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media/tech advisor, banker, contrarian, comedian - often all of the above.

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... it REMAINS THE CASE that Donald Trump was seeking a giant payday from Vladimir Putin while running for presiden…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaThere's hypocrisy, then there's Fox News hypocrisy father, the White House and congressional leaders were talking about it and reacting to it so of course we cov…
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@rfradin @twang @rabois Re-election @rfradin @twang @rabois I’ll take the other side of that betCan you say “rhetorical”? @RT7951 Good point. I watch it on Amazon.Meanwhile Netflix and Amazon have told writers from House of Cards and Billions to STEP IT UP! like a good start @KPGreenwald @RichBTIG #goodlucktrumpadministrationIt’s 2019 and the fate of our democracy hinges on the accuracy of...BuzzFeed. @TheRickWilson Too soon to revive this?
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @TheRickWilson @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Cohen's not the source of your obstruction you moron! @realDonaldTrump Oh there's a caravan coming, that's for sure clear kleptocracy! FTW! @realDonaldTrump Thank you comrade stage is set!
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @jason_kint @rezaaslan @LindseyGrahamSC! this and you'll go to heaven. Yes, the standards are now that low.
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Retweeted by Terence KawajaHear hear! to hang with the incomparable ⁦@denmarkwest⁩. Turns out our outfits match our careers! this! Close your eyes and you can envision @robnorman, who likely said the same thing but whose musical caree… @jaketapper @SpeakerPelosi Everyone's experienced an asshole boss at least once in their careers.@thedurham⁩ in da house can legacy brands compete in a #D2C economy? Tune into on-demand @ANAmarketers webinar featuring @amherstmatt &…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaA legend.“Vote Republican and support thugs, criminals and dictators worldwide.” This is not the tag line I remember from t…
Don't miss it! to think it was only 10 years ago when I was a smart, successful VC of Indian descent. #10yearchallenge for women: Be thin, be thick, love your body, your boobs look bigger in this, dye your hair, embrace your grays…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaIf the Secret Service guarding the President we’re going without pay, I doubt orange clown boy would keep the moron… @rorysutherland Japanese toilets FTW! @KLemkau @Chase It’s all because of marketing!
I'm just seeing @mdudas' news that @johnbiggs is now Editor-in-Chief of @TheBlock__. That is, well, BIG(G). Congratulations!
@PaulLeeTicks @jeffjarvis 2 weeks LUMA’s Brian Andersen keynotes @Adexchanger’s #IndustryPreview in NYC on Jan 24th. Check out the lineup…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaTrump is a traitor @MattWelch Anybody got a match? FTW!
@msuster Confirming the long persistent analogy of VCs to bank robbers @kylegriffin1 @mikeyavo @OfficialJonZal Donald Trump is a traitor to the United States‘Is this how you make America great again?’ — Sen. Jon Tester held nothing back in his impassioned speech against T…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaHe thinks she’s a real judge.
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @peterpham @efeng Besides, Peter is scored by dancing..@realDonaldTrump succeeded in his promise to run the government like his businesses - bankrupt them, shut them dow…
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A great set of rules! @auren I totally subscribe to these rules. Though have found text to be a highly effective communication channel for timely issues.As @jkhoey says, meanwhile in Canada out @davemorgannyc's predictions for 2019: BUCKLE UP! times
Retweeted by Terence KawajaIndustry Preview has an incredible line-up of speakers, including LUMA's @brianandersen2000 @antoniogm I agree with the sociopathic trader mentality. It's caustic!
Thought for the day ⬇️😂
Retweeted by Terence KawajaSad news out of @Wunderman today. RIP Lester, "Father of Direct Marketing."
Retweeted by Terence KawajaHere’s video I dug up of Trump Advisor Stephen Miller making a racist “joke” about immigrants hiding in shadows. Wo…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaYou think we don't remember the last two years of Republican control? 3 shutdowns, Dan. THREE. Including this one.…
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja“There’s blood in the water for ad tech,” said Conor McKenna, a VP at @LUMA_partners . “A lot of the scaled compani…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaPlease retweet.
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @antoniogm There are also Wall Street bankers who came from nothing and are at least nail file sharp
@aripap And what multiple would it garner? 10 15 20 x revenue"When I said I would make America great again, obviously I did not literally mean 'America.' "
Retweeted by Terence KawajaOh man, once Trump gets his wall he better hope no one shows Mexico this old video we found.
Retweeted by Terence KawajaComscore’s deal with TV station owner Nexstar expands its roster of local clients as Nielsen faces competition in m…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaOn the Beet set @tkawaja @LUMA_partners talking direct to consumer explosion - video to come.
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @shafqatislam I don’t believe in coincidencesOMG! Life imitates art! @shafqatislam And it’s been that way forever. From 2010:
Twinning with ⁦@jackmyersbiz⁩ at CES, the president used his office to inspire unwarranted fear and hate in the hearts of Americans. This is the…
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja“How much more blood must we shed before Congress Does. It’s job. Imagine if it was your child, your wife, your lov…
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @lindayacc D2C uses CTV for ROI FTW!
@aripap🇨🇦 @Simonkhalaf 🇱🇧 FTW!There is absolutely a state of emergency at our Southern border. Sorry, I was speaking as a Canadian. 🇨🇦 @aripap Their margin is Ari’s opportunityThere is no “crisis” on the border. Trump is using a familiar authoritarian tactic of inspiring national security f…
Retweeted by Terence Kawaja @schlaf I'm printing this and posting over my desk. Wish me luck! @AmericanAir Thanks for responding. Will do. But why did you change systems - this one is consistently inconsistent. Please address.This tweet by @stuartpstevens is so good, it needs a graphic.! @AmericanAir, ever since you implemented your new WiFi system, IT SUCKS. Please address! 2019 @LUMA_partners : MarTech remains the leader in large strategic exits & PE firms not…
Retweeted by Terence KawajaDo not - I repeat - do not click on this link. of strategic M&A discussions will take place at #CES2019 in Las Vegas. Don't leave your outcome to chance.
@realDonaldTrump You spelled dystopian wrong @taxidodger @RichBTIG I think TV is selectively picking certain aspects of digital (addressability, personalization… @acfou Where would the bankers be without consolidation. Where would the ad fraud researchers be without ad fraud.… @brill_media @_inpractise @chalozin @RichBTIG Attribution is more complicated than that. But performance media mode… @ItsRamiMalek for the @goldenglobes double win for an amazing film. Here’s my tribute: @RichBTIG The whole thing is bad TV. Brutal monologue. Turned off 20 mins ago.