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LA peeps: @NancyPodcast is coming your way!! 19 I was fired from my job for being trans & became homeless. Women’s shelters rejected me because of my assigne…
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Entirely unsurprising and devastating.
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Trans/GNC folks: Have you had any of these experiences at TSA airport security checkpoints? - Asked to remove clot…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @jimbriggs3 I feel too high to do basically anything rn 😻How does anyone function on Claritin? I took one this afternoon and I feel like I've been hit with a hallucinogenic tranquilizer dart.Merrick Garland when the appeal arrives:
@rebel19 Happy Birthday!!! 😻 @inkookang I have very much become a "Clark's makes cute shoes now!" girl @isiyu Emilia Clarke quote on eating the stallion heart is 😻 the name of our sister Muhlaysia Booker close to my heart. It always feels like Black trans women have said…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @tonydwagner He's literally just on his way to the food trucks @tonydwagner AAAAAHAHAHAHARemember just a few weeks ago Muhlaysia Booker gave a speech after being attacked that she felt like she narrowly e…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @aznfusion Literally sneezing as this came up in my twitter feedJust resurfacing because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA Snow crying after he did that sums up like every ex I’ve ever had
If you wanna start an independent podcast for money, boy do I have bad news for you!
June 7—We're teaming up with the acclaimed @WNYCStudios @NancyPodcast for our next #FirstFriday! In addition to f…
Retweeted by Tobin LowThere’s a lot to love about The Prom musical, but boy did I love being the only one who guffawed at the reference t… @jeffmasters1 @TheAdvocateMag @jennydeluxe @Wesley_Morris Thank you for the shout out, bb! @jestom You and @_kathytu @bekahshoemake @ThePromMusical Wow PURCHASEOk real question @ThePromMusical: do you sell sparkle shirts that say “We’re All Lesbians” and can I buy one?
Apply apply apply! Being an @AIRmedia New Voices scholar at @ThirdCoastFest was HUGE for radio baby Tobin 😊 in the House chambers as a comprehensive and inclusive LGBTQ non-discrimination bill, the Equality Act, pa…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @matt_pc MATTHOLOMEW LESLIE COLLETTE.
Fun fact: before I was a queer podcaster, I was a professional cellist. Which is why I'm so excited to host WQXR Ce… JESUS, I NEEDED THIS.
So thrilled to have been able to share my experience with fertility & miscarriage with @NancyPodcast this week. It’…
Retweeted by Tobin Lowmostly I’m thinking about how hard it is for men, even the “good” ones, to grasp that abortions are a thing every p…
Retweeted by Tobin Lowthinking a lot today about the time a guy friend of mine in all seriousness while we were discussing abortion right…
Retweeted by Tobin LowIf you start a sentence with “I’m an ally, but...”, chances are VERY HIGH you’re about to not be an ally
@margeincharge @margeincharge 🎶Ask me how do I feel...ask me now that the city is burnnningggg🎶Vogue staff wearing full-on ball gowns while creating digital content in a basement? That's CAMP. from the 2-second cutaways during this B- karaoke performance, I can already tell Nasim Pedrad will steal this… me know when you’re ready to talk about that Detectice Pikachu twist because HOO BOY @SamEBNHPR @Moe_McMurray @reblavoie @JimmyGootz Maybe I’d come glamping. MAYBE...
This episode is beautiful and vulnerable and lovely. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN! @lindaholmes It seems like an impossibly big, impossibly complicated plane to land. And also all the pilots are men… @HelenZaltzman Oh Helen, I LOVE GBBO. In this case, I am referring to the behemoth that is game of thrones @TheFaymeReport GoT, BBTruly congratulating myself that I didn’t give the last 8 years of my life to this show lighting designer: You’re telling me there’s no room left in the budget for night battles? GOT pyrotechnic designer: Ok, hear me out... @jpbrammer 1000% she has tasted human flesh @jpbrammer Every show needs a Yui
Should I reach out to @netflix to see if I can get cast on Terrace House Tokyo?Honestly this season of Drag Race just needs a villain on the level of Yui from Terrace House., privately congratulating myself and all my friends for processing something in texts instead of on twitter you use your weekend to catch up on podcasts, don’t miss the latest ep. of #TheStakes @WNYC. @veralynmedia gets…
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I think my phone might light on fire from the number of fellow Asians I’m texting with simultaneously?Dark My Feelings Of Inadequacy from @_kathytu mid episode: “ok this might be the first drag race ep I’m truly enjoying.” Text from @_kathytu I truly don’t give a shit how this season ends
When the Nickelodeon sketch show got canceled, did anyone write an essay titled "Goodbye to All That" in the voice… @ghweldon Lots of clefables4clefablesFucking hell the implications of this.
