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YA author of PRIDE & PREMEDITATION, coming from @HarperTeen March 9, 2021! Short story in RURAL VOICES, out now! @BookRiot contributing editor! 🏳️‍🌈 she/her

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@jf_smit I live in a very rural and traditionally red state and even I walked out of my polling place grinning beca… you pre-ordered ALONE on Amazon and got an email saying your order has been canceled, PLEASE consider re-orderin…
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@LauraRueckert I use Goodreads for work and it is super glitchy today because of all the extra traffic. Maybe give it a few hours. @Carina_5 They made some tweaks, especially at the end. But nothing major. It follows the book pretty well actually. @CloudbusterRob Me too! It’s been a couple of years since I read the book and I read more agency in the protagonist… @CloudbusterRob Yes! And I was so into it. @bensonka @fatgirlinohio That is fair, I would have loved it for the costumes and the sets alone!Doing #NaNoWriMo2020? Every day in November at noon eastern (mostly) I’ll chat with a writer for 15 minutes all abo…
Retweeted by Tirzah Price @gilbertford Yay me too! @CloudbusterRob Exactly. And I admittedly don’t love the Hitchcock version because I think he doesn’t really give t… @bensonka YESSS. I have no previous feelings about the Hitchcock version because I think he makes the protagonist t… someone who really loved the new REBECCA, I am baffled by the number of friends who say they aren’t watching bec… @miciahbay It’s not bad!!! I don’t know why people keep saying that! I loved it. They tweaked some things at the en…
@Oh_Dinky Thank you! Fingers crossed! @fatgirlinohio Thanks, friend. The library! The LIBRARY! @theericageorge Thanks! Fingers crossed.(FWIW, I went to the library to pay off a fine, something I could only do in person, so I could access Libby again… @Zenman007 Thanks! No symptoms but I figure it’s better to be safe!Scheduling a COVID test because I might have been exposed a week ago was not on today’s to-do list and yet here we are. Thanks, 2020.
@miciahbay It definitely does. @Oh_Dinky You might have to put up with nibbled on notes....Tab and I will be talking about this book on stream in about fifteen minutes! (Time changes because a realtor wants… has a dissertation writing assistant.
@jf_smit THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS by Micaiah Johnson! It’s an adult sci-fi but I think it has tons of crossover app… bought new glasses online and they’re definitely too small for my face but man I’m in love with my new prescription. @larissatheule Yay you’re welcome! I’ll be curious to know what you think! @larissatheule What! Who wouldn’t like it?! It does get a bit artsy at times and they do change a couple things at… @jessicaesquire Yeah I pissed off someone this morning on FB with my take but while I feel for the employees, I’m a… ready to livestream and talk about some creepy and seasonal reads! Check us out @TabandTirz at 10 AM EST! @JenniferWolfKam I am no huge fan of the Hitchcock version and I thought this was leaps and bounds better just beca… thought the new REBECCA movie was most excellent! Casting, cinematography, music all were fantastic.
@fatgirlinohio 👀👀👀I’ve got a few more fall and Halloween masks left in the shop! Making way for another season... 🎄❄️… I was a kid one of my mom’s friends gave me a CD of a Christian singing group’s Christmas album and now it is…
@dpeterfreund Oh my gosh I’m so glad you did that because people behind desks who give out wrong information are so harmful!
