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♫ [SHE IS]: @BlueberryRecord & UNSEELIE unravel the "Swirl" by @dasychira ft Malibu to issue new "Soft Bulletin" live album (@warnerrecords) announces 14 full-length album, shares new tracks last volunteer battles on (via Instagram) @cybersnowglobe @ThaiboyGoon @year0001online We didn't forget about you ༼♥ل͜♥༽
Thaiboy Digital's debut album #LEGENDARYMEMBER gets a #EUREKA review from Anatole Mamourian (@ThaiboyGoon… you have #Eccojams vol. 2? (via Instagram)’ singles to be reissued in massive vinyl box set celebrate 25 years, announce first ever vinyl reissues of their first three albums (@JoyfulNoiseRecs,… details new "Keep Dancing" EP, shares "Balls In Yo Mouf" (@TRAXMAN_TEKKDJZ, @Djdeeon, #TEKLIFE, @Moveltraxx!: Thaiboy Digital is an enigma for universal connectivity on debut album #LEGENDARYMEMBER (@ThaiboyGoon…
Steven Warwick (@SstevenwarwickK, @Heatsick) details new album MOI on @pan_hq, shares first track "Open Fire Hydran… announces "Poliformo," debut release from Mexican producer #ElIrrealVeintiuno Channel Tres talks music theory, taking walks, and drawing eyeballs (@channel_tres)…"I fear not the person who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the writer who can rate music on a scale of 0 to 5…
Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raastad's new album for #LauraLiesIn reviewed by @SMALLANDEFFETE (@K_Raasted)… highlight their latter albums with next phase of reissues (@MuteUK) announce 2020 headlining tour, share short documentary (@OSouleyman) returns with new album on @MadDecent, shares lead single "Layle"… retro-funk sextet Badge Époque Ensemble (@Badgeepoque) serves up new EP on @TeleExplosion, shares "Badge Th… Danish experimentalists Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raastad collaborate on new album "Onomatopoetico" (…
FCS North's new album "Vocabulary" reviewed by @boyhominid extends #Tomorrow'sModernBoxes tour into 2020 Sulli, former member of K-pop idol group f(x) Tapes From Africa (@awesometapes) to release Antoinette Konan's self-titled 1986 album… (@FaithColoccia) release video for "All That Is Beautiful," ahead of new album on @SigeRecords FCS North flex their sonic diction on "Vocabulary," expressing a vision of what jazz can be… I know I was just wondering if you were still interested in the position and would like to know if you have an…
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Emptyset's "Blossoms" reviewed by Willcoma (@emptyset_ / @thrilljockey) to reissue the final album by #Dome (members of #Wire)♫ [DESTINY ENBLOOM]: Elysia Crampton feels out the family in new "demo for my tio" announce new album "Sonic Fermentations" (#FreeJazz #MillionBrazilians)…► [HEALTH FACTS]: #azomali pits future food pyramid knowledge in video for "Tofu w Brown Rice"… Emptyset use machine-learning software on "Blossoms" to offer their listeners a detour (@emptyset_ /…
"GRAND THEFT AUTO/ GRAND THEFT AUTO/ WE IN A GAME/ WE IN A GAME"♫ [SLEIGH RIDE]: @DoomTripRecords dabs on "Lion Cuts" by CDX (@retreats) announces OST release of her score from Cannes Grand Prix-winner #Atlantics (@MilanRecLabel)…► Charli XCX share video for new single "White Mercedes" (@charli_xcx)► [SONIC FLOURISHING]: Rima Kato (@r_m_k_t) shares new video for "Love Me, I Love You" (@flaurecords)… to release career-spanning compilation for #RecordStoreDayBlackFriday (@dfnbrown1) announces debut solo album on @Planetmurecords
.@Symrun's "Care Work" mixtape reviewed by Kashif (@TT_label) Japanese score to #SonicCD sprints onto limited edition 3xLP set from @datadiscs (@sonic_hedgehog)… returns with new album on @localactionrec, new track "Fall Control"♫ [TO HELL]: I'd follow Michael Green & his magic wherever it goes, including "New Mexico 360°" (with a OST, #wtf)… announces sophomore album "FIBS," absolutely shares news tracks (srsly) (@moshimoshimusic)… Bear shares video for one-off single “playing the long game” (@pandabear / @Dominorecordco)… @Symrun's "Care Work" mixtape is where SoundClound rap meets East Asian pop in the form of moody, saturated… @Symrun’s “Care Work” mixtape is where SoundClound rap meets East Asian pop in the form of moody, saturated…`•.,¸¸,.•´¯ 🎀 𝒬𝟥 𝐹𝒜𝒱🌞𝑅𝐼𝒯𝐸𝒮 🎀 ¯´•.,¸¸,.•` @last_chants @c_m0n5t3r Whichever one you want.
