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I'm trying to make social media better: Back on Twitter for research work. Former Mozilla Fellow. #WHNBM he/him

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@craigperko I just discovered this and am very happy out you can even put whatever you like under "USER_NAME", when zoom launches it'll use whatever your default display name is @xcoatl oh you are right!Solution found!! wrote a visual article about how Flash games shaped the video game industry, with contributions from the creator…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @unormal and then they do and everything is fine @sillygwailo Problem here is I need oauth which presumably means zoom needs to know my account was specifically inv… @GameGhost Yeah, I was hoping they might have an API endpoint I could hit with the plaintext password and meeting I… @krenshar_posts It's always the same, and that is a very good suggestion, thank you. (I am actually making these sh… @morphogencc @David11313186 This doesn't work -- it probably also includes like, the meeting ID itself in the hash.I could ask the person who sent it for the join url that was generated for them when they set up the meeting, but..… use case: I often deal with people who send Meeting ID and password for recurring meetings. I want to create a d… @David11313186 lol no I'm looking for a general solution to the problem, not a phishing schemeHow can I construct a Zoom shortcut url if I know both the room ID and password for a meeting I'm invited to? I'm n…
@lovgov (btw I follow you because I graduated tj ~20 years ago and am just generally curious about what goes on there today) @tinysubversions clicking that link felt like leaving a busy street and entering a hidden garden
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @lovgov Honestly I was thinking of all the high school government teachers tonightgreat night to try this ✨
Retweeted by Darius KazemiI was just thinking "wow my Twitter timeline is doing a great job of avoiding hatewatching tonight's exasperating p…
@anildash So I've had to explain transclusion multiple times in the last week to defensive fans of the open source tools, lol @anildash @Twitter I just googled ""quote tweet" transclusion" and this came up at the top! I use Roam as a tool to… @bocoup @loriemerson Thank you for the postscript that I always want to add @ag_dubs I'm also a LOT more confident about effectiveness of masks so I'm basically a lot less nervous when I am o… @ag_dubs I am with the exception that it is pretty clear surface transmission is not really a concern anymore. So I… @ratdaughtr This is a surprising revelation to me too. I guess Mercer always seemed to me like a kid attending art… friend makes cool one-of-a-kind amulets that would be great gifts for your nerdier-than-average loved ones keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is online! I talk about decentralized social media and ways to expand ou…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @samuelbars That's cool! I'm a Roam user myself, nice to know that my tool works well with it.Hey #roamcult I finally found the right tool to quickly get threads in Roam. I tried, but…
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Do you know of matching-based causal studies about online behavior with open data that could benefit from re-analys…
Retweeted by Darius KazemiRemember: Cambridge Analytica is not a "scandal" or a 'breach." It's Facebook's data harvesting and mass manipulati…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @evanpro that slide!!!!! You know the one @rynbtmn @mrgan @biorhythmist More specifically, the talks from #apconf2020 (and also 2019) are available here: keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is online! I talk about decentralized social media and ways to expand ou… am thrilled to announce a new initiative by the Electronic Literature Organization (@eliterature) to help its com…
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@zaranosaur This seems like a nice utilitybot! I'm unaware of one like this already existing.
