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@BlxkDerek @TheHeroOfSeinen He’s using the word kino unironically 😭😭😭 @MosIIey
@15thprinceT Yea I like the confusing mystery aspect and the stands introduced are the most unique so I already know it’s gonna be good @15thprinceT Vol 4 chapter 14With all the art discussion going on rn lemme add that detailed art was always second to me artstyle is more import… @15thprinceT Reading rn it’s very confusing @utopiasphantom Soul @utopiasphantom Sous society is where kubo shines the word building and fights are top tierBleach 🤝 One piece Having the two best shows outta the big 3ICB WHAT IS THIS
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive) @trryuk No way this is real😭😭😭RT to help me find my mutuals.
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive)Rt for mutuals in advance just in case Following everyone back later 🙏🏻
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive)Rt for mutuals, Toei got my ass😭
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive)Retweet for mutuals 🤞🏾 its Prime whitebeard SZN🩸💠
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Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive) @xYuniku Just blessed my eyes @MosIIey Exactly it’s a nine because of that @mxoze_ Need vol 10.🔥
@NotHumbleHokage They were all there I just didn’t want to bother them leland just happend to walk in the same stor…’t believe I’m leaving texas already gon miss it here @Lana__theboss I’d cry bruh😭 @MosIIey Shit went platnum 😭 @JoseJoestarr @TheHeroOfSeinen @BMLegacy_ He just walked in the same store we were in at the mallYup! I’m purrrty strong! - Neferpitou, HxH
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive) @caminhiding We was just chillin in the store and he walked in with his girl😭🔥
@MosIIey Damn this banged🔥I met leland too @BluegardenSk These niggas pissin me off acting like they met drake🙄My cousins saw rdc at the mall 😭 @hellversetae It was too boring to be a 7 @smallorangecrab 😭😭😭 @ShonensHero Ironic @TrapZxldyck Them niggas be making new accs just to keep it num 1 like it’s not a 8.5 😭 @cactialtszn3 Nigga what??? @omgcozy Dbs slander is always valid 😮‍💨👨🏾‍🍳 @croooozin Might to read the manga then but team guy fighting their clones was the worst part for meWhat’s the best 5/10 here? @SatorIzzy Prequel movie was the better idea anywaysI do not associate with the one piece fandom anymore 🙅🏾‍♂️ Yall are too weird imma one piece enjoyer now 🗣 @RedLightning_69 Snuck in luffy’s dub actor @Papa_JoJo_ Fb then 🙄(also stone ocean goated) @WikaruCloud Enjoy the first arc was good but rn it’s slowVagabond is so hard to binge rn it’s not interesting me @byloLZ Muting you again…Can’t believe I fooled yall into thinking I’m black😹RT for mutuals 🚶🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive) @Deggsz It be one person then they blame the whole fandom 😭 @yunusvsthewrld Alot of ppl so ugly I be feeling bad fr😭 @drydagoat This is sick @Lord_Shade @Reaper_szn Fat W @batkaitom Starting peak @Dotunxd Nothing you have to leave @Reaper_szn Goat for this🔥
@ThePhantomStra5 Bookmarking thisOne piece is by far the BEST shonen i’ve EVER seen. #ONEPIECE
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive)Had a dream I was reading jjk I NEED the next chapter 😔 @croooozin I like mha more too fma is not the shonen masterpiece ppl make it out to be @SatorIzzy This has to be sum type of satire 😭 @Papa_JoJo_ Big w
@DripAscension Lob me in @SadBullsFan11 Shits so ugly 😭I was so shackled by trash anime that I thought nami was gonna turn into a tsundere after arlong park😭 @MSHA_OP Much need thread so many think character development is the end all be all @MosIIey @Reaper_szn The boys😭❤️ @Dotunxd U good lol @heyimxay Say swear
@Grid_Glxy Not a bad take I think this aswell @SHIROGNTA You seen the version with sound? @Dotunxd Mva clears tbh @SHIROGNTA Why is this all over my tl😭 @croooozin The muda killed me😭😭 @KarrarTsar @15thprinceT It’s a shonen only a manga rn but it’s really good @AndresRjunior Thanks bro🔥I made a 3x3 mosaic of my top 9 (in order) @ReckShippuden Same my hero movies are only good in the final act for me @croooozin Sickening tbhLast time trying 😭 RT for Mutuals
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive)girl scared to smoke it. must be some gas.
Retweeted by TnQuincy💫(inactive) @rkid_fry Berserk fans when you tell them guts isn’t the best mc off all time @veargile Wtf your back? 🔥 @Aiden2OP @TrapZxldyck Looks like it😒 @SatorIzzy @Treysouls GET THAT BUMI missed the listening party seething so hard😭 @TrapZxldyck Nigga got pac on it might be aoty @TrapZxldyck Haven’t heard yet but the features look fye @SaintedJay Gyro is a protag
@CorazonShounen Mostly because ppl skip to go to part 7 and there’s alot of speed readers who don’t understand the writing @Ietsgetcozy Drip god 🔥If your favorite anime doesn’t have it’s own day please stfu @bstaxxalot Yumeko washes @javrawr This sum saweetie type shit😭😭 @croooozin Too late got the sc😭 @deputytalivo Ong one piece is so ass @bumassdude Yerrrr
@Reaper_szn Same naruto not even best in his show @BluegardenSk Ong they call me mugiwara no Quincy