazing list with amazing music writing! Happy to have contributed two short blurbs of my own. Check out TMT's epi…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapeswow!!! Divine top ten from the best publication around. Super proud to have contributed a blurb on Yeezus, my perso…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @jandrews81 Unfortunately no. But maybe we'll tweet out some of our favorites just for fun. @motormouthmedia @SOPHIEMSMSMSM @0PN @JULIA_HOLTER @pcmus @DeerhunterMusic @andystottmlove @ctress_a You are truly… gave me my start writing in 2011. Honored to be asked to return & contribute to the best 2010s decad…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @18plus18plus Your music meant so much to us this decade. Thank you for all of it. <3wrote on @LaurelHalo ‘s Quarantine for the @tinymixtapes decade end list...check out full text of mine below and f…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesWrote about Farrah Abraham (46) & PC Music x DISown Radio (10) for TMT’s decade list. @tinymixtapes is my home, my…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesnow this shit is in touch
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @LILBTHEBASEDGOD is #1 infinity
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesthank you for recognizing farrah abraham's 2012 solo album which was way ahead of its time
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @hikikohoney @c_m0n5t3r <3 u!!wrote about black is beautiful 🤨
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesso much love & care went into this list, big shouts out to mr. P & everyone else at tmt; no place else like it for…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesreading @tinymixtapes 's best of the decade list is watching some of the internet's best writers showcase themselve…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesI am smitten with affection for TMT and its writers and most of all the "music" we so passionately "write" about, t…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesHonored to have written about @TitusAndronicus’ The Monitor and @DeerhunterMusic’s Halcyon Digest — #1 and #2 in m…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesif you like music writing at all you owe to yourself to read TMT's top 100, the blurbs are just unreal dude, my colleagues are incredible
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapestry some of this you babies
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesTried and miserably failed to describe the multilayered greatness of U.S. Girls' "Half Free" for this big, bold lis…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesI was very, very happy to contribute a blurb to this era-defining list: @tinymixtapes's Favorite 100 Music Releases…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesThere’s good music writing and then there’s GOOD MUSIC WRITING
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapeseasily the most interesting decade list and probably the only one i'll try to listen through and read along in total
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesBy far the best end of decade list published so far. Worth checking out in full
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @peggystanemily It was the result of the votes when all tallied up. @tinymixtapes @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapes @atomslibrary @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY @Lexiconic_Rigor @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY @unksense @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY @Hyperdub @unksense @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY @Hyperdub @peggystanemily @4AD_Official @MexicanSummer @youngthug @carlyraejepsen @krankyltd @arca1000000 @LIL_ICEBUNNY writeup for the number 1 pick is incredible. This is the only good music journalism ever
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesGuys, TMT’s album of the decade(!) was made (duped and packaged) in my apartment.
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesp much everything I put on my list is 100-50 on here. Also TMT is the only music site still worth reading in the 20…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesthis is the only one of these that’s good
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesWhat a good fucking list
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesThank you for the great music this decade!! list to end all lists
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesThis is the first decade end list I've seen that actually looks good. Some weird things in the early top 10, but mo…
Retweeted by Tiny Mix Tapesextremely same @ number 1 pick and piece on it
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesI wrote a bunch about @charli_xcx ’s Pop 2 for its #8 slot on @tinymixtapes ‘s best albums of the decade :)
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