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Spirit Husband - visual artist/writer/Jeweller Books from @parresiabooks @Masobebooks @penguinbookssa 2020 @caineprize Fall mentee - 2021 @uiiwp fall fellow

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@thisischegbe @lLoveArmani 😍I wrote, produced and acted in a series.. This is an actual dream come true for me, Cos this is something I’ve alwa…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @lLoveArmani See @t2pitchy Total! Will take a lot of collaboration. Looking forward to the wonders you guys will do. @JovonnieC We saw! 🤭💥💫 @t2pitchy 💥💥💥 @Mc_Matiki Precisely @Zion_SD Wait, what's wrong with them? @lebomashile 😭😭🤣🤣January 2021 was lowkey dark. @datsbobby I remember the soundtrack slapped @The_Africanist 😭 @BoycottLex @JustLakThat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣2018 I always had a dollar bill in my wallet to stroke at midday when Abuja stress was trying to kill me until a co… this? If you had a cat he would have put your house on the market that same day
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀Look
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @thefaridaadamu Chinkili financial security and I'm already revamping abandoned projects. I'll be asking myself, so… can't even lie. Money helps me concentrate
@Manofcolor_ We love to see itWatching an acoustic of his 'Vanish', pray for meJust finished watching an acoustic version of Giveon's The Beach and i'm not breathing properlymy work is NOT for everyone. my work is NOT for everyone. my work is NOT for everyone. my work is NOT for everyone.…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @mamaztheguru @cjrichmond15 The hair tuck! @politicofareeda Straight to the point @politicofareeda Word 🤣🤣🤣Big applause for anyone who ever got anything done. From starting and running a company to a project to homework. Y…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @Daltimore Bruh!If you are a 200 level student of OAU from the faculties and departments of Law, Philosophy, Clinical Sciences, Art…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @pamilerinjacob I wish I met him in my eraThe fulani herdsmen that slaughter and rape and burn farmlands don't move with cows lol. Just ask any survivor mind 🤭 i started writing this essay and midway into the first paragraph I got an idea for my next visual at seri… Poet Wins Toi Derricotte & Cornelius Eady Chapbook Prize Wale Ayinla’s To Cast a Dream will now be publis…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀I love the concept of ancestors and possession. The idea that you can reach out from the limitation of your life fo… @artofajet Interior life is the situation where I first met you ❤🤭Congratulations to this month’s YELF Artist of the Month. “HAJAARH MUHAMMAD BASHIR”
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @Daltimore Amala is yam peel/chaff don't even @decimal_point I needed the chuckle this tweet gave me hahahaFirst date question to an artist: Do you have an interior life? Do you have a regular sleeping schedule?Woosh i don't owe any email!Which is why i have agreed with myself that finishing a work will be my measurement of an accomplishment. Any other thing is jaraMe and some 'accomplishments' @_Nuubi Send me funds!!! @_Nuubi Same @victor_ekwealor Naa kdMe everytime I look in the mirror cold omoI might have misplaced a small manuscript @Zion_SD Your face is on this child
@QuietAtTheStart @shiraisinspired Only if you survive it lol @KunleOlogunro @chika_jones 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Vibraniumbucci Thats where the Sag comes in, flinging it all to the wind and starting anew. The first months in yo… @Vibraniumbucci She said only butterfly energy and you better listen @Vibraniumbucci I recommend it strictly for anyone with similar chart. Else the longing can drive you crazy. But my… @Vibraniumbucci I really did this at the start of the pannyThe first 40 seconds sent me but what was that ending! Pardon! 🤣🤣 @artofajet Why is this sending me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ericsmithrocks @margotwood Whats sending me is that you're also a literary agent🤣 @MinoEhirim I love that you are self aware to see this 🤣🥂 but everything else, especially the scenes between his mom and aunty was flamesThe figures are sending me. 8000 plus Nigerians? Love it for them yourself. Find out if you are that bitch @MinoEhirim I think you nailed the characterization, dialogue and general plot so this specific 'aura' or atmospher… anyone who needs to hear this: Be your full self. Your difference is your treasure. Protect yourself, too. Don'…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @omolaraoriye Whew *sniffs* @Emeneks When would YOU loc yours though. Will suit youEmotional day with my brass Smith. I don't hope for much, but I hope he becomes a huge success story @loveakinkunle Which app o dearAfter breaking free you'll still run into them at keje grill @loveakinkunle Sign me up tooYou can purchase the one out of 5 animated versions available in the block chain via this link… @ManQBT Wait how do they extract let me check my old hard drive too @MinoEhirim The air in the book truly tastes like the 90sPardon! @MinoEhirim The atmosphere you built for itThis looks good! new Interview up today. Do have a read
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @TroyOnyango Its the abs in pic 4 for me @PemiAguda @MiamiBookFair 😍😍😍 @haleAndcrazy @GeretyAwards FlamesThou shall not judge, except you’re, well, a judge. It’s an honour to be a part of a kick-ass, all-female jury at t…
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀read the submission guidelines and get the submissions ready! 😊
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@isjonespoetry @NewfoundOrg Congratulations! Fire! Fire! @K_tops @alirichthem This is too far! @ObeahVee Aww @CalebOkereke Range! 😭🤣Akwaeke Emezi, Raven Leilani on Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize 2021 longlist
Retweeted by Disaster Sagittarius 🥀 @bbellam You! I don't believe you @tonton_raymond I mean I always try to see a closed door as an invitation to find an open one. But yes it does feel… @tonton_raymond Which skill? Where? What have I done now? @__Nneka Create the story or nudge anyone you know in the industry towards that direction @aeolofintuade !!!Working on a runs girl runs boy romance atm but you man make your plot work and shoot Me to my hundred adopted children if I live up to 70: during the regime of FK Abudu, we were shorties @deartitilope I mean...🤣🤭 @JM_Eks I can send someone in fut to do it? @JM_Eks How long massa and how much? @politicofareeda God when? @JM_Eks Please is the transcript request thing working @EkhosTriumph If e remain call me abeg. There is a monster eating spoons in my house