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Toby Cotton @TobiasCotton Folkestone, Kent

Sees bands. Mainly.

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@DamianCollins @FIFC @HorshamFC @Conservatives Where were you when we were shit?For fans of Self Esteem (Rebecca formerly of Slow Club, not the psychological concept):
Retweeted by Toby CottonYikes. Not sure my knees could take my starting skateboarding again. Tempting though! @hotsalvation 🙄Can any #folkestone twitter people keep their eyes peeled up the town for a babies blanket, knitted blue & white sq…
Retweeted by Toby CottonBoris is a nonce #SaveTheNHS
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Chops_Top_Fives @JuliaJacklin or @JescaHoop
Only @ZoeFranklinLD can stop Boris Johnson's No Deal Brexit candidate in #Guildford. If you live in the constituenc…
Retweeted by Toby CottonReckon table leaders @FIFC got a bit lucky in their 2-1 home defeat of @HorshamFC this afternoon. Two Invicta pens… you don't want to constantly see these two gloating over the Christmas period, do yourself a favour - get out a…
Retweeted by Toby CottonThis is great, however you may wish to just be totally anti-Brexit and therefore vote Lib Dems. In any case a hung… @FelixBlakeston Oooh, I dunno. @FelixBlakeston Hmm. It was based on the event of Hannah's birthday yesterday. Couldn't splash out on posh cake AND…💥#newbook for Feb 2020 from @TheeKateHodges - Warriors, #Witches, #Women brings a fresh perspective to classical…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Chops_Top_Fives Having to get up is the 'joy' of having younger children. @Chops_Top_Fives @FIFC @HorshamFC The arse-sitting + football and beer feeling like the best move rn. @alanmuttley1066 Yeah.Today: sort car insurance and sew on the Jon Spencer patch I've been carrying about in my pocket for the last few w…
@davies_ec Oddly I wasn't as annoyed as I thought I'd be. Got bored pretty quickly though. Predictable.I've avoided election debates thus far, but honestly, are people really buying this 'we've got Brexit done' argumen…, I went for decent booze at the expense of decent cake. I reckon that was the right choice. Thanks for your in… @Kedwondo @porridgeradio Yes.Two absolutely stunning shots of St Paul's in the Forties, showing the extent of the bomb damage around the Cathedr…
Retweeted by Toby CottonTo our friends in the UK: please cherish, protect, & continue investing in your healthcare system! Once Big Pharma…
Retweeted by Toby CottonI mean, honestly, we're fucked., which of these is more acceptable...Luminous Spaces a collaborative track w/ @Jon_Hopkins_ is available to listen/buy now. We hope you love it as much…
Retweeted by Toby CottonEugh. 🤢. Sounds horrible.'s is also a brilliant time to release a song containing that particular lyric 'hook'. UPDATE Boris Johnson’s chances of losing his Uxbridge seat now above 25% according to some betting compan…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Kedwondo Ooooooh! Yes! Must check this out. Big fan of KLOSong of the week this week has to be @porridgeradio doesn't it? #SOTW
@peripixie @alanmuttley1066 @dusted1969 @INeedDirection @etranger81 I got Chamber Psych too. Put me on the list for… @evjanderson Ah yes, so they are. @evjanderson Me too! And Aldous featured relatively heavily. What even is that? @LippyKidMusic YESThe rise of Hitler was possible because of article 48 of the Weimar Constitution which allowed the executive govern…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @rorodrums2 Hey man, that's nice work. Good on you. @AndrewR64208552 Good thread Andrew. Thanks. @MaileyHayo Sending you healing thoughts...
Absolutely this. 👇 can think Jeremy Corbyn would be a crap PM (if you like) and still understand a Labour victory is best for the…
Retweeted by Toby CottonDear Boris Read:
Retweeted by Toby CottonPorridge Radio aren't just a band - they're also a creative support network that is learning by doing…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @AlanEwartJames1 @FolkestoneRT @DamianCollins Talking to those who bulk at giving an additional £1 of their £100k s… @FolkestoneRoss @badgerlyminge @ct4europe @RosieDuffield1 Absolutely this... 👆
george michael did not die on christmas day for you to vote tory, have some respect
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@StephenJamesGBR @FolkestoneRT @DamianCollins @BorisJohnson @Conservatives #opentheNHStoAmericanpharmacompanies @neige_n0ire @matthaig1 Yup. And I'm pretty easy to have around (I hope!) @neige_n0ire @matthaig1 That's certainly not my experience.
