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Tobii Gaming @tobiigaming Stockholm, Sweden

Official Tobii Eyetracking account for esports, streaming and 150+ PC games. Enabled in @Alienware Come and hang out:

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Let's get technical. Ever wondered where a CSGO pro is looking during crucial moments? Wonder no more!'s. Challenge. Time. Has anyone used Killjoy to earn points towards their challenges yet?👀 Remember, you have u… @RealMrBlue Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza though... reminder that the greatest CS:GO play of all time happened on the B apartments
@BurntToasTJ Yes.On a scale 1-100, how excited are you for gaming this weekend? @ChrisBlinker pathing getting your wards in a twist? Our friends at @MobalyticsHQ have put together a cool video breakin… @Mini_Madcraft Good morning Mini Madcraft, we are very warm 🔥Good morning to everyone except Teemo mains
@Mini_Madcraft 👀 @Mini_Madcraft We see you 👀🍘Spam 🍘 This 🍘 Cracker 🍘 If 🍘You 🍘 Want 🍘An 🍘Eye 🍘 Tracker 🍘Oversee your crops with a broader, better, view. Simply look towards the edges of your screen to turn your head in… @BurntToasTJ's Wednesday my doods, please save us from this heatwave🔥
Skins = wins? Wrong! With @MobalyticsHQ and eye tracking, we're already a step ahead with our game. It's almost…🚨 IT'S DAY 1 🚨 Want to win some money or even an eyetracker? Head over to the link in our bio to complete G-Loot… BEST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF COUNTER STRIKE 🇪🇺 MARCELO BRAZILIAN HOT BLOOD 🇧🇷 NIKOLINHO BOSNIAN MASTERMIND 🇧🇦 R… @Foxdroplol reminder that eye tracking makes you a better gamer 😎
Tomorrow we kick off the first week of our G-Loot challenges... Fancy winning some cash prizes or an eyetracker?… @BlackGamer86 @ChrisBlinker @ChrisBlinker Only one way to find out..Want to immerse yourself fully in the drive? Eye tracking lets you see your environment without taking your hands… @farmingsim us^ @Formula1game @javierpinzonb @Fran_Lorenzo95 @Nick_Baker777 @Max33Verstappen @redbullracing So beautiful 😍
@SypherPK It's afternoon here! Have a fantastic morning though ☀️ @BurntToasTJ An ADC... hopefullyfarming or something idk I play Support @kyrieldoku There's no need to seem suspicious... 🥺 @ChrisBlinker Odin wants you too 😉Good morning everyone, if you like this tweet, you will get FREE WINS
@RodamusZero 🤔👀Who's excited for AC Valhalla?! (Odin is)! 🤠 To celebrate the release of Desperados III, we're giving away FIVE keys for the game🏅 Feeling lucky? T… @Mini_Madcraft Gonna have to give you 100/10 on this for the fact it's interactive and amazing at the same time... keep it up! @BloxyTrucker 10/10 as always, stunning view! @XicoM26 10/10! City perfection @big_smurk @coreythedobie Real life truck! 😍Good morning gamers, rise and shine! Who's truckin' today?
🚨SUMMER DASH INCOMING 🚨 The @glootresports Summer Dash kicks off THIS MONDAY! Show off your skills, climb to the…*briefly stops exploring Idaho in American Truck Simulator* Show us your best truckin' screenshots and we'll rate them! 👇 @SCSsoftware We wouldn't miss it for the world 😉 @teegavtc It could be? 🤔 @Mini_Madcraft Good morning Mini 🌻Good morning to everyone except people who don't smoke mid @imantonio321 We would hope so
@Syaff_wann We don't know, is it?The amount of people who are replying with Dust 2 right now... 🧐 @Mini_Madcraft We need more cobble frag clips!Petition to bring back Cobblestone to the competitive map pool, RT to signWe can't get enough of Desperados III! Fancy finding yourself in the Wild West? 🤠 You can use the new eye tracki… morning gamers, RT if you like games
@Victolo2 You got us! @Ubisoft Oh. My. God. @magicsweeter We don't know, is it? @CH3D3RTTV @CSGO @ESLCS @ESL Don't give up! 💙 @ESLCS @olofmeister We still get chills from this! 🤯 @GAMEdigital Nothing will ever beat the feeling of coming home, loading up Halo and hearing that menu music 🔥 @VitalitySmail That brings about some bad memories... @CH3D3RTTV We might come and check it out 👀 @CH3D3RTTV This is THE legendary Counter Strike?What map is this? Wrong answers only:! Thanks to the awesome guys of @MimimiProd, you can now use eye tracking with the brand new Desperados II… @LillithyTV Same :( got fall guys on our mind @BurntToasTJ @CallofDuty Hope you enjoy season 5!It's Wednesday my dudes, what are you playing today?
Impact on the game: █    █  █  █…
@assassinscreed That's it. It's over. You win best game over the year just for this.💨Introducing...The Summer Dash! 💨 We've paired with @glootesports to bring you some special summer challenges! 6… Sitting in a bush guarding my jungler's buff being a responsible laner The enemy Blitzcrank: @britalou @TobiiTechnology @TobiiDynavox Hey, Sorry to hear about your issues. Please submit a ticket in our help…
@TheOnlyDroid @Spilling123 👀If you could only play ONE map, and no others, which would it be? (no Vertigo or Haven, please) @Batcannibal 👀👀👀
( •_•)>⌐□-□ You don't need frags if you're an IGL (⌐□_□)The Relicta demo is AVAILABLE!! The guys at @MightyPolygon are helping us unravel the secrets of Chandra Base 👀 Ey…
When your team calls for an eco, but you already bought :( afternoon gamers, ITS FRIDAY TODAY
Settle the debate🤔 us back #TBThursday
Where are you trucking today? Show us in the comments 👇 @Spilling123 👀gamers before eye tracking vs gamers after eye tracking morning gamers, this is a reminder to get that bread 🍞
Your teammate says they'll fake A, while the rest of the team goes B. Our reaction you could play ONE game of duo queue with a LoL pro, who would it be? 🖱️ @G2esports @MobalyticsHQ Good....morning? @MobalyticsHQ 😎Who wins this fight? ( •_•) (•_• ) ( ง )ง ୧( ୧ ) /︶\… @prans_tweets Morning!Good morning gamers (please say it back)
No one: Absolutely no one: Me holding any corner: ADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADAD *inspect knife*… @ll_lightning_ @PlayVALORANT @riotgames BROKEN @MimimiProd Let's go! 👀 @Mini_Madcraft @PlayVALORANT @riotgames I KNOW