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Sounds like she got GHOSTE...You know what, I don't need to do this. Happy for them and their conscious uncoupling. would add that I've seen great people get overlooked for FT work explicitly because the industry takes temps for… important article about the culture of temps in public radio an incredible life story: 4: Or should we bring bourbon home and order KFC from seamless?
@Carolinewchamb @uncivilshow @trufelman @NancyPodcast @leoncrawl @heavyweight @theringer @LynnRLevy @mikiebarb, I’m talking about the Christmas special is this?
@lindaholmes this TICKLES me, Linda @finkelbaripie @witchstillman of nothing, a reminder that Tiffany and Maya were ELECTRIC together
👇 WE IN PRINT 👇"Q: What's your favorite color? A: Cloud"
@quietguynoises TIS THE SEASON, MY FRIENDDEVELOPING: After election losses, Republicans in Wisconsin Senate push through bill just before sunrise that is de…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @_kathytu Me, watching as my plan pays off:
My favorite podcasts understand the medium's potential for intimacy. @10Thingspod gets it just right. LISTEN LISTEN… @katchow Pointer finger method all the wayI’m so excited for when Patti LuPone finds out she can at people from backstage
Four years ago we met Radio Rookie Luke at @Door_NYC. And today his story comes out on @NancyPodcast . He is resili…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowEver tried to explain the plot of The Nutcracker coherently? I tried this morning and had to stop at "so the second…
In honor of the 30th anniversary of #WorldAIDSDay, let’s revisit this episode of the @NancyPodcast with David and D…
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Hiring editors take note
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowCome through! I'm the guest storyteller for Here & Queer at @ucbtny this Wednesday! @lindaholmes He’s like a caricature of an impression of a terrible man. WHY DOES HE EVEN GET B PLOTS?I will never understand why the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel seems to want us to give a shit about what happens to her ex-husband
Welcome out, E.
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowWHY IS THIS SO FUNNY SKJXSISISO
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowOne day I’ll be able to order dessert at a restaurant without flashing my WE’RE BEING NAUGHTY smirk
Who can even afford to work in media? The instability of the industry all but ensures that the young talent pool (e…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowBOWEN YANG IS MY SANDRA OH. @juliastmi Wow. Gonna think about this one for A WHILE.
Someone added me to an Instagram group chat that's comprised of all the people named Tobin he could find. So far, a… @DGJourno @annmarik @NancyPodcast put Christina Aguilera singing "Reflection" from Mulan in my daily mix, which means the algorithm knows I'm asian AND gay.Earlonne Woods, co-host of the award-winning @earhustlesq, had his sentence commuted and will be officially hired b…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowAn independent autopsy determined that Roxsana Hernandez Rodriguez was physically abused before she died in ICE cus…
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A @NancyPodcast listener posted in our "Friends of Nancy" FB group about a missed friend connection. Hoping we can…'re looking for a CEO! Share with your network and with possible candidates.