🔵TAKE OUT A TORY🔵 Johnson > Uxbridge > Lab🌹 Raab > Esher & W > LD🔶 Patel > Witham > Labour🌹 Mogg > NE Somerset > La…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @AndrewR64208552 @FolkestoneRT Hahahaha! @marissanadler Happy December! @matthaig1 I think we need to be a *bit* careful where we write a narrative where vegans are a drag. @craigshapes Word. @craigshapes Undoubtedly a top fracker. @craigshapes Er, for fracking?It's @snappedankles of yesteryear.🔵TAKE OUT A TORY🔵 Johnson > Uxbridge > Lab🌹 Raab > Esher & W > LD🔶 Patel > Witham > Labour🌹 Mogg > NE Somerset > La…
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@JohnHigton Gah! Struggling to disagree with you. My youngest made me watch the whole show. It, was OK. @Chops_Top_Fives Yes mate. @hiband @BeakBristol @RamsgateMH You folks were great! Thanks for coming. xBeak> were on very good form in Ramsgate last night. Fellow Bristolians and sibling duo, Hysterical Injury were fan…
YEEEESSSSSS! @CitizenMeh you have solid support from Kent this evening! Say hi to Daisy from me... @StuEdwards9 Brrrrrrrrrr! 🥶Here’s No.13 of my #30WaysBrexitWillImpactFolkestoneandHythe countdown to Dec 12th #GE2019: Earlier today Boris Joh…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @nrXic @marcrileydj I thought and think they're great. Fantastic band too. Send love. x @Fashionicide @ashapaigex Asha will be loving it when she is paying American companies over the odds for the medica… @marcrileydj I met Crack Cloud a little time back and they seemed young, and quite nervous. I'm sure they don't or didn't mean offence. @darrenhayman It's no 'The Wire' fo' sho' @IanJamboReign @BeakBristol EXCELLENT @substandardnerd @CitizenMeh It is @BeakBristol day if you live in Kent. @millie_ran @audiobooks_hq Great!
@gothiron @porridgeradio They're great, ain't they? @CitizenMeh Love 'emDo They Know Its Christmas by Jeffrey Lewis. you think the arc of justice will eventually bend toward our current crop of ruling classes, today we learned th…
Retweeted by Toby CottonJust this once, do yourself and others a favour, vote tactically to keep the Tories from fucking over our country.…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Bookselector I should think that immediately after I will be retreating back into the darkness....@libertines John Hassall to appear at @Vinylstore_Jr #Canterbury as part of 'Up The Bracket' play in Canterbury Cl…
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @ShapesHQ @craigshapes Putinesque @Sipperana None whatsoever @englishhaze Something about variety being the spice of life? @Sipperana Aberystwyth Folkestone-West.Among the x number of gigs I'll be attending in 2020 will be Little Mix at The Spitfire Ground Canterbury. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Train Guy is on the pitch
Retweeted by Toby CottonOh the memories. 😢 Lovely review. YOU should go next year. @Jaynesharp @davidschneider I mean in that lack of a Conservative majority means that Johnson can't force his deal through. @Jaynesharp @davidschneider Not sure anyone really knows as it depends on who holds the balance of power in terms o… @Helen_ECW This is just the type of practical Christmas present that I can get behind these days. I could do with… @Fashionicide @GeorgeThePoet Yeah. You should check the podcast out, because its a beautiful thing with great musi… @Fashionicide Have you been listening to @GeorgeThePoet's podcast? @BeakBristol Me! @RamsgateMH Friday! @skatykaty @CitizenMeh I got another actually, young Laura Marling is as good, if not better than, young Bob Dylan. Any good? @CitizenMeh I don't think so really, but best I got. Also think that Idles are only 'alright'.Fontaines DC are very, very average.
Unbelievably stoked to announce that we're supporting Fugazi on their first show in 17 years, grab tix
Retweeted by Toby Cotton @Huisvrouwtweets Yes. Think so.