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He/They. Host and Creative Manager at D&D Beyond. Married to the most amazing woman in the world. Scottish Lord. D&D Humorist. Perfect Warlock.

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@Dan_Dillon_1 We are now friends for life.We need Space Chanties. That is all. @Dan_Dillon_1 Spelljammer confirmed @Dan_Dillon_1 @CHofferCBus John Wick, no name change, he used to work at Candlekeep.I will die on the hill that Artificer's need a Clone infusion at 15th level. @missrachel how dare you @jamesjhaeck I miss you already. @jamesjhaeck I love you too brother. You are on to great and wonderful things and I am so excited for what happens… friend @jamesjhaeck is leaving D&D Beyond today. He is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. He has he… ⁦@meagankenrekt⁩ the most comfortable wizard! @wildrosemage Oh this hurt my heart.The Egyptians used ramps 4500 years ago while making the pyramids. Archimedes invented the first elevator in 287 BC…'s Caustic Brew requires a bit of rotten food as a component. Which makes you the equivalent of that guy who w…
All that is cursed is not wretched, Not all those who are Undead are evil, in a world where everyone is Lawful Good… a world of dragons, fireballs, constructs and flying castles there can be elevators and ramps. If you have a pro… don’t know who needs to hear this but you can’t cast touch spells through mage hand. @nerdimmersion Any class ability or feat that alters the function and limitations of the spell is an amendment to h… @nerdimmersion You learn the mage hand cantrip. You can cast it without verbal or somatic components, and you can m… @LauraBaileyVO Wait till the hag comes back.I want you to know Arcane Tricksters can now take the Telekinetic Feat and extend their invisible Mage Hand from 30… @MorriLoremother @ArgentBearKing Fireballs done right can make a beat.Evocation Wizards still slap.I bought CoS from @NKGames and they unexpectedly sent me a signed 1st printing. (Thanks, Noble Knight!) Anyone know…
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Only ten with spines. @dreamwisp @CreativeGray @BDaveWalters @TheHopeLaVelle @OboeLauren @ThatBronzeGirl @meagankenrekt @meagankenrekt Reduce it, REDUCE IT @WhittersRichard Love it.In times like these we need to rally behind each other, support each other, open our hearts and be a little kinder… it impeach day yet? @OboeLauren @JamesTKingP1 @ThatBronzeGirl @meagankenrekt @BDaveWalters @TheHopeLaVelle @dreamwisp @TheHopeLaVelle @BDaveWalters @JamesTKingP1 @ThatBronzeGirl @meagankenrekt @OboeLauren @dreamwisp @JamesTKingP1 @ThatBronzeGirl @meagankenrekt @OboeLauren @BDaveWalters @TheHopeLaVelle @dreamwisp When Avren is the… setup for the Raven Loft. @ChrisPerkinsDnD Nor did Michael become the Vice President she wanted either so mother was doubly disappointed. @kellylynnedang @ChrisPerkinsDnD @BillBenham2 Bill is a good egg.
Thank you to @DnDBeyond for having me on today! Elminster's Candlekeep Companion is available here:…
Retweeted by Todd KenreckOur new consistent shared nightmare is that @meagankenrekt and I are in public and not wearing masks. @VoiceOfOBrien I’m sorry for your loss Liam. @ChrisPerkinsDnD They were trying to take away your shit. Good dog. @WinningerR @Wizards_DnD Very excited for this book and to see so many great friends in the author lists!We also have more insight into one of the "Candlekeep Mysteries" many authors and their unique stories here startin… about the new D&D book "Candlekeep Mysteries" right here on D&D Beyond! Oh, also preorder! of the most gentle and fierce souls can be found @CriticalBard. He has given so much of himself. Please give ba… @vampiresnvino @BDaveWalters @nouralogical High praise sir. @BDaveWalters @vampiresnvino @nouralogical Somewhat Ravenloft obsessed. loves. @Dan_Dillon_1 @SageAdviceDnD One of many first things I’m doing is getting pizza with you!
Happy third birthday Mighty Nein! Thank you ⁦@matthewmercer⁩ ⁦@Marisha_Ray⁩ ⁦@executivegoth⁩ ⁦@samriegel⁩ ⁦… current mindset is AAHHHHHHHHHHH why does my shoulder still hurt this much. If given the option never dislocated… @ChrisPerkinsDnD @LindseyGrahamSC How would a second impeachment possibly do more harm? @wizkidsgames Do not taunt happy fun ball.Harold (Hair-Old) Hovelton played by @MonsourEthan Cocker Spaniel Bard/Warbark (warlock) of Avren ( @ToddKenreck
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Very good speech you should watch. @ChrisPerkinsDnD I love himThis final season of House of Cards has been unbelievable.
@CNNPolitics Or 5 years ago but who is counting.It’s not a “bunch” of Americans, FFS. It’s a couple of individuals who have long flouted the simple and sensible ru…
Retweeted by Todd KenreckWe miss you. Happy birthday. is he not allowed to use stamps?I hope they take away his Disney + subscription next! @VoiceOfOBrien Perfection. @ChrisPerkinsDnD You should be mad. We can never stop feeling outrage from this. Never be ok with those that enable… on Twitter. belongs in a museum. Trump you have been banned from Twitter for violating humanity’s terms of service.
Imagine being a cop taking selfies with rioters and opening doors for them and escorting them out when they had fat… can’t make a Draconian without breaking a few eggs. 20 years ago I dislocated my shoulder and popped it back in myself and I am feeling that today. @cissyspeaks @matthewmercer 🕯 @WinningerR No, but really this time I mean it. @ChrisPerkinsDnD cat Luna is a mood. Lawless for the win. @JacqGame Sadly yes
@feliciaday Twitter is an avocado.Will Parry in His Dark Materials is a Bladesinger. I've had extreme fatigue and headaches from getting off caffeine two days ago. I got off everything else two weeks ago.I have quit alcohol, sugar, caffeine and all processed foods because I'm wondering what it is like to have a body t… has been a terrible 24 hours and I hope you are ok and taking care of yourself as best you can.Twitter. Facebook has blocked Trump till the Biden transition. Do better. We know you can.9 years ago today. Me preparing for my video game show In-Game on is seeking info that will assist in identifying individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washingto…
Retweeted by Todd Kenreck @Hydra_Lord Thinking of you and her Ivan.Same buddy. Same. @MicaBurton Everything I’m feeling.He incited violence and won’t stop trying to over throw an election on your platform. Make new Twitter rules. has put a 12 hour lock on Trump’s account and is signaling they may ban him. Let’s do better than may.We are seeing right now the difference between how cops treat black people and white people. If you are white you c…
Twitter tell us when you are going to do the right thing and delete his account.Pelosi: "We have decided we should proceed tonight." Exactly this. Do not bow down to tyranny and hatred. Certify the election.I’ve been more aggressively pushed to leave by Denny’s waiters then these cops. @ChrisPerkinsDnD Arrests, prosecutions, firings, investigations. All of it now.This insurrection needs to be put down swiftly. The message *must* be that Americans will not stand for it. Those…
Retweeted by Todd KenreckWhere are the arrests?Democrats just won the Senate.NBC still calling them protestors and not rioters.At what point does Twitter delete Donald Trump's Twitter account? How far does this have to go?If these people were black the cops would have shut this down immediately.Stop saying protesters.How are these people not being arrested, where are the police, where is the FBI?