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Toby Cotton @TobiasCotton Folkestone, Kent

A yearning optimist who is frustrated with the results of the world. Also sees bands. Mainly.

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@JohnHigton #andours @charliechar @Rhammified 1 metre 'plus' @LukeHaines_News Just been learning the drum part for 'Mean Mr Mustard'. Fill - snare, mid tom, mid tom, mid tom, snare.Harkive 2020 is just two weeks today, on Tuesday 21st July. Will you join in by telling your music listening story?…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @charliechar Ha! NO @charliechar I think it's pretty common to try to put together what feels like a realistic regulation only to find… @JohnHigton 😬 of the problems with Johnson’s character in my view is he seems incapable of taking responsibility, either pers…
Retweeted by Toby CottonTrans rights have been pitted against feminism but we're not enemies | Kim Humphery
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Currently listening to this - and, YES! @goatband @RocketRecording @DeborahMeaden Oh, they will!Heard this today and it was 👍👍👍 @evjanderson Understandable. All the best with your endeavours. Hope to heard from you again soon.This was quite something to watch live, I can tell you! @FulhamFC 4-6 points tops.MAGA’s: Don’t pull down statues. You are erasing history. Also MAGA’s: “You need to learn history” as they paint o…
Retweeted by Toby CottonTo all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment & arts world, join the challenge to post a pho…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Kedwondo @Chops_Top_Fives @davies_ec 😊👌
Spratwaffler. @TimeTideBrewing Deal, Kent. thought we'd do a thread on reasons to dislike Toby Daniel Moorsom Young. All of these are variations on the sam…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @LukeJohnsonRCP Some of yr capitalists are making a killing from economies crashing. @HeeleySteve @PaulNCov Eeal! @HeeleySteve @PaulNCov Haha! Eal?Turns out that learning to do something well is real tricky and takes loads of practice, commitment and dedication. Eeek @Chops_Top_Fives All starting with B and C 🤔 @charliechar @levvity There's a fine line between these two poles where my patience ends. @charliechar @levvity I think you can be critical of the government AND disapproving of those who think this is all some stupid conspiracy. @levvity @charliechar You're dead right, to a certain extent, but isn't it true that some (many?) are positively an… @Kedwondo It's piss. And if you're drinking it you're probably a fuckwit. Quote me on that. @Kedwondo You know that if you're bummed out that people went to pubs you're some sort of 'class traitor' right?
@DavidRogMoor Oh! What do you know... @DavidRogMoor Total load of shitHa! Yeah. Just us then Leeds, Brentford, AND Fulham lose today. @Fashionicide You're not, erm, trying to lure the British brain-dead to their actual physical demise are you?It’s heartbreaking to know that more than 5,000 people have unfollowed us just because we could no longer follow ev…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton“If subatomic particles defy constructs all the time, why should we believe in fixed constructs of gender or any ki…
Retweeted by Toby CottonIt’s all close to being nonsense: there’s no good evidence for any of this stuff - even around pubs. It’s an incohe…
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@gawanmac For sure! Or (on the admittedly limited number of occasions when I use him) 'for fu*k sake Henry' when he… @RamsgateMH @Shoebox1976uk @DavidRogMoor That did occur to me!Another day, another instance of @metpoliceuk being very, very not racist.
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Shoebox1976uk @RamsgateMH I was discussing with @DavidRogMoor that we should club together to get a nice lathe vin… HELL YEAH @Shoebox1976uk @RamsgateMH 👍👍👍👍👍👍I have been pondering the question I posed y'day about why a Government so supposedly interested in “data science”…
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@gigticket @Chops_Top_Fives Ah! Great choice! @englishhaze 😡I'm not joining the covidiots at the pub this weekend (as much as I love pubs). I'll be making an order from the fa… @LoudAndQuietMag! @charliechar because everything has become a 'cultural war' and the arts are seen to be relatively left leaning. Th… on the @Conservatives to support the live music sector. Would cost little to keep this massive and importan…, since the government are intent on making it nigh on impossible for bands to tour Europe, or for band from… you are a musician, a music worker, or a music fan please consider reading and acting on the following - probabl…
Retweeted by Toby CottonEssential viewing and better than a fucking statue in terms of learning. @SimonMBeard @DavidOlusoga Excellent stuff.
