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Video game news boi • PR @SuperRareGames, prev Numskull Designs/Games • Written @DailyMirror, @VG247, @getFANDOM, seen @BBC • BAFTA Games 2020 jury ❤️🏳️‍🌈

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@asobitech oh daaaaang @richbrown 10 for £10 tho @iMikeZero Can't remember where I got it, but I'm sure Wish sell it!Showing this (still pretty fire) outfit to the internet means I now get tagged in anything KFC related and I am abs… @Khurtizz @FernandoM76 I own a KFC outfit. Also a hat, for some reason. people have tweeted at me about two separate KFC related things in the last hour. @G_Obertron holy shit should I enter? I should enter @FernandoM76 @Khurtizz Wish I'd only paid £1 for it. @PassionaGeek @SuperRareGames @ImageForm Thanks so much! :D @NoahChilling Yup, the game implemented a system that allowed you to play from home!Pokémon GO has generated $3.6 billion since it launched 4 years ago. It has generated $445 million in the first ha… on Games #20 features Pocket Gamer editor @FBFDann! We discuss mobile games, their marketing, Pocket Gamer's… Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is still in development via remote working: @PassionaGeek @SuperRareGames @ImageForm Thanks for sharing our news! @LimitedRunDoug I'm getting shelf space ready as we speak!Shadow Warrior 3 announced for 2021 - full gameplay reveal in this Saturday's #DevolverDirect: @JPSWITCHMANIA @LimitedRunGames @SuperRareGames @devolverdigital It is honestly difficult to argue that this genera… @JPSWITCHMANIA @LimitedRunGames @SuperRareGames @devolverdigital Looking forward to all of these, woooo!The Xbox Games Showcase is airing on July 23, 9am PT/5pm UK. (via @Xbox) @Amisma_ As PR, I legit don't care so long as they make it clear who they are and where they're covering for lol @4TheCulture____ Thank you Karen, painting BLACK LIVES MATTER in black is actually a good idea! Much more poignant. @GamerTalks01 Yeah that's fine, I'm not going to diss someone for being able to separate the work from the creator,… @WillFletchUK It's always worrying when a response to backlash is to double down. Doesn't bode well. She's all in now. @MattSainsb I already infect my podcast with a terrible English Essex accent, so we'll be fiiiiiine. I'll give you… speaking to the choir, but the author of the biggest book IP of the century using her huge platform to co… @MattSainsb I would very much like to have you on some time to talk about your site, book, and other bits. You may… @MattSainsb will you talk about Miku @FBFDann There's a new podcast episode every Monday, featuring a different guest from the games industry. $3 on P… week's Toad on Games podcast is out now - ft. Pocket Gamer's @FBFDann! We discuss: - How I first started in t… @JPSWITCHMANIA @LimitedRunGames @SuperRareGames Lots of heckin' awesome games right there! @MetalJesusRocks @SuperRareGames You're welcome, enjooooy! My personal vote goes to Graceful Explosion Machine or… @DDDarkSoul @MetalJesusRocks @SuperRareGames Haha, yeah sorry, order for that would've been placed when it first we… @CoolBoxArt An absolute bloody classic. @WeegeeLord9 Good pick, finished it at launch back when there were only a handful of Switch games haha. @kieran_fifield @Richy_San_ @SuperRareGames @SuperRareGeorge Haha, I'm sure we'd jump at the chance but imagine Nin… @AnaAfterDark I agree that any dev and any game is open to criticism. That doesn't make any of those screenshotted… @Morfid_plays @Neil_Druckmann No surprise there, imagined all of those screenshotted here are truly insane folk.
@HaraldHagen Oooh, is that on the Switch? Kept piquing my interest on itch, may pick that up! @Neil_Druckmann The pure seething entitlement of these people that think a game should be exactly how they want it,… @KaraKaz88 I haven't played the game yet - I bought it as I loved the first game, and I'm sure I'll love this one.… @DavyPGH Aye, finished it a few months back myself, neat lil game @ItsGregWilcox @crowbarska I actually played the original itch version of this, but I might pick it up! @FracturedDivide Finished it last year, but it's a neat lil game! @megahorp I haven't played it at all yet, I probably should! Looks like my kinda game and the cover art is sublime. @j0nnyhunter Waiting on the recently announced physical release and then I'll play it! @MrNantendo I haven't yet! @zoecorkhill Finished it just a few months back, hoping to play the sequel some time. Hoping to play Yoku some time soon!
