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We hope your Valentine's Day is full of long lasting love and SMITE 💖
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @Aisorozu @7tanics @SMITEGame @SmitePro When you get back after heading out and start watching SCC qualifiers on… Valentine's Day!! 💘 Still looking for a Valentine? 💔 No worries! Take our Valentine's Day quiz to see which G…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Your SMITE Valentine is: Persephone pumped for @SmitePro esports today. Tune in at 1pm ET! See you there!
@KevinBenitez111 your Smite skin ideas. Go.
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@Chef_Lu_Bu @Wraithyn1 @LogitechG I can't tonight, but I'm trying to get the crew back out again. I heard the last… @Wraithyn1 @LogitechG what if it was 2" bigger on one side?🔴 LIVE NOW: Road to Ranked Esports CM @auverin wants to get into ranked. Veteran commentator @Hinduman_ has to ge…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!We have tons of shows happening throughout the day! Make sure to tune in to some of your favorites, and let us know…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @steinekin 👀👀👀
Say hello to your Season 7 commentary team for the SMITE Pro League: 🎙️ @Finchcaster 🎙️ @DolsonLive 🎙️ @Aggro 🎙️…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @nouamma nope! your points will be converted to the new currency and will be available to use in the new system.
Gods & Goddesses! Servers will be coming down for a short maintenance tomorrow at 7am ET for a mid-patch update!…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Don't have a date for Valentine's Day? That's okay. Now you can fall in love with SMITE esports all over again. 😍…
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PTS should be back up and running! Let me know if you’re still having issues!Team is waiting on some internal logs so we can nail down the root cause of the issue. Will update as soon as I know more.Smite folks: we're looking into why queues stopped working in PTS. Will keep ya'll updated.
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!We’re back up but looks like the issue is still persisting. We’ve got the team looking into it and I’ll update as soon as I have more info.We’re bouncing PTS servers. Should be back up in a few minutes. Thanks for hanging in there while we get this sorte… @iMadaraiMukuro Correct. If it hasn’t been revealed it won’t be available on PTS.Hey guys! We’re looking into the queue/custom game issues on PTS right now. Thanks for all the reports.Mulan is playable rn in PTS! Try her out and let me know how you feel :D
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After 4 years, the SMITE Showcase is BACK! Join the Titan Forge crew as they check out an unseen SMITE TV show pil…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Our new retrospective show 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! SMITE! is now live on YouTube! Watch it here: E…
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Developer Update: Mulan ⚡ Pack is in the big patch on the 25th! Also this is what I look like in the Smite game…
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@So_sahara Something we just started doing this season. All of them up until Season 7 have been live. @spark3y_ @JadeRapbit @SMITEGame Ran into some issues that prevented us from showing this skin. It will be in PTS o… @Purehawk10 @JadeRapbit @SMITEGame Unfortunately some issues prevented us from showing this one off. It will be ava… @Aggro @TitanCupcake_ thanks bro! @Hastur667 Something we started doing with the Season 7 Update Show. All the shows last year were live.We hear your feedback and we'll have an update from our design and art teams to provide more context for you in the… guys! Just wanted to bump this in case anyone missed this info regarding Mulan's visuals. Today's Update Show… @VerailieBoo @ronobotik @SMITEGame The previous image used in PTS and on social media was a teaser image that's sol… @VerailieBoo @ronobotik @SMITEGame 100% false Mulan's design was never "changed." From the very early stages of de…
@Wraithyn1 @TitanCupcake_ @TitanPonPon @Finchcaster @DolsonLive Rotating guests! Depends on if Cupcake thinks she… war is over and @SPJithins proved to be the most formidable on the Battleground! Now that the fight has ended…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @IzanamiGG @TitanForgeTina @HiRezAndy Excited for 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! SMITE!, our new series where we take a look back at SMITE's past! Join me… Twitch channel is about pop off. ⚡ Be sure to tune in to our upcoming studio shows, starting on Wednesday at 1…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!SMITE Showcase is back baby! @maenos Congrats man! Well deserved <3In many stories it is the Gods that create humans, but in others, it is the humans who create Gods. Take a closer…
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@SPJithins @FreyaSmite_ @PaulFromPC @TitanCupcake_ @Todesberg @Todesberg did all the hard work!
Ranked Queues— would you like to see crossplay? Why or Why Not in Comments!
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @RKRigney @RiotBrightmoon @scienceshitpost @HiRezStudios Yoooo! Thanks for the shout out Ryan. Glad you like the tunes! 😎One month down!
HUGE welcome to the 2020 Olympians Council! Super excited to work with this group this season.