@mbrockenbrough @alissagrosso 😂🤢 @MissSusie66 MmmHMMM...A moment of silence please, for my lost RBDigital TBR list. All the lovely audiobooks I was going to listen to, cru… @alissagrosso I weeded all the disgusting old copies of Hardy Boys back when I was in libraries. We did not have Trixie Belden! @EH_Kern Yes, because even if you do get the flu (which is possible, the vaccination is imperfect), having the vacc… totally just remembered that today is REBECCA day and now this workday seriously can’t be over fast enough. @allisonkpittman A hero for our times @buffalojenn Yes 😭😭😭 @aprilhenrybooks I truly think some librarians forget that children’s publishing continues to move forward even after they stop being kids. @editoremilye Oh I bet! And that’s a book that I think stands up relatively well considering! @editoremilye My partner is in academia and whenever their colleagues start talking about kidlit I was to be like,… @anniecardi At that point I think you’re willfully ignorant and you’re failing in your calling as a librarian. But… @editoremilye Imagine! Working in a library! In the year of our Lord 2020! And TB and HB being your recommendations… @CasieBazay It’s a passion I’ve treated very seriously for going on eight years, but increasingly I’ve treated it m… three days ago I saw a librarian on FB asking for help recommending books to an 11-year-old girl because her r… @Oh_Dinky @jessicaesquire 😂😂😂😂 @jessicaesquire Understandable! And that’s still pretty little so it’s not as weird! I was thinking older, in which case...yikes. @jessicaesquire Um. How old is this kid? Because no. I feel like a polite but firm explanation of why that’s not ok… and I took a break to watch the music video of I Would Do Anything For Love...and what the heck did we just watch?Congrats, Cyn!!! partner the academic: *tells me about all the cool codes and scripts their colleagues’ tech savvy husbands write… @veronikellymars Yeah. I hear you. We see like three people and I know those people are careful but they’re not ent… @veronikellymars It’s also so hard to judge because people aren’t being smart. A kid in a local school got COVID an… @veronikellymars My thought on this is that no matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance of exposure. Ver…
@HeyJasonJune YAY! It’s such a great idea!! I’m excited for you! @HeyJasonJune GAYBUTANTE! Where do I sign up!?!? @NicLesperance I know a ton of people drawn to horror and the like right now! @dpeterfreund I think so? It feels awkward. My agent didn’t even ask who else was reading the full until after I si… @MarissaGraff Dogs are so much fun too!!!! I love them all. @MarissaGraff They are so cute!! I want to smoosh their faces. Here are the kitties! @MarissaGraff Ugh!! I’ve actually been staying during showings because it turns out some people can’t be trusted to… the only perk to this is now I have time to make coffee and clean up after making it.My partner works in the mornings so I got up, showered and dressed, did all morning chores and cleaned, took the do… @jessicaesquire @redbudwriting SMALL SPACES undid me. @msdanastaves LOVE that onesie! @jessicaesquire @redbudwriting Exactly. It really helped for me to look at what kinds of horror I liked and then re… @jessicaesquire I’ve really leaned into horror this year and I think I’ve found my niche! It took a lot of explorin…
@marikesselring Missed the phone call from my agent while I was at work. Half the building had just lost power but… @truerwordspod @panerabread I MISS YOU SO MUCH @panerabreadI loved being invited to this podcast—thank you for all the fun book talk and quarantine writing strategies! the AM crowd: we have a new episode with @TirzahPrice!!! cc @VCFAWCYA
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Retweeted by Tirzah PriceThis was such a fun podcast to record—thank you, Melissa and Kathryn!
@lisajennbigelow Yeahhhhh. I don’t know. Maybe other people will have patience for it?
@bankstirregular My partner and I both really pushed through but...sigh. It had a strong start but... blah.Just finished BLY MANOR and while the ending made me cry and I appreciated a queer protagonist, it was....really boring? @whitneymae Oh my god Pumpkin Spice! I love her as well but two cats is plenty for us. @KMLwrites Oh yes!Jin’s new favorite perch is on my Kristin Cashore and @KMLwrites books apparently! @monica_roe Good!! Glad he’s okay!! But that’s a great photo! @monica_roe Oh my gosh! Yes except that one is MUCH bigger than the one we ran into I’m sure! @SuClift Yes! I do!
@tzippymfa @monica_roe @PublishersWkly @veedabybee @DavidOBowles @norawritesbooks @RavenLiterary @Candlewick Our an… @CasieBazay Very very likely!!! 😬😬😬 @fatgirlinohio @truerwordspod There are no good covers of Mansfield Park and I just want a really gorgeous paperbac… @fatgirlinohio @truerwordspod I WANT THEM ALL @CasieBazay Thank you, Casie!Thank you to @PublishersWkly for an incredible review of RURAL VOICES! 💛💛💛 @noirbettie I FEEL THIS. It’s delicate. And I’m trying to acknowledge that because you can be honest and can cause… @noirbettie I think safety is definitely a consideration but there are also ways to go about calling out homophobia… @annawritedraw I agree. Both instances involved independent people (a contractor and a realtor whose shitty behavio… I’ve just finally gotten angry enough, but I truly do not care about being “nice” anymore. And if we aren’t p… has happened a couple of times in my community (not to me directly) and each time the queer person is willing… to clarify I am FINE, but I am angry. I personally feel like there is a difference between “attacking” someone…