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When posting pictures of protesters it can be important to keep their identities hidden, so it's important to know…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterWe hear a lot about polarization. And then there's reality. Poll done after the unrest shows *only* 4% says Chauvin…
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MHA chapter 273 live stream
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterLRT: *National News Media. Local news in Pittsburgh has been doing a pretty good job of covering the protests.beautiful moments during protests that the media won’t show; a thread 🖤
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Video is out now:
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterShould you read lore olympus? Fine out tomorrow on my channel at 2:00pm EST, or watch the video on Patreon NOW for…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterAllegory, Allegorier, Allegoriest: Visual storytelling and empathy in Revolutionary Girl Utena For anyone who's…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterOf course, I'm currently on ch.100, so if Luffy gets any major development counter to this analysis, I'll gladly ta… powerful "idiot" has since become a staple in Shonen manga, from Natsu to Ash Ketchum & even Emma from The Prom… Arlong Park fight is a particularly profound example of One Piece's narrative embracing disability, physical &… being called an idiot near-constantly by literally every character in the manga, even his crew, they are fi… more I read/watch One Piece the more I think Natsu (Fairy Tail) was basically Luffy 2.0. Main difference is Na… @blackjingertee I thought this was a photograph. 😮 Composition is awesome! 💞
@kriztart I love it! 💞 @PixieShmixie Rawr. @nikiforcvs Can confirm what this says about the American time zone is accurate. @dinojagger12 This is so cute! 💞 @Kiwiipiip Same, also I love the body-language in the art. 💞 @FailingRadish 💞 @dendriticheep 💞 @rob0ti 💞 @DawnForever101 @awesumsauce1 There would be none, it would be a straight up brawl & that’s it. @TheDweck @TheDweck (It’s more complicated than that but I tried to shorten it for the tweet) @TheDweck This is especially fucked when you think about how minorities are most likely to have breathing disorders… @TheAfictionado @AmeliaCook Congrats! 🍾🎊 @whomadeyoucum @todorokasu Also if you have tattoos or any easily recognizable body mods to cover them and wear som…
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please when ur signing online petitions, check ur emails, u will most likely need to verify ur email so that ur sig…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @HeeyAnkey Looks awesome! 👍I usually prefer anime over manga b/c it’s easier for me to understand what’s happening, One Piece is an exception… are 2 manga I’ve read so far where I didn’t end up skimming fight scenes. The 1st was the Vigilantes spin-of… I get what you’re trying to say when you say “All lives matter.” But that’s not the damn point. We KNOW all…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @ChampionBraeden @awesumsauce1 @chargerupgaming Thank god he wasn’t. Staryu was. @awesumsauce1 Rewatching this as an adult I’m only now realizing how incredibly deranged Harley was to basically tr… @awesumsauce1 Angy May & clueless Eevee. 😆
@microrockets 💞Sailor Yagi is what we all need 🌙 #sailormoonredraw #myheroacademia #yagitoshinori #allmight #inthenameofthemoon
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterHayao Miyazaki has become the face of Studio Ghibli, but his longtime partner Isao Takahata deserves a deeper look,…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @RogueZuko But what’s the boomerang?
