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toasted @Toastedtw sad hurs

16 I @senaachu I 🇵🇸🇨🇦 I 6’4

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@fluffyyFPS @senaachu @t1ffsny noti + u guys r so cute @ohMxerte @weirdoliv @spoofzera nah wuerte using this caption today 💯 @melxng @weirdoliv @spoofzera that guy was so night has been made 😭 @spoofzera @Toastedtw
Retweeted by toasted @nickVAL_ @weirdoliv @spoofzera hoyl shit i cant breathe nick LMFAOO @melxng @weirdoliv @spoofzera im glad i drew a smile on ur face melissa xiang @nickVAL_ @weirdoliv @spoofzera LMFAOOOOO @ryswtf @asheiskooky v @nickVAL_ yeah ik waht about it slime @veefroggy @egoc codi noti @nickVAL_ who you oking jit @nickVAL_ me but u prob dont wanna carry a nobody who is ugly fat and bad at valorant 🥺🥺I wish i I was gay, I could just go to omegle unmoderated and jerk off to other guys
Retweeted by toastedreal bro @iamhcu @1kotaaa GUYS PLS WHAT IS THSI THREAD @1kotaaa @iamhcu bro @1kotaaa wish it was john b bro @iamhcu late noti @melxng @iamhcu STFU PLS + noti @1kotaaa heyyy @nickVAL_ literally by the time i reach ur age id be like 6'2 @nickVAL_ speak up cant hear u, ur too far down jit @nickVAL_ ur 5'7 calling me a jit @t1ffsny @iamhcu that was a most like reply is my new tag tweet, at least im not matching tags AND pfps @t1ffsny @iamhcu go talk to ur eboyfriend tiffany#velt headass @iamhcu @t1ffsny this is why i love you @iamhcu @t1ffsny noti +f r @tiffbiggestfan ily velt like all jokes aside i actually love you and you do make me proud, and you will make me e… @LayziVAL @liaaval dude layzi. @AeroValorant @n0rmalizee @SundownVAL @zekromVAL @aftersworld @urielValorant @1kotaaa @Agr0fps you need to run them… @AeroValorant @KarraOf YALL STILL PLAYING WTF? @senaachu @fluffyyFPS oh okay son! @senaachu @fluffyyFPS our boyfriends* @senaachu @fluffyyFPS hes ur boyfriend he cant be @fluffyyFPS MMMMM @fluffyyFPS @ameerszn @vrofps @etherealVAL_ @ignOvercook @sadIucas Ong this shits mad relatable @snirot MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @AeroValorant when r u starting them btw @AeroValorant ight LOL @AeroValorant nah whos server is that lol, but im down to play :) @AeroValorant what server @Waves_val @weirdoliv @spoofzera im not toxic unless the person has a ego and thinks they’re on top of the world/se… @nickVAL_ thank you ill be using this! @Ino_VAL it’s harder to be unironically iron rather then get radiant @adorbse @etherealVAL_ LETS GOO OANH MMMMM VOUCHA @veltqt @weirdoliv @spoofzera making me blush 🙈🙈 @veltqt @weirdoliv @spoofzera i love you. @veltqt @weirdoliv @spoofzera LOLL the fact u still have that clip @spoofzera @weirdoliv add my disc bro @weirdoliv @spoofzera social rejects. @nickVAL_ LOL
@iamhcu @strangerkun ihu @iamhcu @strangerkun nvm i hope u drop down to fucking d1 @iamhcu @strangerkun get radiant@bro.. @iamhcu @strangerkun think about it. YOU will be my rank.. @melxng @notrxchel @ignOvercook @veltqt vouch @iamhcu @strangerkun dude if u drop to d3.. @AeroValorant @strangerkun @iamhcu LOLL @AeroValorant @strangerkun @iamhcu counter noti mid game also is this zekrom guy ur friend in my game @strangerkun @iamhcu notinmid game @melxng @nickVAL_ @kayvalorant noti @HK4RI @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 im not tho @iamhcu okFreaks ❤️+♻️
Retweeted by toasted @Nighty10k @LayziVAL @melxng @nickVAL_ @ignOvercook dude @LayziVAL @melxng @nickVAL_ @Nighty10k @ignOvercook .. @notrxchel LMFAOO @melxng nah time to actually deactive, i just got egod by mel @iamhcu bind prob a map i’d hate if i was in higher elo but i juat like farming on it @iamhcu icebox bind ascent split haven breeze @egoc @veoash @Ev3ly6 @noxufps kekw how can u even lag in real life 😭😭😭 @nickVAL_ vouch. @fluffyyFPS they all got a egirl collection im just gonna go q comp bro. @fluffyyFPS "just match with someone" bro i was solo qing unrated listening to a sad playlist at 2 am @nickVAL_ @AspireUnit joined @AspireUnit @nickVAL_ @AspireUnit MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @iamhcu @YukiAim i literally just noti gang vouched you fuck u @iamhcu @YukiAim vouchy for zachy @ItsLawy it's so emo bro @melxng @mistmie @AspireUnit noti @veoash @YukiAim im better then u @veoash WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOD UE SO GOOD @egoc @veoash @Ev3ly6 @noxufps stutter on my dick poggers @egoc @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 ur so weird champ but that sounds pretty poggers of you to say kekw im so fricking down @aeluinn @Ev3ly6 @noxufps noxu banging me with discord nitro quality @Ev3ly6 @noxufps u say this as if ur gonna make noxu jealous @noxufps @Ev3ly6 hey lol @spoofzera @notrxchel @etherealVAL_ @r9chl @AspireUnit @TwitterSupport @cancelculture dude @Ev3ly6 im gonna fuck noxu tn if u say one more word. @Ev3ly6 whats so funny. @melxng hru jit @181RAYS @AspireUnit w @etherealVAL_ @AspireUnit mmmm @melxng hello melissa xiang @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 ur so poggggg lulw @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 wanna edate @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 noti + fax they’re not very pog champ kekw @1kotaaa LOL @notrxchel @1kotaaa notification @r9chl @veoash but hes a no body 🥺