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put on the special glasses 🕶 or @Mamma_D_ will make you eat that trash can / Twitter hates me / I’m also a father / why am i Mr. Pink? / #monica

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Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @A_Nonny_Maus probably thinking "WWDS?" what would Data say?One of my favorite "religious" moments in #StarTrek. Caption what Picard is thinking ...
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @fanciefiestie @titMcGrit2 It's Frye. Cameron Frye.
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoGood morning everyone. It's going to be a good day today. Don't break down with a case of the Mondays.
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @SixxDemonBag 1st seasons usually are @Rob_Motto Good take @Wallred1976 Cuz they played decent and competedPop quiz hot shot: At the beginning of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, who was the student on roll call after Bueller?
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @Wallred1976 Peeps keep saying how good it is which great n all but...How do they keep finding my number???
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino- My ex is an invisible moron. - The remake? - No, the original.
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @enrealidadnouso Yup. Good takeBtw they did not direct V for Vendetta @enrealidadnouso Not sure if this is British or an endorsement 🤷🏻‍♂️ @A_Nonny_Maus Yup @xNight5talkerx Bravo 👏🏼Have you ever tweeted with the @titMcGrit2 in the pale moonlight?
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @rawpwr99fatboy @NFL 🙄Almost time for something new - how was Days End?
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @fanciefiestie I think so 🤷🏻‍♂️ @mudcaulks Exactly @fanciefiestie @Bonnetpilled WHY!?Are the Wachowski’s good film makers or nah?
@mudcaulks Gase is a fraud currently ruining Sam Darnold. Fire him yesterday @Str8Edge4Life95 @DainBramage2 @HailSatan_666_ #monica4th and 99 pretty well here...
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @rural51 👊🏼 @COOLLANEHERO @Rob_Motto Also from last year 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣This is the best kind of movie tweet.
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @TC_Stark Some crazy scenes and violent @Rob_Motto Creep 2 good to Clever, creepy and super funny @socksocksocks 🤣 spilled the strawberry jam and that makes me very angry
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @SixxDemonBag Hollow @TC_Stark Yes ma’am @Rob_Motto Fuck yeah @rural51 Bugs life is now on as I wait for my fate @ 5:20pm @rural51 🙄 fucking michelob 🙄 @rural51 Your fault 💯 @SurfistaSuz @fanciefiestie Mortica and GomezLogical. Makes perfect sense to me. #sports @Sheena_655321 @paulmac708 @NapoleonWilson_ @SkyCinemaUK Same. Let me know! @rural51 Go bucks?! @SixxDemonBag Check out the little prince. Similar metaphor @Rob_Motto 😭😭😭 @Rob_Motto Check out the little prince then. Very similar themes @fanciefiestie Prolly should be charged with involuntary man slaughter then huh? @fanciefiestie PervSee what they see Feel what they feel Experience what they experience • Child empathy cinema • Reminds you how int… @Brodeyy_51 I’ll get back to you B @fanciefiestie He prolly does , adventure. A tweet craves not these things. @NegansKatt 🤣🤣🤣 no syrup today 🤣🤣🤣What’s your favorite of these George Romero movies?
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoI still say Twins is some of Schwarzenegger's best acting and its in my top 3 favorite roles. Its so totally diffe…
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoComedians Directing Horror
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @Brodeyy_51 Still haven’t seen yet @fanciefiestie do you like about Twitter more when you're not complaining about it messing up? RT for better results.
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoGeorge MacKay not even getting a nod for best actor was ridiculous because his performance in 1917 is probably the…
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @Im_BrianFellow 👊🏼 @11122X Good call @NapoleonWilson_ Agreed @fri3ndl3ss @fanciefiestie 😔 @JayRodz34 Right on brother @NapoleonWilson_ Crank Safe Transporter WarToughest top 4 to pick so far as my fellow countryman “the stath” has never made a bad movie 😎 HM to Snatch & Lock…
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @11122X Weird right?The Terminator: 1984 Vs 2019
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @Rinanloo Cheers fren @katherinedowli2 Accurate @JayRodz34 The Mount Everest of time travel movies Check out Timecrimes too @realarsenalism Well done @titMcGrit2 There are Neo-Noir Movies Then there is Thief There are War Movies Then there is Come And See There…
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @PwnProblems @titMcGrit2 There are Vietnam movies. Then there is Aliens....
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @Rinanloo 2 kids 2 grandmas 1 sister and wife @KatalinichKaren Yes!!! All of the above @katherinedowli2 @Str8Edge4Life95 👊🏼 @A_Nonny_Maus NopeBreakfast
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoYou’re welcome 😉 “Breathe Easy” on #Vimeo
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoWatch “#DrunksLikeUs - 2015 (Full Movie - English)” on #Vimeo
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoSunday morning 🥓
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @titMcGrit2 There are movies that give you a slight sense of deja vu: Then there is Tenet
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @titMcGrit2 There are space movies: Then there is Aliens
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoAvengers 5: the multiverse everything else: there's MasterCard
Retweeted by Tito Tarantino @EddieSteak, go to the mirror, take a good long look, and then ask yourselves: "why do I care so much about who Kirstie…
Retweeted by Tito TarantinoThere are gangster movies: Then there is Pulp Fiction There are time travel movies: Then there is Primer There a…