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freelance illustrator - RMCAD - 24 - he/him - COMMISSIONS CLOSED - inquiries: - good at most sports. getting better at harmonica

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Zeus when he sees a mortal woman in a lake
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️getting hit with a wild amount of motivation at 10:07pm on the 25th day of the month like HEY WHERE THE FUCK HAS THIS BEENit's still getting work done so little victoriesstill have 40 minutes of work time left and all my brain can do right now is lineart so guess whAT THATS WHAT WE'RE DOINGI’ve been really, really safe
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @BrenndanQF fenris 100%god I wanna play dragon age 2 @RyanEdwards_Art Seriously the second I opened it I had a visceral reaction of like “Jesus fucking chRIST-“Obviously I can rearrange stuff but dear godthere’s so much shit everywhere my brain is going nuts my default workspace for photoshop is so simple like. why is the default workspace for clip studio. Like that.
aight aight i just bought the pro version
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️I HAVENT EVEN BEEN HERE IN A FEW WEEKS P L E A S EThey asked for a name and I said Toby, duh. And they just went. “ it the same toby from a while ago.” GIVE ME A BREAK PLEASEI cannot catch a damn breAK everytime I go back to canes it’s the same person taking my order 😭😩if anyone needs some serotonin, i've been recording when pierre hops into my bed every morning for the past couple…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️Do I bite the bullet and start transitioning to clip studioTurns out, I really fucking hate @tedcruz
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️if anyone needs some serotonin, i've been recording when pierre hops into my bed every morning for the past couple… COLD OUTSIDE AND IT'S COMFY, LET ME LIVEof course, the one moment i leave my apartment to take the garbage out and decide to keep on my gilmore robe, i run into like 7 peoplegood morning here’s a tiny shirtless lemony
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @AngryMuffinStu oh my god sprinkle lmAO. tbh probably close to what he looks like in canon anyway. this is awesome!!"Let chaos reign!" Evil Jester, yes please! So I saw @tobyjamessharp's AMAZING evil Fjord and inspiration his hard…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️thinking about how i spent my whole childhood being told it was my generation's responsibility to fix the world and…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @Reddnn This was so fun! Ty for commissioning me!! ☺️Commission done by @tobyjamessharp of the (Divine) Dream team. I cannot get over how fantastic the colours are they…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @beccmel2 Tysm for commissioning me!! I’m so glad you like it!!Meet Khatia, my trickster cleric! When she’s not spying or strategizing, she is pulling pranks on her party members…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️my favorite comment I’ve gotten a few times on the eiselcross M9 portrait series is “hey where’s nott at??? You’re… am not looking forward to all the "lose that quarantine weight" New Year bullshit that's about to drop, so here's…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️One more little bump as a reminder!! the best work partner for tonight i’m here
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️Oh, how much I've missed this gently floating male drow............ #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ignore my dirty workspace anyway a bitch is COMFY
@Viktormon i mean im def just. wearing it around my apartment 24/7 now lmAO. i'm sure i'll use it as a bathrobe, bu… @BronzeKaffi I ordered a medium and it fits me pretty well! I however like my robes a little bigger in general so i…’all this fucking Gilmore impulse purchase ever it’s so fucking comfyremember when I hated drawing profiles in like 2014 and now it’s one of my fave things to draw💥 BOOM! GOAL BARÇA! @sergino_dest! 0-1!!!
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️Hello! Looking for an Indian heritage illustrator to work with a writing team on a pitch for an Agatha Christie mys…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️used to be like a 5-6 when I was younger now it’s around 2-3 more shadowgast comic stuff, so have a few out of context WIP sketches 😊 I love drawing body language + emoti…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️last bump 👌🏻coloring process for essek! #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️Gilmore robe is out for delivery 👀👀👀 (also weirdly feels like a cut scene from Silence Of The Lambs???)
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️This fight 😂 #CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRoleFanart #CriticalRole
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ wild how every single civil rights activist you learned about in like third grade was actually a socialist. wonder what that’s about
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @JMKillackey aYY this was a fun one!! I'm so glad you like it!!Caeda Tianin, part-time bartender, part-time tattooist, full time heartbreaking romantic. Elven foster brother of o…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @kisforkairon TRUST ME IM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT 😩
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️anyway I am...very much looking forward to starting the new year with a break from normal commissions (will probabl… just already have like. 7 parties I’m still working on so my brain physically cannot take more of those on lmao,,,Also! I know not having party commissions available might be a bummer for those who were hoping for a holiday gift… as usual, I thank everyone for their patience!! December spots will be a lot more limited, and tbh unless you… month being wild and a creeping sense of burn out has def slowed down my process a bit, so trust me I’m not ha… for all my November commissioners!! My November queue is pretty stacked, and will bleed into my December… I 100% jinxed ity’all tbh I’m working on the cutest illustration and I cannot wait to show everyone when I’m allowed to ☺️❄️Beautiful 💜
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @psyk0zap MAN I want that scarf SO BADLYThe latest title card brought some peak 🌸Cad fashion🌸 #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRoleArt
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @AquaGekko23 Oh no don’t tempt me,,,,,,,
Hi everyone new who followed me for Critical role, I’m an idiotsup floaty hot boi is in Eiselcross that means he gets a snowy portrait as well! #criticalrole
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️all the Eiselcross portraits together. Finally have enough to do a full grid of 9 #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️oooo its gonna snow tonightcoloring process for essek! #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart want shadowgast to happen in canon just so that we can get a shadowgast wedding one shot where essek is a true bridezilla
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️LGBT people of color are not being petty or vindictive when we discuss the racism we've experienced within the comm…
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️I keep remembering we don’t have a new episode this week and :( #criticalrolespoilers bright circus man #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #mollymauk #longmayhereign
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @CaptainMorri aww absolutely! im so sorry for your loss you'll be in my thoughts <3A handsome man cool downs from yesterday of my avatar OC Eri!
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @_the_Quietman I do have a print option with all of the nein together, just without Essek since he's the newest one… the people have spoken #NewProfilePic a dumb bitch outwait wait I’m having a dilemma here....which do I make my profile pic...I’m putting a poll in the next tweet ok’s nothing major, just slightly higher cholesterol than my norm and I’m just like. YEAH. I’M AWARE.I’m laughing my doctor messaged that some aspects of my blood work look a little worse than last year and I’m like.… Draco Malfoy gets ready to pronounce the “P” in “Potter”
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️ @vietbluecoeur Tysm!! That’s one of my favorite nose shapes to draw so I’m glad you like it!!He's up on my INPRNT btw! @marshmeowil like THE SECOND he responded to jester I was like "OOOOOOH BOY TIME FOR THE SNOW ART AGAIN" and thank… @hiddendruid thank you!!some cool downs from yesterday of my avatar OC Eri! the Eiselcross portraits together. Finally have enough to do a full grid of 9 #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart floaty hot boi is in Eiselcross that means he gets a snowy portrait as well! #criticalrole Thanksgiving PSA
Retweeted by ❄️ toby ❄️the face | the Pokémon is in eiselcross......y’all know what that means