The Nativist's new album for @rhythmlanguage reviewed by @c_m0n5t3r release first new song in five years♫ PREMIERE: Matana Roberts shares a gorgeous medley from upcoming album "Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis" (… & @ryuichisakamoto sync up on live album "TWO" The Nativist braids another untold narrative of unpredictable horror on "e​-​Motion Picture I" (…♥ Third Quarter Favorites ♥ with me!! (via Instagram)
ODAE's "Ataraxic" gets a #EUREKA review from B. Levinson (@veryjazzed /@ODAEmusic) announce 2020 tour with the Subways and share new video (@ilovealcopop, @TheTonySlattery)… @TMTCerberus: Rachel LeBlanc chants haunting hymnals as Blessed Blood!: ODAE's "Ataraxic" posits that the future could be lived sweetly, no matter its aggressions and tensions (…♥ Third Quarter Favorites ♥
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everybody loves raymond, according to jim
Retweeted by Tiny Mix TapesAngel Olsen's "All Mirrors" reviewed by Willcoma (@Jagjaguwar / @AngelOlsen) loves raymond, according to jim♫ Tongue Depressor's "Fiddle Music [vol.5]" was born a snake handler, will die a snake handler…♫ [HANG TITE]: @MooneRecs & @GilgongoRecords takes dual parts in releasing the "Midden" of Tashi Dorji and John Die…▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ ~~~ 3RD QTR FAVORITES ~~~~ ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ Check out 28 of our favorites from the last three month… 2019: Third Quarter Favorites announces fourth studio album "Amnioverse," shares single "Earth" (@BRAINFEEDER)'s "Lasakaneku" and "Tomo" EPs arrive on vinyl for the first time Angel Olsen's "All Mirrors" is a riveting, wrenching, and absurdly rewarding experience (@Jagjaguwar /…
Charli XCX's new album gets a #EUREKA review from @FRXXK (@charli_xcx / @AtlanticRecords / @AsylumRecords)…♫ [CAVE ART]: @MoonGlyph brings the perfect Sundae in the park w/ Crystal Myslajek's "Cove" Rap Mixtapes of September 2019: From trap gospel to poet-gang mode to an industrial collision of farty bas… flip the script with a surprise album, track, and tour (@timkasher) #DanielSchmidt and #SeanMcCann albums coming in November on @RecitalProgram is once again selling "that perfume that you wore" O'Rourke (@steamroomlive), Thurston Moore (@nowjazznow), @MatanaRoberts, and more to perform in honor of electr…!: Charli XCX turns ecstasy and unity and community and party music into a personal breakthrough on "Charli"… Tape: Songs for the Second Date (Requested by ONE_N_JEN · Compiled by I HOPE THE DATE WENT WELL OR ELSE THIS IS… have no memory. Every day is new because I don’t remember the day before. (via Instagram)
The Nolo Contendere Boys' "Surplus" for #NeoNoiseCollective reviewed by @boyhominid @DAVID_LYNCH @mfrost11 garde harpist #SarahPagé announces "Dose Curves" LP, shares "Lithium Taper" (@backwardmusic)… Lustwerk (@lustwerkmusic) announces "Information" on @Ghostly, shares "Cig Angel"! @Chromatics have a new album, and it's out NOW (@IDIB) The Nolo Contendere Boys' "Surplus" is an analog daydream lit by a constellation of blips and clipped digre… wants that honey? (via Instagram) Iver's "i,i" reviewed by Jazz Scott (@boniver / @jagjaguwar) #betterlatethanever
BoxTar's new album "AGGRESSOR" reviewed by @boyhominid♫ [ACID FLASHBACK]: Beat Detectives got stuck "In a Bog" & got Goaty Tapes to reel them out♫ PREMIERE: @astspiritsrec takes listeners to the "North Branch" of KVL's mind & matterélicia Atkinson (@atkinsonfelicia) releases new book "A Forest Petrifies: Diamond Feedback" via @shelter_press Bon Iver's "i,i" is a new songbook stripped of the arrogance of capitalist evangelism AND a "fucking banger… BoxTar alternates jarringly between dissonant chamber-folk and a noisy brand of experimental electronicism…
Pharmakon's new album for @SacredBones reviewed by David Farrow