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We're Real Madrid - and being successful is part of our DNA -Toni Kroos

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@MadridGen1 @BenzeMadrid_9 @ohhmydogg @fIoperez @zammadridism @LynchAzariah @SameenluvMadrid @SiddharthBlanco 🐐😩🤞🏻
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Always Real Madrid.
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧 @ssatuurn LolGoodbye Varane 🥲❤️ @xtinap1 Damnnnnn @theMadridZone @romeoagresti Had to check if it’s a parody account @RMA_SZN Mbala nem bas se3ten w khalike lal 10 belel w nem @RMA_SZN Lezem tnem lyom se3ten w terja3 tzabet nwmtak ana hek 3mlt @RMA_SZN Kent metlak walla😭 @therealbish__ Akid @therealbish__ Mesh kel trablos bas mahal ma ana! Bas mndf3lo balewe lal eshtirak yaane @therealbish__ Btrablos l eshtirak 3ena lhamdella ma by2t3a ktir mtf2in m3uu @therealbish__ Lhamdella hon ahsan lolGood morning KYLIAN MBAPPE IS COMING HOME @MadridGen1 @afck14 Arsenal fan lmfao 😭 he don’t even know what’s football he’s too dump to even reply for
@BiasedCityFan A
@Jose_afc_x @ToniKroos @ToniKroos @ApplePodcasts @SpotifyDE @googlepodcast I miss you Antonio ❤️❤️ @MadridXtra Man came and directly was sick
@theMadridZone @ElTransistorOC FinishedrezWhat a genius move to kick Ramos out when Varane’s future wasn’t secured 🔥
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@notthadii Hela hela hela hela hoo Gebran basil ks emooo💃🏻 @Valverde_GOAT @v2mek @Ice23r @rma_rez @4ndyRm @CarsOnBluray2 @ClubDelSiglo @BarcaJake1 @sakindinho @stopitvarun can’t believe Utd fans think Varane prefers them cz they are greater than Real Madrid😭 @ROYALBLANCO22 De ligt
@DoNotCallMeDemo Lol thanks @David_Alaba @raphaelvarane @ToniKroos @lukamodric10 @realmadrid Tell toni to tweet more @sara_2437 So cute😍WE ALREADY HAVE INJURED PLAYERS WTF
Can’t believe we loaned this guy and kept the others 🙃 isn't good enough for us but Asensio and Vini are ig.🙂
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧 @Valverde_GOAT Oh you’re Lebanese 💃🏻 I don’t like waraq 3inab at all but knafeh and Tabbouleh if available I don’t… @CFC_Kaiyan I missed what I thought about @Valverde_GOAT I’m literally 100% Lebanese 😭
Oh how much I missed him
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧 @SergioNJ10 🐐 @NesserCastro @ryandesa_07 @KMbappe Okay i’ll talk to Madrid board now @ColoColo_gopro I read this next to each other and i felt I’m rapping lol @rmdwill Noo 😶Toni looking younger and younger 🤤 @tcourtois1ii I just really want him to win UCL with us 🥺🥺🥺 @WMerchant_ Yeah damn with the garlic 😍 @ToniKroosV Not Lebanese though And I’m talking about middle eastern not all arab food @bayernbfc @AmmarRm0 @WMerchant_ Only ShawarmaMiddle eastern food is overrated Knafeh Tabbouleh and Waraq Einab are overrated af idc @GreatWhiteNueve Finishedrez @MadridXtra @MarioCortegana Release Florentino Audios smashing him @xtinap1 I want to be Ode 🥺 @z1zu8 Kroos and Modric😍KROOS AND ØDEGAARD ARE FINALLY BACK 😍😍😍😍😍
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧This is the Greatest Tiktok ever made.
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧❤️🐐 🐐 season didn’t even start but Comunicado Oficial curse wants to remind us from now @InfiniteMadrid @Benzema Madrid curse 😭😭😭😭 @MadridXtra @SQuirante Fuck @Perejad Lmaoo😭😭😭😭 @sara_2437 😭Loaning him and keeping Vini and Asensio...
Retweeted by A Y A 🇱🇧 @ToniKroosV Lmaooo @ToniKroosV Idk i’m not used to u being sarcastic lol @ToniKroosV Lol @ToniKroosV Huh?🤔 @LosBlancos_Live LMFAOOOO @ToniKroosV Mention please when u doTHE GOAT IS BACK @MadridXtra @SQuirante THE GOAT IS BACK @TotalSancho Kroos vs Inter Kroos vs Sevilla @sara_2437 Too lucky
@PSG_English @GWijnaldum Hala ? @VaIverde_ WTF @KhS_RM Thank uu @Lovestohrie Miss u 😍 @ViniciusJR20I Yes @Nadeenkroos8 😍😍 @asllaniSZN 😍 @nqe_h شكراً @ssatuurn ❤️❤️❤️I love 🌻 @theMadridZone @marca And write under it f*ck u khalifi f*ck money 😎 @theMadridZone @marca If he does that we should build him a statue
@hitham63580300 Thank u u too @MoctarGaraye Mashallahhhh @adisa029 Savage af @JdristaJr Damn they jinxed @raphaelvarane @AdaStolsmo Stayyy idolooooI miss Valverde man i miss seeing him running his heart out on the pitch for the club 🥺 i love him 😭❤️He’s so cute omg😭😂 @BlancoHilal Still beautiful and cute though 😭 @BlancoHilal Plz tell me it’s edited 😭 @ErlingHaaland Happy birthdayy babe come party in Madrid 🤍 @TiboSZN @realmadriden If we got injuries this season @SuperSakaa @Valv3rdeGOAT That doesn’t give u the audacity to act like him and disrespect a whole country just because of one stupid guy! @TiboSZN @realmadriden Our season was injured