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Tom Breen @TJBreen Connecticut, USA

UConn staffer, former reporter. These tweets are my fault. Retweets mean nothing, your honor.

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Retweeted by Tom BreenThis is a trail camera glitch. But how “Colour Out Of Space” and Hallowe’en like!
Retweeted by Tom BreenDavid Lynch, MasterClass
Retweeted by Tom BreenThis is an interesting perspective on what the future of media might look like to seen more trad nostalgia for the 90's. This is the first and only time I will use the term "cope". It'…
Retweeted by Tom Breenspending thirty minutes or so every day muting promoted posts, skipping ads, unsubscribing from emails,etc just fut…
Retweeted by Tom Breennew time just dropped
Retweeted by Tom Breendidn't know billy bragg had a wario
Retweeted by Tom Breen
There are better horror effects & design in 1988 holiday film SCROOGED than in any actual horror film released in t…
Retweeted by Tom Breenthe moon has been suspended following a "zoom incident"
Retweeted by Tom BreenGetting a real “Golden Bough” vibe from the mayor’s comments about our departed groundhog. “Chuckles hath died for… is a relief @SAWinchell @UConn It would be my solemn promise that at least 50 percent of the statements would be accurate @HealeyParera A song that has once again found its moment @AlexWoodJI1 I can think of five or six stories right now that would have dominated coverage for weeks as recently… bar to entry into the news cycle is now so high that Phil Collins' divorce drama - involving an "armed takeover…’s official: Jeffrey Katzenberg is calling investors to tell them he’s shutting the company down, sources tell…
Retweeted by Tom Breenhaunted
Retweeted by Tom Breen @RRoD_Comic I know a lot of Tuckley fans have reverently recreated this entire strip for their own unsuccessful mar… of our mickey shaped foods are starting to freak him out
Retweeted by Tom BreenYann gan-y-tan (John with the fire) was said to be demon who stalked the Breton nights with a burning candle spinni…
Retweeted by Tom Breen @WTNH
Retweeted by Tom BreenAre we to be spared nothing this year? I good to go on responses collected Sept. 30-Oct. 12, the #HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 10.3% of American adults li…
Retweeted by Tom Breenbefore being on twitter: I would love to visit Italy one day, or Spain. after twitter: I NEED to see “Ohio”
Retweeted by Tom BreenThe Solomon R. Guggenheim museum opened to the public in New York on this day in 1959. A critic at The Times called…
Retweeted by Tom BreenI can’t believe it’s been 13 years since Lance Hahn died. I’d only talked to him a few times, but the news still de… have been called off for west Kerry's famous friendly dolphin, Fungi. @Buailtin explains his local signif…
Retweeted by Tom Breenwhen you try to explain twitter to someone who isn't on it:
Retweeted by Tom BreenIn the dark welsh valley, On the mountain side, Lay the little children Close to where they died. Their little live…
Retweeted by Tom Breen#OTD 1966. Aberfan Disaster. Harold Wilson is campaigning in Wigan and Skelmersdale when he hears the news of the c…
Retweeted by Tom BreenMy worn copy of the Aberfan Report. It catalogues the lying, incompetence and negligence which led to the deaths of…
Retweeted by Tom Breen @yinzerlips This is good stuffThe governor for #Italy's Campania region Vincenzo De Luca took a stab at #Halloween, calling it an "immense idiocy…
Retweeted by Tom Breen @jon_boucher I’d never heard this before! This is great @jon_boucher Both are great records, honestly
Sooner or later every student of the Irish Revolution comes up against the same problem - trying to decipher Ernie…
Retweeted by Tom BreenAlthough he had mastered all the techniques of international proletarian revolution, Leonid never really got the ha… @JabroniSean @SAWinchell Bono is from the war-torn streets of Somers, birthplace of Friendly’s; hence his searing a… us not forget the Rockville Rocket himself, Gene Pitney; the Five Satins and a zillion other New Haven doo wop… years ago today I was wandering the streets of Derry; today I am answering emails from a makeshift desk in my h… Tom Friedman Cabbie Anecdote equivalents are my neighbors, and they all say stuff like “I voted for Trump becaus… @AngieColorBars I am going to listen to it on Spotify today. It’s Linda Ronstadt Week! @pattymcqueen I did! I don’t have cable. @JulieBartucca @Poitras_Colin 🤣 @ShipLives She was huge! She sold bazillions of records. She covered Elvis Costello at a time when he was still a w… don’t we talk more about Linda Ronstadt? She had an unstoppable run for a while there. She could sing anything.… community garden program in New Milford is a partnership between our urban agriculture and @4H program. This gr…
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Last day of my mini-vacation spent an hour setting up a new microphone and getting it to work with Audacity’re too late, someone already came up with the best book title of all time @RRoD_Comic Think of what could have been ... we would just now be finishing the second Tuckley term, enjoying an u… Choice Superchannel - Halloween Trick or Treat Special, 1986
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There’s nothing more Manchester than a Safety Man scarecrow don’t know what other cats do, but when a field mouse makes the mistake of sneaking into the house here, my cat b…
Friends, it is a lovely autumn day here in Connecticut
(Huey Lewis voice) I bought a new rug the most heavy metal building in Connecticut Willimantic frogs are pandemic-safe
There's a handmade sign in a yard on the way to work that just says "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? THINK ABOUT IT!" an…
@JonathanRaab1 “Ooh, that’s my jam,” you say, about something that sounds like a city block losing power while a di…
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@MaxinePhilavong @UConnPodcast @JulieBartucca We’re going to miss you, but we’re so grateful for all that you broug…
Time for a Zoom meeting
I had a fantastic time on the @1916walkingtour. When you’re in Dublin, make it a point to do it. It’s like strollin…
Mount Fuji 🗻 from the bullet train
Good morning and Happy New Year from Tokyo
One of the many times I wish I read more poetry, because all I’ve got at the moment is: “Holy cow.”
Sir, can you comment on reports that you are a very good boy?
This is a good video about the Journal Inquirer, where I worked from 2002-2006. This gives you a feel for what news…
Beetle Bailey is reading UConn Magazine, you should too
“Why (and how) I delete all my tweets every day” by @ebruenig