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowTick, tick, tick, tick.... Friday is the deadline! Apply to the spring @Transom_org Story Workshop. Learn radio on…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowPodcast ads be like
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowThe @TransLawCenter has announced plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit over the case of Roxsana Hernandez, a tran…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowWhat Asia saw in her head:
@TracieHunte @lilyrosesloane Yes, it took me a while to understand it all. But once I did, HOO BOY...The dictionary defines "burn" as:
BREAKING: The Trump Administration Just Asked The Supreme Court To Let It Enforce Its Transgender Military Ban…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowI know, isn’t it wonderful? 🤗 wish I had some turkey bones to make jook this morning like my mom used to do
This is how folks NEED TO VOTE: Yes on 14 and 15, No on 10 and 11 and 12
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowThis is malicious and it is cruel. Please help get this info to anyone who is voting in Taiwan that anti-lgbt group…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowToday, I’m thankful for friends, family, and also the greatest gif ever created @mathewrodriguez @kevinpokeeffe Y’all bring the knowledge and the giggles! 💕WOW WOW WOW
I really can't understand why people feel empowered to assess people's racial identity. Last year at a wedding a jo…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Lowmust be nice to be a white dude chef who clearly knows nothing about the history of chinese food in america, includ…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @katchow @USATODAY Oh yeah, it’s BAD. Very clear who is considered deserving of humanity. @bmluse YES! LIKEWISE!When you drink coffee to combat a migraine but the coffee flares up your acid reflux which makes you cough which in… @USATODAY vid is seriously messed up. Encourages body shaming and taking pictures of other ppl w/o permission… is the content I want to see Kiki with @kevinpokeeffe and @mathewrodriguez is always a joy, and this ep is no exception up to be among the first to hear #PostReports, the @washingtonpost’s new daily news pod (plus: sneak a peak at…
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@jestom I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and read the article. But the quotes just kept getting worse and worse and worse.IT'S LIKE A TATTOO IN CHINESE BECAME A RESTAURANT. Absolutely not. Nope. NO NO NO NO NO. It's gonna be a no from me. Hell no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. out those guys from were just trying to save that woman from her salad :-/
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowOf these 23 beautiful lives taken from us in 2018, 22 were trans women. 16 were Black. One died in immigration enfo…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowDearest audio friends: @NancyPodcast is looking for a producer! Benefits include spontaneous applause, plant duties…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol LowI began this thinking "Oh, Latif will have good things to say" and by the end was like "OH SHIT, I HAVE TO BOOKMARK… is trans day of remembrance. 22 Trans ppl were murdered since Nov. Remember trans people not for how they've…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @roseveleth This is the right question @roseveleth That feeling can be so overwhelming! Sometimes it's hard to remember you're proud of the story and you worked hard on it!!EXTREMELY SAME. was shooting at Mercy Hospital yesterday and a cop was killed and he’s the only everyone’s talking about . Bu…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @_kathytu @matt_pc @NancyPodcast THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT A PLANT NEEDS TO SURVIVE. @CraigSJ Seriously. I was not prepared for the Pokedex description.I'm sorry, Cubone, WHAT? desperately want every person to be good *or* bad, and the need for that unattainable certainty isn't serving us…
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@matt_pc Dear reader, if I could communicate to you how much @matt_pc clicked his tongue in disapproval when I arri… MOVE MOUNTAINS FOR THIS TO HAPPEN in the game promotion, but this conversation with Alexandra Billings was one of the most fun tapings I've ever… @SperosWill Fair point, but you can't stop me from singing this ALL DAY ON THURSDAY. @maggiemcgills Everything in SJP's life built to this moment. @lindaholmes LINDA. Do I have it correct that this will be the first time we meet IRL? saying there's no Thanksgiving song is participating in Turkey Lurkey Time ERASURE.
Hi friends! @NancyPodcast is hiring a producer! missed opportunity for a cheeky HP nickname like "Ho-crux" @katehinds @TracieHunte I started tearing up during the opening credits and knew it was just gonna be downhill from there."Dogs" on Netflix has literally drained all the moisture from my body. I have no tears left to give. I am a wrung out sponge.
@arwenn @_kathytu Oh, my heart!
FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! CONGRATS @fransquishco !!! right, I had beets at lunch yesterday.
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @bethfertig I think it’s a nice thing! The account seems to do these in the spirit of honoring public radio iconsGasp! @bethfertig, your moment has come!! @lindaholmes Just a case of game recognizing game. ❤️ you, Linda! @tonydwagner @Marketplace @UncertainHour !!! CONGRATS !!!
Congratulations to @_kathytu and @tobinlow — hosts of @NancyPodcast — for making this year's #Out100! We're so so p…
Retweeted by Tobin A-Diva's-Christmas-Carol Low @lisa_b_davidson @NancyPodcast The editor in me is DYING that I did not catch this 😭 @jeffmasters1 THANX BB! 😍🥰