@nicolehe I mean.... that could have gone ten other kinds of worse so I guess congrats @ExplainJojo I was so excited I linked the episode twiceIt's here... our new season of JoJo's Bizarre Explainer on this auspicious day, the 130th anniversary of start of t…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemiso far I have received 74 of these emails!!! Part 1 in my controversial series overviews the concept of #redbrown and introduces how sometimes the far right…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @jamesjbrownjr Not sure and I never use this in my writing but I think of it as frictive @logoninternet CongratulationsJust got the first 12 of these and am expecting to receive about 50 more today no conflict of interest
Retweeted by Darius KazemiNot only does Portland have more assaults of press (generally by police) than any other U.S. city, we have about as…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @eripsa @botALLY Whoa, I think I missed this paper! Queued it up to read. @josephholsten @kejadlen it is (I believe) the exact same concept, I just explained one thing about it (its bidirec…
So I translated the Declaration of Independence into plain English. Ironically, Most people don't recognize it. Bu…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @felix_cohen I read in a book written in 1992 that this strategy has always worked in US politics @kejadlen bidirectional block links specifically. Here's a short video explaining one of the main uses, where you c… @virginia @RoamResearch I'll probably write it up at some point! @bokista Not if you want full block-level transclusion. video describing what I mean if you don't know:… @constantlydumb 404, maybe it's a private repo? @axfelix I have, yeah. I feel like a flat-file md based solution is going to make doing true block level transclusi… to @RoamResearch for being significantly better (for my brain) than every alternative I have evaluatedI've tire-kicked a bunch of solutions in the last 2 days. Sadly, nothing does block-level transclusion except in VE… @SwartzCr niceStreaming the upper right corner of my monitor again
Retweeted by Darius KazemiA former tech employee in a documentary about why social media is bad (social media is bad)
Retweeted by Darius KazemiI made this Postal codes in Canada bracket. argue away.
Retweeted by Darius KazemiOne thing I've learned from memes this month is that it's absolutely critical that we collectively refrain from downloading new pictures. @nadavspi So far it's not looking too good. There are things like Obsidian that don't currently have block-level tr… @raihan_ wow okay I am convinced this is a psy op to convince Thom Yorke to renounce everything he has ever done @raihan_ literally am watching and listening @raihan_ also what the FUCK is with that chorus @raihan_ noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @virginia I love it enough that if I can't find any alternatives with block-level transclusion that works in the sa… @virginia I love it, it is basically perfect for me, I am just of a certain age now where I have been burned enough… nice thing about a desktop app (or an offline web app you can download, same deal) is that even if the project… main issue with Roam is in Dec/Jan I ran into major perf issues with it and I had to abandon. Might be fixed now… this with a much more technical question: are there any Roam alternatives that offer block level transclu…
@calebmisclevitz There is tiddlyroam, I might give it a shot @axfelix You did, I will give it a closer look! I see that it's commercial but it's not software-as-a-service so I'm ok with thatSeeking suggestions for noncommerical alternatives to Roam Research. Specifically I want something Roam/zettelkaste…’s great how this starts w/ “Hey Kids!” because that’s exactly who syndication was for. I’ve met so many folks wh…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @BigMeanInternet I know one who is a professional essayist but I think she is (rightfully) afraid of harassment for… @atornes @IgorBrigadir @botvolution It's now fixed, by the way! Feel free to pass on my thanks to the team.
Damn, I'm white? This is a rude awakening. 😞
Retweeted by Darius KazemiIt's doomscrolling until you go to sleep or logging off now, make the healthy choice.
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@ptychomancer @ScholarsPlay Oh my god this is one of my all time favorite games that nobody talks about. Will I be… @Brock_toon I did this and then uninstalled"proposals to “end endless wars” won’t lose their appeal anytime soon, and Democratic leaders should look to outfla…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @bokista at least once a week I want to shake someone in frustration and say "have you ever SPOKEN to a 17 year old??" @oldschoolflyers this is the flyer that looks most like a wedding invitation @CartaMonir thought of you instantly @spavis @noahfeehan I'll take some discount floor meatIf you've heard that @wordnik was the birthplace of the @OpenApiSpec (the spec fka Swagger) but didn't know the det…
Retweeted by Darius Kazemi @dddddddddddani_ @Wolven We actually know that he ignored it. This happened in 2018 and you can look at the rest of… @mmthorn @jomc I mean, you still kill the monster even if you're sure it will come back eventually right? @tonitonirocca You know I've given this some thought and I think just a plain old brown bear @tonitonirocca I'm glad the sun bear is being honoredFacebook cannot be reformed. There is no good work it can do or has ever done. Dismantling it is the only acceptable course of action.
Retweeted by Darius KazemiThere isn't much in here that's new, but seeing it all condensed is jaw-dropping. I hope good folks still at FB ar…
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@rejectionking In American newspapers? Yes @dizzyjosh Wow