Retweeted by Tobin LowQuit trying to talk to me about what the parents should do or should have done. I don't care. At all. And hungry kids are everybody's kids.
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I can only assume this makeup has actual semen in it. night on her talk show @BusyPhilipps responded to Georgia's abortion ban bill by telling her story: "I had an…
Retweeted by Tobin LowSome truly mind-blowing and disturbing facts in this thread 👇 in gay: was watching an episode of Flea Market Flip and screamed “WAIT, they’re just not gonna acknowledge that that’s @PattiMurin?”
@Emanuelewithane CONGRATSSSSSSSS!!! @imontheradio Saving this for the perfect moment down the road...I earn EVERY. DAMN. CENT. best day of my life. They are out.
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Cast Mr. Feeny or I'm not even interested!
God I loved this program as a kid, and god I wish I still got a pizza whenever I finish reading a book a cis woman she can’t compete against other cis women because her testosterone levels are “too high” just g…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @mathewrodriguez As soon as the voice over started, I was like “oh this bish from the drag race vid again?”AGREED! (@NancySolomon2)
@mathewrodriguez Squish“Queer stories deserve nuance.” - Kathy Tu & Tobin Low from @NancyPodcast at #Tribeca2019 #TribecaCelebratesPride
Retweeted by Tobin Low @emilyyoshida Attn: @jpbrammer @HelenZaltzman @10Thingspod @NancyPodcast It didn’t make the cut, but the 11th thing that scares me is complimentary tweets @lindaholmes I hope he liked it as much as I did, Bc I effing LOVE that show @lindaholmes Oh, please say you’re seeing Hadestown while you’re here
Just thought to myself “It’s so funny how I have private memes, little phrases or images from my life that make me…
Retweeted by Tobin LowAnd I thought to myself: did Brooke Lynn really say the inspiration for her kaftan in the desert look was effing Sex and the City 2?
"I am not drinking any fucking merlot" is gonna be a bop, I can feel it. Child Dies In U.S. Government Custody Since December
Retweeted by Tobin LowAnother day, another attack.
Retweeted by Tobin LowI think we’re all set on media hottakes about imploding pre-launch nyc-centric news orgs w/ millions in runway, y’a…
Retweeted by Tobin Low @Patrickm55P @TracieHunte You came at her with your ignorance, accused her of arrogance, and tried to condescend to…
What a dream to talk about my fears on one of my FAVORITE podcasts out there right now!
Non-binary comic @JesTom is using their work to spotlight trans issues and break LGBTQ+ stereotypes
Retweeted by Tobin Low @rameswaram There’s some kind of meat-in-that-sandwich joke that I’m too tired to makeThe yelp I let out made it clear how much I wanted Andre de Shields to get a Tony nom #TonyNominations
Won't you come see us at @BellHouseNY tomorrow night??? @_kathytu and I are so excited to hang out with… @margeincharge My last remaining hope is that they're building to some kind of meaningful confrontation re: the des… ok, now I see. question from someone watching for maybe the second time ever: WHY DO Y’ALL PUT YOURSELVES THROUGH THIS?That was a missed opportunity to say “not today, satan,” no?
@imontheradio @katchow Jealous of this meet up!I exist solely to make sure recent Terrace House converts make it to the church episode. (@jpbrammer)
@samsanders The accuracy of this burn. @alexlaughs @NPR @mygpb @nytimes @Poynter @ThisAmerLife @ThirdCoastFest TAL fellowship x2, Radiolab internship x2,… @TastyKeish I don’t know when I became the kind of person who thinks of their birthday as a full week, but I DO