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i twerk for liberation. she/hers. i found god in myself & i loved her/ i loved her fiercely.” educator. womanist. lover. fighter. survivor. IG: tlodoe

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it’s not lost on me the way faculty organized quickly around RBG but no mention of the grief that breonna taylor’s murder *continues*...unless you’re the other person having to deal with that all the time cuz your gf is a fkn crybaby. lmao.… see my affirmation from 2019 is tagging along these days. continuing to step into my power.
@BTisME i opened an account with OneUnited to bank black 🤷🏽‍♀️ i gotta do to get out of this pity party... the normal shit ain’t working for my mental health anymore.
me every day while teaching online: @NesssMarie i think we in cancer moon but i could be wrong lol
@Lauren_Levi triple threat in this bih @kaylakayy every time. @scoobzdoo @Georgie_lovee Cheers!!i’m tired. physiologically. @scoobzdoo @Georgie_lovee i’m jealous. i’m finna be drunk in 2.5 seconds tho. @Georgie_lovee u drunk? lol.second week in a row i got the most points in my fantasy league. it hit different when you playing against all your… @teezB wow i was worried for your team cuz i wasn’t sure how the night game was gonna go. good shit dawg. *dap* @teezB me too. i’ve been thinking that all day. only thing is i wasn’t prepared and thought i would work/plan today but nope
ravens & texans are by far one of my favorite match-ups.and then what? 🙃
Good morning. Today is a great day to continue to trust your process.
Retweeted by Lo Gottithat earthquake shook the table but plz do not be mislead, california’s earthquakes are not that deep. as far as na… nature: is you rolling? earthquake: b*tch I might be.
Retweeted by Lo Gottilike, how do i/we know?! 😩 @Indigo_Sid girl. lol.that was our warning. lol. @DaiTonight i agree. something very personal as in, “the political is personal”... @DaiTonight i dont usually feel like crying with celebrity deaths (& i know she was more than that so that being said)—it’s rough. @suneeater all of that. i refused to go to the last week of school and was vocal about it to the company like “in s… @suneeater i feel this about my old school, also a nonprofit tho so there’s that. Ugh. sorry, love. @DaiTonight dai. not grandma ruth, tho... @geeezybaby truly.i’ll meet y’all there. omw.
i get up from a migraine to MORE bullshit.y’all know i had to come to twitter like... dawg. it. s/o to my son, my little rockstar, hendrix. 👏🏽 able to bleed out on a bed without plugging it is my idea of freedom.wondering how long it’s gonna take to afford a house in the neighborhood i teach in, but then i wonder if i wanna be there anyway?couldn’t have asked for a better, realer lover. 🙏🏽
@Viticia without fail! 💞👏🏽WEIRD ASS DREAMS.BAD. @3Thirty3’. LOL.
why is my timeline talking about gender roles and married (un)happiness? do i even want to know?one thing about me is imma get to where i need to go, detours and all.update: he is. he doing the stretches and everything. home from work and my sis got a whole dozen krispy kreme donuts on the table. smh. 😩the big comfy couch is on amazon prime & i’m bout to see if my son fkn with it like i used to 😂Remember that when you don’t maintain your boundaries out of fear of loss, the other person may stay, but what suff…
Retweeted by Lo Gotti @iamkaylanicole if you gon talk about me plz keep it off twitter. thx
@suneeater 💞💞me to me: give it a rest. (i need real rest and grounding.)plot twist: i’m currently my league’s top scorer.🙏🏽 week one down... of EVERYTHING. Top to bottom clearing and cleansing of life. May you use this retrograde period to support…
Retweeted by Lo Gottithis weekend (year?) was a challenging one: the good, the bad, & the turnt. shit felt heavy, like walking through a…
crazy kids. 🥴
women just be fine. all the time. the blessings.i’m nervous to turn up with my friends today. that’s where my age has gotten me. smh.spent the whole day preparing lessons on puritanism and protestant reformation. -_- WHERE IS MY DRINK.
it wasn’t anything terrible but she was questioning my decision-making: “does she expect us to do this for the rest…, the inevitable happened: my student talking shit about me in a breakout room and didn’t know i was in there 😂accidentally got drunk last night. feels like a saturday but i have two classes to teach today -_-enjoy your day and stop hatin’. my get ‘em in shorts be werkin’.bih imma need it.
@coupdelune_ lmao if that shit started happening. at this point in 2020...? wouldn’t be surprised @LiveSpaded was this supposed to be to me? lol.this little light of mine. much as i love the beach, i don’t go enough. today was rejuvenating af. (& thank you @stoneyalexander)the replies to these are trash because somehow, once again, it is the woman’s fault for the decision a man makes.… don’t want to RT this b/c i abhor the way y’all compare women and their looks, especially as if it stops a man fr…—products or tips for ingrown hairs? finally waxing again so i gotta clear out the covid struggle 👀everybody on my block is parked like an asshole: a memoir.
A gender reveal party where you reveal all of the harmful things you learned about gender roles and norms and vow n…
Retweeted by Lo Gotti @UKnowWin word. gotta find the root of the desire to leave. they be for different reasons, but mostly i think it’s… a “getaway” mood but the goal is to align myself & my life so i don’t feel like i need to escape.oh this one came in loud & clear. to put my fantasy draft on autodraft b/c i need to feed my toddler & be a teacher 🙃 it’s above me now.
reassurance is nonnegotiable.french bread so fire. all bread so fire. 😂WHO NEEDS THE GYM WHEN YOU HAVE A SAUNA IN YOUR OWN HOUSE? #ACstilloff #electricitystilloff i am literally sweating…
going on 13 hours... @belaireleah i know better than to bring up any ideas for plans i’m not physically ready to do TO-DAY. lol @COGWaterPower is there any estimate on when my power will be fixed? it’s been six hours what does this even mean @belaireleah i really wish i could right now 😩it’s 99 degrees at 9 pm and my electricity is out. MY GAWD.
not that “crumb of pussy during the bush administration “ 😂 but really tho. laughable. you are an adult with your… be living their best life and niggas still savoring that crumb of pussy you gave him during the Bush administ…
Retweeted by Lo Gotti @LiveSpaded do i belong there or wut lmk loli’m not a summer walker fan but did i miss something?’all ever have a significant other NOT like onions, but u in love and u wondering how y’all lives can truly come together one day?i have never felt more seen then in this thread lol encourage women to be more vindictive. Yes you absolutely DO need to take it there.
Retweeted by Lo Gottiif this means protecting the environment, i’m out. that’s consistent, clear about their intentions, and applies pressure.. I deserve
Retweeted by Lo Gottithe police are fkn useless when it comes to abuse & DV. they’re useless anyway but damn. women’s lives be threatene… ACCURATE mean the world to you?this moon 😩i’m in awe.Whenever I have the awareness to notice and correct the same behavior in myself that I was judging someone else for.
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