@hmtreasury And it'll be our fault when the rate of infection and deaths goes up again. Go fuck yourself.Yay! That was great! Thanks for the beautiful album @MarikaHackman and thanks Tim! #TimsTwitterListeningParty @skatykaty Sure. I guess it's 'core workers'. But I think you know what I meanA couple of shots of @MarikaHackman and @jessica_batour at the Forum, Kentish Town. My last but one gig before lock… @MarikaHackman When I saw you live before all *this* kicked off you told a story about asking your mum for euphemisms?A cross-side intro / outro coming up... @MarikaHackman #TimsTwitterListeningParty @MarikaHackman And it's 🔥 @MarikaHackman It's got wit too. Like the record.It's the socks + expression. @MarikaHackman will you let us know about the thinking behind the cover art? It makes me laugh every time I pull th… ready #TimsTwitterListeningParty @MarikaHackman #AnyHumanFriend out of work are forced to take low skilled, low paid employment forcing down wages to the benefit of the Tory's rich backers. 3/3Covid causes a bunch of people out of work, while happily the end of free movement prevents cheap labour coming on from overseas 2/3Bloke today trying to sell me his conspiracy theory that the over reporting of covid deaths is a way for the govern… @nadineshah @michaelazerrad Ah! Just reading 'Our Band Could Be Your Life' now! Perfect timing.Oh, this is great. And a mention of the lovely @MarthaDIY and Richard Dawson @Chops_Top_Fives Ah - 'Colman' Brothers. Sorry! @Chops_Top_Fives Coleman Brothers. I think the album is called 'Coleman Brothers'. On wah wah 45. Listen, 'cos it's FUNKYCuriously none of the Conservative accounts celebrating the end of Free Movement mention that YOUR freedom has been…
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@julialamb_ Having seen you play with @thisiszuzu (many moons ago at The Garage in London supporting… @julialamb_ I wish I was sick at one. @charliechar Michaela Cole's writing is genius. @charliechar Totally!
Just finished '13th' on Netflix. A documentary history of racial inequality in the US, focussing on the prison syst…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @br0llz Amen brother Oliver.This @DavidOlusoga #blackandbritish programme is fantastic. I'm gonna have to catch up on the episodes I missed. @LucyTrodd Whoa! I'd love to read it. @LucyTrodd Really!? Wow. That must have been a cool place to work was it?Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury. Saw her at Shepherds Bush months before this. She was so good. SO good. Miss her.One to show Isla! @Hannc10 @Country_Steve Go on then, spill... @pkc3107 HAhahahahaha! I couldn't bring myself to actually LISTEN. Just know from experience that I find him underw… I think this might demonstrate my issue with James Blake @_reecethomasart Love to you Reece. We're with you in the choices you make. Hope to see you around soon.Joe Thompson of @HeyColossus reviews the new book by Sam McPheeters of Born Against - 'Mutations: The many strange…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Shoebox1976uk @RamsgateMH Nadine Shah? Bo Ningen? @RamsgateMH @Shoebox1976uk Absolutely. Maybe I'll get around to some of them for whatever reason in a year or more.… @Shoebox1976uk @RamsgateMH My list of albums to catch up on ever growing...Haha! Lovely tale... salute to the genius of @Ray_Harryhausen & #BernardHerrmann on #RayHarryhausen's 100th #Harryhausen100 & Bernard…
Retweeted by Toby CottonThis is excellent, including how Reni Eddo-Lodge was asked to play a role by the media and didn't play along
Retweeted by Toby CottonMay have tweeted already, but check our video on white fragility, it's a good challenge
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @DefundBBC Don't buy a tv licence, don't watch then. Easy.
That Johnson press-up thing. What fucks me off is that its meant to be slightly self-effacing. Like it's not 'bare… @wisemanmarie1 I loved it. Romantic, touching, uplifting, inspiring!