@Luis_GVN Finished both, but they're great games! @JoeSheedy91 Aye, yeah the combat system really works for me, which I figured it would. Just doing the side quests on Chapter 14 atm. @riskman64 Lot of those are on my backlog - bloody loved Blossom Tales though! @AMcRaeJr Finished it last year, neat lil game! @JoeSheedy91 I'm bloody loving it - I'd be binging it every minute of the day until it's done if I could haha. Can't stop thinking about it. @schillingc Ohhhh, that's on the Switch!? Got it from but may double dip, that'd be a nice one to play on Switch. @seansthomas Loved Firewatch - Edith Finch, Yoku's and INSIDE are all on my backlog! We're publishing SteamWorld… @Shockfuse13 Played it at launch, loved it!Okay, so here's my 'next up' short-ish Switch games to finish over the next few weeks (between FF7R and A Plague Ta… @LeonBelmontX It's on my immediate backlog! @MorganTheCowboy We're publishing the physical version next week, gonna play it then! :D @JBranded06 On my immediate backlog! @aksantillan4 @Brightestdaze Already finished and loved it! @millicentgames Played it on mobile, loved it! @JoeAndertweet Real talk, I didn't hate Knack 2. @KingsmanGadget @Theyhrite Stop having great games, Kelsey! @KazennaVa I actually do need to play this (and Crypt!) @Chad_Holder Already looooove Owlboy! @lepetitpouce Strangely not, for some reason, but it's on my immediate backlog! @Vonlichburg Already love the heck out of both games! @V1RACY Finished recently! @druesername Loved it, but I do need to play the sequel! @ScorchioIRE I own the physical copy too, so that may be a good shout! @HashtagittyJim Ooooh, forgot this was on the Switch, I do need to finish it... @Kanaratron Y'know, To the Moon has been on my backlog for a long time - that's a good shout! @JEFinnigan We're releasing the physical version next week - I'll definitely play it when I get my copy! @EchotheLombax Weirdly, I played it some years ago and it just didn't click with me. @skDanT We published it, so I SHOULD get around to actually playing it! @JoeSheedy91 I waaaaant to, I've been playing it for almost a month and really enjoying it, but I just don't have a… @Murderstorm117 @playasia I surprisingly don't, but looks sweet! @ScorchioIRE Played and finished it recently! @ThatGuyJoeUK I own it, so perhaps I should! @progress_lost We published that game! I probably SHOULD play it... @Theyhrite Played and loved it recently! @MichaelM238 I have already been the goose, thankfully! @MrMario2011 Finished it very recently! @Cookie__Sophie Oh, I haven't played it yet, not a bad idea! @NekoNostalgic @Brightestdaze Loved both games, but otherwise it'd be the perfect suggestion! @fahmitsu Damn, I really need to play it too... perhaps now is the time! @Brightestdaze I own the physical copy too, so I should play it! @OfficialCABBAC Already done on PS4, but it's a beaut! @realedc30 For some reason, I've never actually finished Bastion... may be a good call!Please suggest some short, finishable Switch games that I can enjoy knocking out over the weekends! @EdEN_Zr Is it just one Platinum for the whole thing!? @angeloperson Ion Fury is definitely on my backlog! @KitsunerOrLater @snackyboy I'LL PLAY WHEN I'M DEEEEEAD @kadoomed I'm going one step up and sorting it out as a spreadsheet soon, I think haha @Toadsanime working hard in his #Mankey Hawaiian shirt!
Retweeted by Ryan Brown 🎮 @KoruCottage @PressStartAU Yes, would love Press Start to cover the news! :D @angeloperson Aha, thanks man! @kadoomed These are the games I've played this year, not my backlog! Have a separate backlog list. @notsamgibson It really was! @toriksta A 30hr game like FF7R is taking me a month to finish, I honestly don't think I'll ever, ever have time for P5R.