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author of LONG LIVE THE TRIBE OF FATHERLESS GIRLS, edit: @notokensjournal; amateur magician, lesbian hapa & believer in soup; there's no period after T; she/her

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I saved episodes from all my favorite podcasts this week for the voting line. Also downloaded a few audiobooks. I r…
Retweeted by T Kira Madden @iSmashFizzle honored to keep you company, Ashley! ❤️.@tkiramadden got a shag and now i kinda wanna copy her (but longer) should iiiii
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@TLDonatto 🔥!! @FluentMundo YESSSupdate: I did the shag (also Hannah made this temporary cone for Ruby out of a tissue box) vs October to see what we’re dealing w here @donmartinfeet lol ok!I am getting my first (very safe and isolated) haircut since my January wedding. Should I .... get a shag? Is this pandemic brain talking? @danielallencox @ElectricLit @carmenmmachado @salesses @brevitymag @amberscorah WONDERFUL! @KumuLelemia @KealaniCook @kalaniware_ there are amazing!! thank you!!why is every debate about Lincolndidn’t watch but I gather everyone is still obsessed with Stuff Lincoln Did?
but the best part is the MOONLIGHT coverageWondering where I land on the psychopath test for reading Oct 2016 New Yorker issues instead of the current ones bc… @emmastraub lol the most accurate @TNortonWrites oh no!! I unfortunately have no anti-fog trick, though I really need one. Only how to keep your glas… may read from new novel 🥺 joy in my hands!!! @pikshuen @krysmalcolmbelc @abmcelroy1 my family members who said I’d never make a difference in the world!: believe everyone's lit opinions are valid except when it comes to Lynda Barry. If you have anything to say about… @paminasbard let me know how it goes! and maybe it's not for you, which is, of course, just as valid <3 @jamesqmarks cynthia obv @beecoppla LOL no @annaleebarclay @murzee guilty !! @theburnerunit First, Body! @murzee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s true, MRT is top 5 of all time for me and always slept on. Read her!!!!!
@ElyseNadia Exactly.WOW! feel hungover from being introduced to the show "Shark Tank." @decolonizeyomnd ughI think the most significant shift towards contentment was realizing I don’t have to defend why I love or enjoy something. Like, do you.
@Cupcakes_n_Rap 💕💕💕💕 @julieaekim ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @_AliciaAudrey sending much love and support to you @_Katieesq_ thank you so much. It makes me want to scream/cry/celebrate all at oncethe list goes on and on. The reasons people can’t “come forward” are so vast and complex. Consider this before aski…’d have never been able to walk into a lawyer’s door without money my father had left me, which went 100% to this… I sent the final payment for legal fees that have accrued for my case, which began 4 yrs ago. I’m so grateful… @kundimanforever online auction & virtual fundraiser is online through this Wed 10/21! featuring a…
Retweeted by T Kira Maddenthis image.... Adéle Haenel... the energy it has
Retweeted by T Kira Madden @KealaniCook very helpful! ty! ❤️ @murzee Thank you so much, Marya!
Hey #kanakatwitter and beyond: looking for new prints or photos for the walls and would love to support some Pasifika artists. Any recs? @rachsyme simply too intense for a person with soup in their bio, and a SOUP IS LOVE bicep tattoo (appt sadly postp… @rachsyme I'm too enthusiastic about this topic to even participate. My heart is racing just skimming the comments
Hell yeah, this piece. @bruceowensgrimm !!! This is all I've been thinking about; I couldn't have read it at a better time. Thank you for… CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: the theme of our December issue is FRAMES, and we’re looking for thoughtful and thought-…
Retweeted by T Kira Madden @MartellSally I appreciate your readership so much!Little brother won his first blues today with Coach Hannah, and, more importantly, he had a blast 🌟 @jacgrifff @JessicaValenti @phoebe_bridgers @SaraBareilles @KristiCCoulter @jackantonoff "when you catch yourself h…’oli lā hānau e Princess Ka’iulani. E ola! ❤️
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This morn I woke up and was immediately like, if I don’t reread Winesburg, Ohio today my year will be (even more) r… @theBGrass I know this has nothing to do with me but it feels true 😟 @taylorhickney I appreciate you! @ShelbyLRiley thank you so much! @StoltzBecca thanks for reading! @backseatsadie so appreciative @esmewang love you so @LynnTalks2Much ❤️❤️❤️ @dannahhean appreciate your support from the very beginning! ❤️❤️❤️ @SarahXman22 you’re the best ❤️ @ninastpierre thank you, nina! @SamCStiegler thank you so much for bringing it to your classroom! @emrata @MacmillanUSA Congrats, Emily! Can’t wait to read @sam_dean_lynn @twelveoclocke ❤️❤️❤️❤️
My wonderful, hilarious dad has been in the hospital for months now, and can I just say, to all of you writers, wri…
Retweeted by T Kira MaddenPrinting this in all caps on every syllabi ever @dantielwmoniz ooooo paper towels! @supertrashcity thank you so much!! 😊 @emilyjvolk a lifetime ago, it seems. thank you for reading!! @slipperyredhead lmao. I'm a lesbian, I drink from jars.Just learned today that Long Live has gone through six printings, a stunning and welcome surprise after never once… @RachelFersh you are the glasses queen, so I will try to make this habit, too @kboldens Honestly I use any soap though that's probably wrong. And I fling them around to dry but that's probably… @_Katieesq_ the cloth will only take you so far sometimesI only remember to do this, like, once a year, and then I wonder why I don't do it exclusivelyWhomever needs to hear this: soap and warm water on your glasses is the clarity you deserve today @bizzycoy @TheEarlDenden Writer. Reader. DREAMER. @SamScoopCooper writing it for any interested parties! will post ❤️ @shaindelr Writing out a recipe for any interested parties! But it’s a stock of chicken/ginger/garlic/lemongrass sc… @elizisadora writing it out, will share soon! @MelissBrand 100%!! chicken not necessary at all @lateration I feel like I need to know her!
@SarahXman22 @tkiramadden 712528
Retweeted by T Kira MaddenAlways proud to be a Chinese & Kānaka Jew, especially when all the cravings collide into this chicken long rice coc… magic trick is disappearing genre forever 🙃 at 7 pm EST! T Kira Madden and Emma Copley Eisenberg read in our first Writers in Camden series event of th…
Retweeted by T Kira Madden @dearclarissa Spam on everythingLooks like a lot of U.S. conservatives are upset at Hawaii and Mazie Hirono. Right on:)
Retweeted by T Kira Madden @rachsyme as in a blanket featuring Julia Roberts @rachsyme a Julia Roberts blanket @emberexplores unfortunately I will be! 😢
@murmurshewrote Thank you, Muriel! I love hearing about audio experiences on road trips, my favorite. @1demerith WOW @melrevision you're always very kind to me! @DameednaDavid this is very kind. thank you for reading! @blktinabelcher lol