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@hoyalight A SNITCH BUT GOOD BOYSCREAMS EVERYONE IS A SOAPIE @hobicfs OHGFOSNES OGGOS @hobicfs OFMMD @hobicfs OHMY GODIM OK YEAH YEAH @69sope LIKE I SAID EVERYONE IS A SOAPIE. @doeseokie PRETTIEST BOY @hoyalight HE IS STUNNING SALLY @HOYASMlLE IM GOING TO COMBUST....IM NOT SUPRISED BUTam i suprised ? no am i crying? yes @itboyhobi ANYTHING FOR U @hobicfs HOLD YUP WHERW IS THUS @hobicfs you are so valid !! @ReilLorenzo i was in the verge of tears while watching ;; didn't even focus on online class since hello yoongi guitar live @jungsopeseokie yes miserable soapies all together now @ReilLorenzo oh no reil :((HELP... @inchjin lol stop lying to urself /jhi im married to 7 men @monipersona ''its a tweet?'' @jhopeternal yes be scared or he :( @mimiifawn @sopeboyfies 😑😑 @hobikkul brogonna eat dinner WITH my husbands bye ^^ look at my mans @sopeboyfies the truth hurts @hobahub 😁 @hobahub 😪 @jhopeternal i will @nightrys r u talking to a mirroroomfs block and report /j @hobahub fake @hobahub 😪 what r u talking about @jhopeternal gonna kith him @hobahub They even sent me this see look at my husbands @drinkitdionysus 😑@ all my oomfs Stop lying to urself please 😪 @sopeboyfies @hobahub 😪 stop lying to yourself @hobahub Rolls eyes ANYWAY @kookooswifeu HAHDHS @drinkitdionysus please leave me and my husbands alone 😁 @hobahub 😬 keep dreaming @kookooswifeu ugh kairita 🙄Can someone tell @hobahub that me,hoseok and yoongi are in a polyandrous relationship, and he should stop lying to himself ^^ @hobahub AND WHAT ABOUT IT @hobahub GET OUT @hobahub I DO NOT SHARE @hobahub PARK ITS THE TRUTH @mimiifawn @drinkitdionysus EXCUSE ME @hobahub WELL HE IS MY HUSBAND @hobahub ITS THE TRUTH?? HE IS MY HUSBANDTwt ruined it @hobahub he proposed to me park,me and hoseok r married now @hobahub we r marriedi hate her /j There r 2 circles floating on my screen nd what about it @sopeboyfies KATE TALENTED ;; @sopeboyfies AMAZING @drinkitdionysus SO SELFISH 🙄 /j @jhobibun 😬 @kookooswifeu Papasok ba si maam? May pe ba ngayon? zumba nanaman @hobichuus Good,,and besides that calling hoseokthe mother? @jhobibun 😑 ur dn is a big lie @2118x_ UI U ARE SO PRETTY AND CUTE AND AMAZING AND HOW R U REAL HOLY FICBCBBCN @kookooswifeu luh asa ka hah @drinkitdionysus POLY RELATIONSHIP @hopewIove ALRIGHT. @jhobibun NO ME @kookooswifeu tingintingin mo jan 🙄 @AiSeeHope ASHHIE HE PROPOSED TO ME I SAID YES @jhobibun ALL HOBILUVRS R MARRIED TO HIM @icedhoseok we r married now tho 😬 @hopewIove Sorry to break it to u but he proposed to me and we r married now @jhobibun U MEAN MY HUSBAND HE PROPOSED TO MEYes hoseok i do @jhopeternal he proposed to me 😑 /j @icedhoseok he proposed to me @sugaghoe AKIN KA LANG @sugaghoe OY BABYE KOYES HOSEOK YES I DO I DO AT HIM @drinkitdionysus yes it is 😒 (its half joking)LOOK AT MY HUSBAND LOOK AT MY HUSBAND IT UP EVERYONE WE R MARRIED NOW WE R MARRIED NOW GOD HE PROPOSED TO ME @icedhoseok What was the reason.. @icedhoseok god😑 @drinkitdionysus THATS EDITED 😒 /hj @sopesdior It bothers me @hobicfs same @drinkitdionysus HE PROPOSED TO ME @Kooklicious_ eeeeso it was mari but she isnt on private... Sofnjwbd @hobikisser he better coomented on private ohgod @hobikisser God i almost fell for it u