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@poetHalley @sphericalfa @dprahara lain benda hey, hahhahaha
@poetHalley @iamelia apa iniiii??? kenappa kayak enakkkk???
@poetHalley Hahahahaha, belooomm. Ini yg sering ngikutin sampe pager. Pengen ikut masuk tp ga pernah dibolehin. @poetHalley Kayaknya ini yg suka nongkrong depan gang, sering nyapa gw. pas summer kmrn lagi hamil doi, skrg udah brojol
Happy birthday @CentenoTablante !!!
Here are five ways to protect yourself, your children and your community from #coronavirus. via @WHO
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While @CDCgov considers #2019nCoV a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures, the immediate risk in th…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RIn outbreaks of other #coronaviruses (MERS & SARS), person-to-person transmission occurred through droplets, contac…
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@poetHalley Sudah tidak sempat foto2 karena dingin.CDC confirms 3 new cases of novel #coronavirus (#2019nCoV) infection in the U.S., 1 in AZ & 2 in CA, bringing total…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RWhen you chopped off you hair and forgot to wear a beanie. Its so cold outside that I think it freezes my last two braincell. @poetHalley @dprahara @sphericalfa ini sih beneran cheng
@poetHalley @tsyanz Hahahahahahhahahahhss.bener bgt @poetHalley Tp kan klo batal mendadak kan nggak sopan ya. @poetHalley Kalo ga awas aja. @poetHalley Oo jd mentang2 single waktu dan perasaan kita ga oenting ya? @poetHalley Waaaahh, eek ga mereka?
Lagi seneng semester ini ngambil kelas (semoga) terakhir buat requirement. Taunya kelasnya sejauh ini menyenangkan.… a fun night!! Lol
I am not declaring the new #coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern today. The Emer…
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @poetHalley my boba phase has ended last year. too much sugar man. dan hilang minat karena terlalu heboh
@carfoodcrave Thanks!!!! @carfoodcrave Akhirnya keluar apt!haha!saljunya berhenti untuk sementara.Crying and whining under my comforter. I dont want the class to start. And whats with the weather? I wanna go to th…
@poetHalley Salahnya alpa jadi kocheng oren.Just finished cooking 4 types of dishes for the entire week, wash the fruits and put it into container, and clean t… Kok pas ya nero sama kocheng oren. @nia_nisa Ya ampuunn beli dimanaa? Merk apa kok debating if I wanna get out of my room to get some fruits from the fridge but I don't wanna scare my roommate… walking out of my room with my salicylic acid-clay mask on, and unintentionally scared my roommate's girlf…
Ini apaan??kemaren2 anget kenapa tetiba beginiii???
@poetHalley Klo gw balik ke indo summer ini, tolong diingatkan, biar ga lupa daratan sama boncabe dan segala per sambalan @poetHalley boncabe is bae. boncabe is the highest priority!! hhahahahhahaGuling the love of my life!! lol. guling gw ketinggalan pas pindahan ke apt baru. trus lupa beli yg baru pas balik… fascinating to me how each song, each scent, each weather registered under different type of memories in my bra… You are far more likely to be seriously harmed by a vaccine-preventable disease than by a vaccine. Vaccine-…
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe Immunization is a shared responsibility. If only some peo…
Retweeted by Pratiwi Rtadinya berencana buat belajar dan ngerjain macem2 2 minggu ini. tp kok ya makin kesini pace gw jd lambat dan banya… Chang, @cornellvet, is showing how bacterial enzymes in the gut contribute to our health and what goes wrong…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RTaking care of the good microbes that live in and on your body may be as important to your health as destroying the…
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@poetHalley Wae wae wae? @poetHalley I wanna do this too!!! Lol Egg: sunny side up Steak: rib eye or t-bone, medium-well Milk: indomilk melo…
Not sure if it's a cold or the #flu? @CDCgov shows how you can tell the difference:
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420+ million people live with diabetes and it’s the 7th leading cause of death worldwide. @WHO recommends key act…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RPneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in 👧👦 worldwide. Pneumonia can be prevented by: - Immuni…
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @poetHalley :( kocheengsUnconciously, my body remember and react before my brain. I hate this. Kesel, pantes uring2an dari beberapa hari yg lalu :(
@poetHalley Enak? @carfoodcrave makasiiiihhhhTrying to work on my research after a long holiday. as soon as I read WGS and QIIME tutorials I have headache right… the time of #goldenglobes2020 celebrations, let's remind filmmakers 🎥 and others involved in the creation, devel…
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @ronny_hadyanto @carfoodcrave setuju bah @carfoodcrave lol, gemes ya. gw jg gemes klo liat yg begitu2. gw dijejelin bgt sama epi dan statistic Karena PI gw… @carfoodcrave gw penasaran apa ybs tau tingkatan kekuatan hasil masing2 study design. descriptive ya cuma buat desk… @poetHalley ini menu dimana? gw bahkan belum kesampaian makan crispy chicken skinny KFC.
