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Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute, History Editor of the Architectural Review, author of 'Bricks and Mortals', tutor @NewArchWriters

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🤯 before in history has the distance between the world and its representation been so great. You could be in a…
Retweeted by Tom WilkinsonThe government has just ransacked the Institute for Sexual Science! What should they burn down next?
Retweeted by Tom Wilkinson @snacklesbian Fair enough, but this is from the UK governmentrlly appreciate Larne Abse Gogarty’s thoughts on the very weird cancellation of the Philip Guston show
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@jimbomorrison British
@macrodesiac_ Add who gets to decide what is and isn't bad - why, for instance, is antisemitism bad? Anti-semites c… @macrodesiac_ Good, so you agree we should 'cancel' and no-platform anti-semites then @macrodesiac_ There's an intrinsic contradiction between protecting people of different backgrounds and protecting… @sundaegirl @rmholdsworth (I'm 'aggregating' [stealing] other people's screenshots) @marcusjdl procreating @marta_zboralska I just want to clarify that I don't *actually* find kittens erotic... @andrewsjauld Quite @TMOWilkinson Isn't «seeking to get people removed from their position of authority because I disagree with them» j…
Retweeted by Tom WilkinsonSome of my favourite erotic phenomena: Raindrops on roses Whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles Warm woollen mi… @TimothySoar @charlesjholland Interesting that you should think thatthe new government guidance on 'cancel culture' for schools is nuts
I wonder if I'll ever be able to unclench my jaw @tomravenscroft @ollywainwright It's basically rococo, isn't it, which could also be said of Bilbao and the Fondation Louis Vuitton @charlotte_gggg Long @coldwarcasual Under a bus? @edwinheathcote @charlesjholland @willjennings80 Or in a hot tub with Marianne & a bottle of Dom Perignon?Literally everyone knew university teaching would end up being online. The only reason they told students to come i…
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@JohnRBlakinger Are they putting it off until the end of Trump's 2nd term?'We are postponing the exhibition until a time at which we think that the powerful message of social and racial jus…'Hello? This is the fun police' a disastrous policy. A result of a highly financialised university sector that is unable to cope with the loss…
Retweeted by Tom Wilkinsonspecial offer at the Grand Hotel Abyss this and the Vice article last week about the MOD planning for a 4 degree temperature rise, is it clear eno…
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Judith Jewish
Retweeted by Tom Wilkinson(photo by William Eggleston, c.1970)me turning my back on 'New London Fabulousness' @bookishyogini You are the least shriveled husk I know xyes.... yes!!!!
Retweeted by Tom Wilkinson @nicread Point taken, although all insults based on the intelligence of the insultee are ableist, so are there real… @_seangriffiths only when your teeth are covered in hair do you need to start drinking water @_seangriffiths I did look in the mirror shortly after writing this tweet and think 'thank god they can't see my skin' @IlonaPrynne Did you read the NS interview? Harrowing stuff @zinovievletter @FisunGuner 💖 @FisunGuner In the Shadow of Big Water @dynamic_proxy Our ancestors survived on beer. Just sayingDoes anyone want a completely useless take on this? Nobody needs to be constantly drinking water. Sippy-cup depende… this brave moron's hara kiri-style self-own all to prove Butler's point about anti-intellectualism
Unveiled today at the National Museum in Warsaw: an installation by Jerzy Kalina that responds to Maurizio Cattelan…
Retweeted by Tom Wilkinson @lmartods pesky @lmartods isn't it more aerosol than surface-based? @PRAVDA_KECHB True @PRAVDA_KECHB Half-timber New Street as a transitional demandEat out to help out Rule of six Shelter the economy And turn around That's what it's all about @huwlemmey If I tickle your tentacles will you unclenchMy vision for Britain: a million year farting sound @huwlemmey release the take @marcusjdl Indeed. Thanks mainly to a certain generation of music journalists who are still out there causing havoc @marcusjdl Pulp, Manics & Suede were at least interesting & sometimes queer-ish at first? And in the Manics' case o…'New places should be the conservation areas of the future'ffs London @psychicyogamat Yes, that was interesting @psychicyogamat As an incendiary postscript, if the animal is not having sex but the man is (& the animal can't consent) - isn't it abuse? @psychicyogamat My broader problem is also with animal theory, too @psychicyogamat Isn't the animal beyond that kind of routeTo presume that an animal is willingly engaged in an erotic experience, and that the experience of animals even enc…
Just pitch perfect @edwinheathcote Turns out I am the octopus film thread woman of technical drawings @BrendanCormier perhaps it'll turn out like Belgium @So_Very_Tired @joe_bish I threatened them with an industrial tribunal and got an extra weeks pay out of them. This… @So_Very_Tired @joe_bish I worked there for a bit, it was run by a pair of malignant Gilbert and Sullivan fans who… @edwinheathcote Alarmingly sensuous @Prolapsarian I had similar thoughts tbh.My six-session, fortnightly course on Queer Fiction starts tonight at 7.40pm! It's still not too late to join us if…
Retweeted by Tom WilkinsonEveryone needs nature. But you'll find precious little here.
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@Rob_Fiehn Just to be completely unambiguous: that was meant to be irony @Rob_Fiehn Never been but your review has made me want to head there immediately @willjennings80 @Rob_Fiehn The Three Stags. We shared a garlic & mozzarella flatbread the size of a saucer which cost 7 pounds @Rob_Fiehn I was in a pub in Kennington earlier & it was already sloaney enough, the thought of heading any deeper… gates @Narcomania Never a dull moment! I think I still have PTSD @joe_bish 😬👍 @joe_bish A friend once claimed to have been threatened with an axe in the toilet, but no one believed him when he… I think the real answer is just any pub in Clapham/Chelsea (maybe just west London)Sad but probably true, even sadder given how amazing/terrifying it was in the early 2000s when it kept market hours… @PRAVDA_KECHB I did not know that. But the image of the queen, that is the most valuable substance of all'my trembling fingers delicately traced Her Majesty's noble profile' - literal coin wanker @paulogcosta @Warburg_Library Thank you @cath_slessor ♥️
2020 @NicholasKorody That's a great idea @NicholasKorody I've been meaning to write about servants for a long time but tbh not on the subject of ornament. A… @NicholasKorody Too late (don't worry I will cite this tweet)One day I'm going to get round to writing about the reactionary trope of comparing the facade to the face has the corpse of Balfron attracted such a swarm of wankersPerhaps these untermenschlich architects should be interned in the winner of their 'prison of the year' competition🧐 'the 273 UK-run pages that had posted QAnon content... pages dedicated to alternative medicine, spirituality and… with O’Neill’s in Soho actively choosing to tell this story of terminal cultural decline
Retweeted by Tom WilkinsonI can't think why a conspiracy theory about elite paedophile rings would gain any traction in this country
am i having a neurological episode. is this a real sentence
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