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@LloydWise Happy birthday Lloyd!
@prolpo Yah! @prolpo @ashleyjamesart @ztsamudzi That kind of is the breakdown??Everyone in Central Park is either exercising maniacally or on a homosexual date. The circle of lifeLiterally what is Joe Rogan??? It’s a man??? ???
Retweeted by Tobi HaslettHard not to think here of @TobiHaslett's thoughts on the ways in which a certain type of commentator elevates incoh…
Retweeted by Tobi HaslettChoose Your Own GeorgeWhile I found that Packer piece very—entertaining, I vastly prefer George Scialabba’s essay on Hitchens:… @zacharyfruit The background is clearly london? If I’m wrong I will delete this tweet @livingcurrency @nckrvn I think I made that clear in the original tweet!! @davidimarcus This tracks!!I definitely feel like an Enemy of WritingI love that it’s literally called American Dirt @drakemotel Same.. @nckrvn Oh it’s not today lol @drakemotel Hi @LloydWise He also went to The Meatball Shop I’m pretty sureVera and I share a birthday ♌️ to make everything about Where The World Was When I Was 18 but it is genuinely INSANE to me that men who suppor…
Retweeted by Tobi HaslettFeb 4, 7pm @mcnallyjackson in Wburg, the great Gary Indiana and I discuss his sick novel of the long con, a tale of…
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2020 piece by @elusivecorporal on Varda, with a cameo by @hhnnccnnll!! inevitably thought of one of my favorite songs)“That’s how I thought it would feel when I took a press job in Washington: the closer you are to the centers of pow… @simontorracinta @stschrader1 I love that movie so much, everyone is so hot
@bbornaa Lol hi! @bbornaa There’s a whole world out there Borna @peligrietzer How could a freelance Marxist afford shoes?I like that everyone’s being outed as a Marxist! Reminds me of this from 2009
Oscar ❤️
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“Distancing himself from his mainstream political allies, King announced his opposition to the Vietnam War and reco… @JasMoneyRecords I think it’s one of the weaker ones frankly. But still good! @re_colston Hell yeah @hhnnccnnll I nearly tweeted that but was like “only, like, Hannah will get that”Really hope people “get” this proud of thisThat Klobscure Klobject of Desire
After 42 years in prison, MOVE member Delbert Orr Africa wins his release
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@JasMoneyRecords LolllOn one hand, this is a completely insane development that sends the conversation plummeting to appalling new depths… there are huge, important debates about how race and class interlock or co-constitute, it is close to an abso…
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@diasporadical_z 😊Painfully evocative! “Those of us whose primal bookstore memories include browsing Adbusters at the Borders next do… @jordanrbrower At least there are worse thingsI too have some thoughts about the Young Marxist Tobi Haslett
Retweeted by Tobi Haslett @livingcurrency Pray tell @_Ash_Clark Omg I love that @livingcurrency Finally!I am extremely flattered reviewed the recently reissued "Depraved Indifference" for @thebafflermag.
Retweeted by Tobi Haslett"Every workplace book is ultimately about the limits of camaraderie and the limitless human capacity for tedium and…
Retweeted by Tobi HaslettI love Marxist leanings, shavings, and even the crackling. All delicious
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@hubersamj 💜💜💜