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LAN TODAY @Artific94783510 can u read @JoeyRage_ @196Sebastian it’s actually so much fun with 3-4 people bro one of the few games I’ve actually had fun playing recently @JoeyRage_ @196Sebastian IS SOT SEA OF THIEVES IF SO COUNT ME IN!!!! @GODRX happy birthday beast 🐐 @CharleZeus_ @joshvinci_ played 2 games and got offreally can’t believe how shit Ben Simmons is he really is an Australian Elfrid Payton @joshvinci_ games shitwhy do I get packet loss every 30 seconds in verdansk but not in anything else???series is over give atl the win I’m giving up on life gnabsolute frauds just forfeit the next game @sixers @AaronSupreme this is a fucking breakdown omg I’m boutta lose my fucking mindget Ben Simmons off the court I’m gonna be fucking sickWHERE WAS ROBBIE MAN!?!?!?!?!
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Rebirth w/ @Lodigidy and @tisch47
Retweeted by paul @JayThyHimself jay they said that’s why I’m on the bench and yelled at meif I just played u in a pub and u were using lmgs and smokes, ur absolute shit @SamWellyy @8Whiz no waybruh kd is a glitchthis is the only shit I got to promote on this lmfao go crazy @_The_Booty_Man_ @Jeeiro straight off ratatouille @derrickorDz @ChillHawkJameZz yep ours is warzone and somehow there’s no anti cheat after a year of cheaters and people abuse vpn lobbies 👍 @AaronSupreme I’ll see you there 🤝 @AaronSupreme swear if I had dumb money I’d help all my bro’s out @Maux @ChillHawkJameZz BY FAR, I really don’t get how hard it is to have a mmr system in the game. Every other espo… and Cold War ranked play are 2 of the worst ranked systems of all time, nobody gives a fk about a gem @RoninJZC immaculate vibes#NewProfilePic back on my bs @Tr9Ma probably takes 2 minutes max
rebirth gameplay i have the suds rn 150/200 sub goal! @AbasTBE some love #tiktok @Equuip @TeddyRecKs unless ur stevewilldoittorn ligament and still averaging 30 HaHa @Jeeiro before I had this gpu I had a ryzen 7 5800x and 2070 super, not sure what game ur talking about for frames… @wraiIs LMAO bumpah is angry 24/7 his streams are comedy @ReformSV wanna go to this lmk ‼️ I’m going to be doing a 24 Hour Charity Stream July 3rd ! Will be playing Several Games and will ha…
Retweeted by paulgot my twitch payment @hoIytoIedo happy birthday 🐐 @Volants crim Joel embiid same shitjust watched my goat get broken down gn @BeastIyy @SweatNP_ Standard curve legacy assist @JakeGriMRice W
@GstaAsim always bounce back, head up 🐐❤️ @Volants @AustinNalluh np I’m one of the best @AustinNalluh chocolate definitely overrated, u deserve jail time for the steak one tho @Hunt4K @MakiTPC caught this one live in 4K
SPECTATING VALORANT 10s #1 spectator NA With Gang @tisch47 @joshvinci_
Retweeted by paul @ShDw47 I wish I was having fun I played 2 pubs and gave up because I can’t sprint @Avaxed yep my sprint is busted and my stick drift is absurdanother day of using a broken ass controller yes baby!! @LvLDaniel @notkatze @berz7K I scrimmed 2 maps 🤓 @CrazieViews 🐐OH MY GOD I JUST WITNESSED A COLOSSAL BREAKDOWN MAYBE THE BIGGEST BREAKDOWN OF ALL TIME @Mochila 😦😦omg just got 10 gifted 149/150 goal!! pro bald benchwarmer takes on rebirth janitors w/ @joshvinci_ @allysav
@Volants @CruzeeyCOD LMAO @Volants nice bowlants!new graphics card go brr @Solar194 @VitalNinja_ my bad I’ll know it all next time that’s on me!! @SuperTB6 respect @SuperTB6 get volantSany1 need 1 for the cup lmkHELLO YES REBIRTH 139/150 SUB GOAL I retired wearing moccasins at home and placed t32 all year, I sabotaged myself @AaronSupreme depends on the definition of good @VitalNinja_ head up brotha if u ever need something lmk
controllers sprint officially died today rip @Flxnked jesusMack is McPiecing @NjghtLjght yep unlucky LMAO @NjghtLjght yea I just had to pay $950 for a $480 card but at least it isn’t $1200 @NjghtLjght my microcenter had 3070tis and a bunch of 6700xt and 6800xt in stock today, by the time I got there it… @allysav wrong @ProMR6 6700xtfinally got a new graphics card @WlCKiD @JHaZe Stream grind takes time brotha
@Groovy70 might b on to somethingomg seattle!!! !!the Seattle throw is in @SxgeSquirts unlucky tbhgamble all my cs skins right nowstream @ambeezle_ actually lost full today when I saw that @joshvinci_ @InfamousKev_ ill be on same time tomorrow to carry u @TazTLR @Morty_CB @KingGudnite @Kyuhmm WHAT DO U MEAN IM STUCK WITH ATOM !!! @JHaZe of course @JHaZe 👀
@MambaBighead id love to play with another paul @Clayster gotta tip itsome1 pick me up for warzone tournaments I am a champion. Might’ve had 0 kills but a dub is a dub’t believe I got hacked on in creddy 8s yesterday @JHaZe ive had this on repeat