@vulpix78 @auverin Yep! You can find them in the SMITE community resource bank! trying to adapt your SMITE strategy to those Season 7 changes? Here are some pro tips from #SPL veterans…
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PC client released for reconnect issues in Conquest along with other misc crash fixes. Xbox and PS4 likely tomorrow.
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Bringing us back to RPGs of old. Get the Season 7 Battle Pass today:
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @Avialence Yes, @HiRezMoose is the absolute best.Next week, #TheAscendantWarrior Update Show is happening! Mark your calendars for 3pm ET on February 5th, and make…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!MOAR GIFS. This time @TechBromancer took the work I did on the BP video and animated a nice GIF cycle. Pixel art by…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!We're working on getting out a client patch for players unable to reconnect to matches. Stay tuned:
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @Bbox0277 Doily log in rewards are claimed automatically! You can see what you get each day in the reward center @RamzIife @Kitten0fDoom to @SMITEGame for sending me this little care package with some lore to spice up the start of S7. Who’s go…
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Steam players having crash issues, please try verifying install as we're seeing a number of corrupt installs.
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!SMITE "Season 7" Update Recap ℹ️ Full Version: 📝 Update Notes: ⚡…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Gods & Goddesses! If you are experiencing an issue with missing textures, God Cards, Avatars, etc. please follow t…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Happy #Season7 Day![status] Scheduled (Jan 28, 2020, 11:30 EST): Smite will be upgrading to 7.1 tomorrow (01/28/2020) at 12:00 UTC. Li…
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Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Thank your favorite community manager
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @auverin @TitanCupcake_ @Avialence @HiRezRomanova @Todesberg @HiRezLunium @steinekin @the3ammusician @SSG_POOKIE Season 6 comes to a close and our inaugural council completes their term, we wanted to take a moment to highligh…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Giving HUGE shout out to my team for #CommunityManagerAppreciationDay. I continue to be impressed by their passion…’s CM appreciation day— shout outs to @TitanIsiah and @TitanCupcake_ for all the hard work they do for the SMITE…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @HiRezRomanova @TitanCupcake_ @auverin @Avialence @Todesberg @HiRezLunium and Goddesses! Tomorrow's update will require a full client download on PC to pick up engineering changes. Con…
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@TitanCupcake_ @TitanIsiah I don’t have a need for the BP Points and Enigma Chest rolls that you guys gave me, so I…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!One of the best Takeaways from #PAXSouth and randomly finding the @SMITEGame folks at the Partner Event. Thanks ag…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @BattleandBrew HAVE RECIEVED A LETTER FROM @SMITEGame How can I help @TitanIsiah?
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4 Days Until #Season7!
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Something was just left at my doorstep and I’m having trouble figuring out what it means.. any ideas? @TitanIsiah
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!More Gif goodness! @SMITEGame @TitanCupcake_ @TitanIsiah
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Go on a mystical journey with the new Enchanted Chronicles Battle Pass Skins - including Lord Bifrost Heimdallr, Ch…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @akaBORT @Galospant @HiRezStudios @HirezOps @HirezChris @HiRezAndy @MLC__st3alth @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame @SmitePro Will take a look!
We're featuring @7tanics amazing highlight videos in this week's Community Spotlight! Check out this overview of L…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East! @CoolCatLilyZ Yessss!!!!!!!
@discordapp shoutout to @TitanIsiah & @TitanCupcake_ for coming through with the “Forge Breaker” title! Thank you so much!
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Forge Breaker titles from our #PAXSouth 1v1 Duel event have been handed out! Congrats to everyone who was able to… @SPJithins @Kitten0fDoom @TitanForgeTina FYI - Water freezes at 32 degrees. But I guess you wouldn’t know that since you don’t drink it... @Kitten0fDoom @TitanForgeTina 31 here 🥶🥶🥶Just landed in Atl! Why is it so cold?!?!?!?!
Top Highlight of #PAXSouth? Meeting the wonderful community team on @SMITEGame! @TitanIsiah & @TitanCupcake_, you g…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Huge shout out to the SMITE Community for an awesome #PAXSouth2020 ! You guys showed up in a major way and we had s… @RC2360’m safe. Thanks for all the messages and concern. Really appreciate it.This, is a very large beer. Celebrating an awesome #PAXSouth2020 !
THANK YOU @TitanCupcake_ @TitanIsiah FOR THE @SMITEGame codes. I have been crying for years over dat Artemis skin..…
Retweeted by TitanIsiah 🔜 PAX East!Finally got to meet the man, the myth, the legend, @steinekin at #PAXSouth this weekend!