@NamorHeiss @SloanTheOtaku Sometimes the more appropriate term is queer-coding though, differentiating between the… @heyyitsjanea @heirost @Lt_Smashv1 This made my night. 🤣
@zackreese I’ve only seen parody/crossover versions of this. @NamorHeiss @SloanTheOtaku It’s when advertising and/or the show itself implies queer (lgbt+) content but doesn’t m…, I wrote a thing where I basically argue, among other things, that Bakugo is unironically one of anime’s best…
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@criedwolves Real allyship. @MojoJojoJoestar Can confirm Hinamatsuri is awesome. @meleepikanair JigglyPuff’s episode. @bethbourdon Non-contact baptism. 🤣
@ShieldingC This has happened to me SO. MANY. TIMES. @Andreww_IE @KurtisNorman @nautalii I’m an amateur who’d assume that it’s very unlikely b/c it’s not like people en… @Andreww_IE @KurtisNorman @nautalii Most of the time yeah, at the very least it’s for sure better than bringing you…
rt for cynthia send tweet
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterReposting cause im pretty proud of this and theres a #CCSredraw tag!! #CardCaptorSakura #カードキャプターさくら
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterNobody is "unproblematic." Lord knows I'm not. I often say & do stupid things. It's not realistic to expect anyone…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @kirabunnii 💞 @VolticEnigma @Lost_Pause_ I agree with you & noble both. It IS amazing how few people realize it’s possible to cr… those who need to know. A person calling an anime trash will always be opinion and not fact. You're free to hav…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterGotta love it when I gotta call out ableism in a nearly nation-wide college class curriculum.I kid you f*king not, an entire chapter of Seth Mnookin’s Panic Virus really is dedicated to painting Morgellons su… song but update it with: 🎼 I WAS never taught EPI~demiology..I ONLY know how JOHN Snow was criticized FOR FOU… @jbu3 I’ll never be bored of the cheap ramen ever again. @jbu3 To be fair the biggest thing that makes restaraunt ramen different is the cooks actually know how to make a d… @princeorca This is the purest AU. 💞Re-Uploaded due to copyright✌️ #anipoke
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @awesumsauce1 Not even Paul played this dirty. @Spookie_Pie Go back to sleep, cuz you don’t wanna know. @puppsicle Your designs are always so awesome & cute! ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️Say hi to Zippy! She's a snail monster that's in the same universe as my game Come Home! She's very sweet and love…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @CCTakato @t_unmasked Especially the disability rep via wheelchair-bound Sailor Mercury, that alone would’ve been A…
@paipitations 💞 @MRoseWiding @hankgreen & live-streams have become hugely popular as well. @hankgreen YouTube & streaming works too. @WomanAspie We grow into it. 💪 @kikicheea & I love all of them. @danteramos @ZekeEmanuel @Aaron_Glickman @amayahdiana I’d say the best option I know of would be Minecraft because… @danteramos @ZekeEmanuel @Aaron_Glickman @amayahdiana Is there any research on whether multiplayer video games can… @ArtichokeKid This one’s so cool! 💞My plans 2020 @lovelyrosebun This is beautiful 💞
@777jorgeivan 😆💞 @FUNimation Hi folks, part-time feminist YouTuber here. Do not listen to the inevitable replies saying anyone who…’s not reflected in the Discourse but the gap between normie America and extremely online America seems to have d…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterBtw that #sailormoonredraw screenshot is so good because it was drawn by Ikuko Itou 伊藤 郁子, one of the better Sailor…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterIn Europe, tens of millions of people had to stop working - but didn't lose their jobs. For New York Magazine, I ex…
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@YapapaMirage This was one of my favorite episodes tbh, it was both funny & sweet to see the “circus” girls become… @Lt_Smashv1 Congrats! @cigardoesart Everything about this is perfect. 💞😆 @CrimsonMila It’s possible 💪 & Thanks! 🥰 @AnimeIntensity Congrats! @Eliteking717 Thanks! ✨It’s my birthday today or something. 🥳 @kakapotrainer @bunnycartoon I’d argue it’s better than Madoka but it’s still another of the same flavor lol.✨NEW VIDEO✨ It’s about time I remade this video, so here it is! Here are my current Top 5 Apps for Learning Japane…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterOne of my most watched videos is a video that I made over 5 years ago on my top 5 free apps for learning Japanese.…
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMasterI went for it, hope you guys like the video! Very different 👀🔥✌️#onepiece
Retweeted by TJ-TheJolteonMaster @Chiaki747 Yup. @DerpyPearly I love how you liked the comment. 😆 @BaniraKohi This is AWESOME! 💞