Strangely my body works in Indonesian time now. maybe its because of all the Indo food that I had in Philly. OMG I…
Watching @BrianK_Lo packing and panicking about his life is more entertaining than netflix.
Balada sleeping problem + light sleeper + sharing room sama temen yg ngoroknya gila kenceng bat. Dari semua org yg… rendang: ok Soto betawi : meh Sate ayam :ok Martabak ok: I am still waiting for it, but the bubble tea is good…
@carfoodcrave Oh nooo. Beneran hati2 ya. Its so devastating to watch this news. Belum lagi di twitter banyak yang p… @poetHalley @_allunare @tsyanz Ihiwww so much happiness @poetHalley @_allunare @tsyanz OMG is this true??? Seru lho ini
Banjir di Indo kok serem sih? :( stay safe everyone. @poetHalley Of course. Lol.Ini cocok jadi kucing gw ga sih bul @poetHalley ?
I wanna go outside and buy some foods, but it is still raining outside. Whyyy oh whyy?? I am trying so hard to find… is a leading risk factor for injuries & should never be mixed with road travel . Even low levels of alcoho…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RDear patients, Your doctors are only humans subjected to the same human struggles you face. Do not blame the human…
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @ronny_hadyanto @nia_nisa Lol. Kayaknya anak jaman skrg udah g takut ini deh. Skrg lebih takut diancem ipadnya diambil. @carfoodcrave Hahahahahahahhaahha. Makasih lho ceu. Sekarang males pake gonjreng2. @poetHalley Bahahahahhahahahahahahahaha @poetHalley Sapi kau. Hahahha. Tp akupun suka sama jacket ini. Anget sampe suhu -1 @poetHalley Thanks beb! *kibas rambut lolTour de campus ala ala. Cornell vs ithaca college. Kata gw mah ya gerbang uni nya 11 12 lah ya. Tp gw lebih suka wa… @nia_nisa Hahahahaha. Mayan biar pada diem
My resting bi*ch face is so perfect for this sign. LOL ampun kayaknya empuk bgt deh ini. Huhu @poetHalley Gw cari ah, klo nemu dengan harga reasonable. Ai beliBahahahaha. You were right @poetHalley this is so me! Udah keling, buntet, suka marah2. Lol @poetHalley @aduyahud Curcol bray? @ronny_hadyanto @poetHalley @carfoodcrave Bahahahaha. Tah eta. Harusnya ada kayak si tolak angin tea @poetHalley @ronny_hadyanto @carfoodcrave Kaca dan berair. Masukin koper rawan pecah @poetHalley @carfoodcrave Goreeng lab @ronny_hadyanto @carfoodcrave Ga adaaa. Hiks. Ga bisa bekel dari indo pula.
@carfoodcrave Udah minum tylenol sih jadinya. Terus skrg udh makan pempek. LolExercise isn't just good for your body – it's good for your mind, too! @CDCgov data show that regular physical acti…
Retweeted by Pratiwi RLaundry: done Cleaning my apt:done Finally have time listening to my new vinyl records!! What a great day right???… @poetHalley hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. Kangen sama meng yang suka nungguin di depan gang
6. Sorrounded by great people 7. I passed Immunology and stats classes!!! 8.Ive been therapist free for a semester… of the ups and downs for the entire year: 1.I got my master degree 2. I got a scholarship for my PhD 3. Bei… grinch + dinner + cookies + affogato + wine = merry xmas everyone. ^^ @poetHalley So true. Lol
Me cuddling with my snacks. LOL is coming.
Retweeted by Pratiwi R @carfoodcrave @sphericalfa Hahaha, lu udah ga mempan digeplak saat itu. LOL. Bucinnya parah bgt. I am so happy that you are happy now. @carfoodcrave @sphericalfa OMG, yg 2015 inget pisaan. Bikin pengen geplak lu punya mantan. LolMerry xmas!!! @poetHalley Its unnecessarily yummy @poetHalley Wah lebih deket lagi. Wah wahI used too many energy to control my anger yesterday. And now I wake up early and starving for ayam geprek. Thanks…