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Tobi Ogundiran @tobi_thedreamer Province of Penza, Russia

Writer of Dark and Fantastical tales in @BCSmagazine @fiyahlitmag @thedarkmagazine @tordotcom | Agent: @johnjarrold

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Which gods do I have to sacrifice to for some good news?Sees "fiction novel" final reminder that this week's Twitter q&a on writing and publishing will take place between 7 and 8pm, UK time…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranWhy say science fiction when you mean fantasy? Why say fantasy when you mean science fiction?
The Princess and The SpiderAh the Gmail icon has changed @BrentCLambert @davaunsanders A true honourYou know how folks in basketball look back fondly on the dream team? This is how I feel about this line-up of write…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranAnd if you weren't aware of the all-star line up behind this anthology, here they are. They deserve your engagement…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranCITY OF BRASS x TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY Amir carries spices to distant lands across ancient portals known as…
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @TimHardieAuthor I tell you
@wnwagner Those look like some pretty shocked ghostsWe move @JeremySzal Congrats! This deserves celebration!
@ElleHM I think everyone should do thisMe collecting names like they're rare minerals @pauljessup @tadethompson @RASmithPSL Yep. Thoroughly enjoyed it @K_tops Searching for an editor amenable to my whimsy @K_tops Gaddamn it KanyinIf I have to hear one more when is the book coming ... @6lackCulture @fiyahlitmag @tordotcom Thanks!This is such a terrific and chilling piece of flash fiction. I found myself punching my fist in the air at the end.
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @prashatsa Thanks bro. Victory fist bump! 💪🏽 @tobi_thedreamer @fiyahlitmag @tordotcom Absolutely breathtaking work. I was always suspicious of flash fiction (I’…
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @LadyMirth @fiyahlitmag @tordotcom Thank you, Phoebe!This flash fiction story packs a punch. Masterful fury.
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @elizawchan Thanks for reading, Eliza!
@sillysyntax @TimHardieAuthor I don't remember. But I pulled it off the shelf in the coffee shop @K_tops @Miss_Ahdynn Thank you! I figured If I’d wear glasses I might as well rock emMe pretending to read @nameshiv @priyachandscifi Yeah this is most likely where the demonisation stems from. Show not tell has become the word of god @luna_luminarium Yeah I vote for making it the default again, or at least not ostracizing it to the past @ashokkbanker I know right! @tadethompson Hard agree. I always ignore prescriptive writing advice. Lord knows how many good stories were never… @sillysyntax Absolutely delightful to read when deployed by a skilled authorI still believe there’s space for third person Omni. It lends a certain quality to tales
Here Sits His Ignominy by @tobi_thedreamer on @tordotcom is a short epistolary piece establishing an alternate wor…
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @HerLizardness @tordotcom Thanks for reading!.@falzthebahdguy is part of Nigeria's #EndSars protests. Is he afraid for his life? He says no. "We have a seriousl…
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @wnwagner Sounds like something a 2000 year old vampire would sayFalz for president ẹdakun @Sarah75795819 Those books are wonderful @cechomps I definitely will! ThanksBut eventually something disrupts the harmony - an impertinent look, meagre portions, A doesn't understand why B sh… sci-fi authors are on to something: earth is dying, humanity's last hope is scrapped together and fired off int… evidenced by history, conflict is a the core of the human experience. Where two or three are gathered - it might… it possible for a true utopia to exist? Where every one just lives in harmony ? ... I'm inclined to think, noHard agree
This is a truly brilliant story by @usmantm of tricksters and proud sorcerers and crafty gods. Well worth the read!
It's noms season. & I have an 18k word Africanfuturistic novella in the Dominion Anthology, free to read on my webs…
Retweeted by Tobi Ogundiran @louisevanswrite LMAO this is perfectI'm unshackling my whimsy with this WIP @GabrielFowope Read a lot, especially in the genre you want to write, then write a lot. You may seem derivative at… @GabrielFowope Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it!Nigeria is a bloody dystopia right now, the government shooting its citizens @LPKindred @prismaticamag Congrats! More power to youThis is what happens when you elect a dictator to office. Once a dictator, always a dictator. I am saddened and dis…
Why would you shoot at your own peacefully protesting citizens??? #EndSARS @OfWolfandMouse Take every writing advice as suggestive not prescriptive, I always say. @luna_luminarium It’s really tough writing a book. The constant swing between omg I love this and god what is this… @Ifeatu_ You all were pervy little teenagers ☠️Ifeatu pls explain yourself @nameshiv This was pretty common in Lagos but even our trains have packed up smhReupping this. Already got some cool recommendations and would like more Read this. Read this now!👇🏽 A short but powerful retort to the white saviour trope that currentl…
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@Penprince_ This guy is a compound fool for real @JibrailRaha That it was*weeps with joy* @sl_huang OMG thank you! @Penprince_ @fiyahlitmag @tordotcom Thank you! @BrentCLambert @davaunsanders Thank you fam 🙏🏽"Here Sits His Ignominy" by @tobi_thedreamer is a letter to the perpetrators of colonialism and exploitation.…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranHuge thanks to @davaunsanders and @BrentCLambertI traveled 500 years into the past, and rewrote history with a single letter, creating a timeline in which we did n… fiction has been one of those categories that I’ve squinted at from afar with suspicion, because how well can…’m pleased to announce my new story in Breathe FIYAH (an anthology of flash fiction produced in collaboration betw… continues! Keep watching this space for some great fiction produced by @tordotcom and ourselves. "He…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranBREATHE FIYAH, a flash fiction collaboration with @fiyahlitmag, goes live today! Check back every half hour for sto…
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranSticking the landing can be tough, as evidenced by the shitty season finales of beloved shows. Tough, but not impo…
Shoutout to @Ellethevillain for standing in solidarity with the Nigerian youth in our protests #EndSARS ✊🏾
An unsuspecting mother angers an ancient entity, with dastardly consequences for her ... and her children and rebirth is explored in this piece, in which an Abiku struggles with her spirit companion as she tries to… season is upon us, allow me to acquaint you with the chilling offerings of my dark mind. A threadMy Theatre Arts teacher bringing the receipts, ladies and gents jack gave us our #EndSARS animation😩 and for the first time ever, it’s the retweet button 😭❤️
Retweeted by Tobi OgundiranOur lord Sanderson
@BrentCLambert It's like the jitters before an exam, but THIS exam you and the team already passed @BrentCLambert It's going to be lit!Just finished this absolute stunner of a book by @pdjeliclark and whew!It's brilliant, fresh, highly inventive, and… @dilmandila @LunaPressGlobal Huge congrats Dilman!
@shaunduke Both titles inspired me as a kid, especially The Palmwine Drinkard, written in Nigerian broken EnglishLocal man Amos Tutuola appeared twice on this list'm so fucking proud of the Nigerian youth @ErnestOgunyemi Happy birthday!
@Penprince_ Thanks bro. We move 💪🏽 @BrentCLambert Fam, I’ve got things cooking! You and @davaunsanders out here doing the Lord’s work putting us Black folks on the map 🙏🏽 @TimHardieAuthor Can't wait for the world to read what we've got cookingAn abundance of riches is absolutely right. @zabebent, @jeninthelib, @wcdunlap_tales, @Lisa_teabag,…
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