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Todd Motto ⚡ @toddmotto ☂ England, UK

🎓 (@tryultimate) ⚡ JavaScript, Angular, RxJS, NGRX, TypeScript 👾 Google Developer Expert 💍 @Rachael_Motto 🏊‍♂️ Open water swim fanatic

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@marcelcruz Not intentionally 😄 @jh3yy @DavidDarnes You totally bamboo-zled me mate @marcelcruz I saw on a Reddit post someone said I was the Tony Robbins of Angular and I'm still not sure if that's a good thing @kristirspbrry It's excellent for posture and strengthening, highly recommend. @edalusicarus I do wish I could take all the credit for my followersWrites best blog of my career: 10 followers, 80 likes Tweets desk pic: 7billion new followers @BenLesh Less is more Ben, less. is. more. @joevans0 Exactly. @theIYD Yep, lots of deep prototype ;) @chrisoncode One day if I get there, I'll let you knowIf you love JavaScript as much as I do and want to take your skills to the next level, you better keep an eye on th…
Retweeted by Todd Motto ⚡ @carl0scer0n Anything in particular? I’ve not written a post about it but now I think I need to. @EnnioBozzetti Thanks so much mate! @gajevvski I wanted to get a rising desk but @autonomousdotai don’t make them wide enough. Plus my monitors are mounted to the wall! @AWaselnuk Yes indeed. Then tackling tech like react and angular becomes FAR easier as there are many different approaches and styles. @RHJOfficial 🔥 Thanks my friend! Yes, check out the JavaScript Masterclass curriculum, things are heating up 😎 @rehrumesh Thanks very much! Need some more plants :D @maxxscho Thanks! Donington Park was a scary one to drive, lots of camber changes, absolutely loved it though. @michaeltaranto Yep can't beat the first race of the season (well, apart from this year...). Did you watch last wee… @michaeltaranto You did good mate. I can't name any Aus tracks xD @XMalatji Office and course production studio :D @michaeltaranto Voila! @michaeltaranto Castle Combe is the shield looking one, then Donington Park and Brands Hatch GP :D @rouleur66 Thank you, yep I'll get those added straight after. This was the bamboo worktop I went for - @adamdbradley 💥😎 Yep, am building out the most killer JavaScript courses lineup you've ever seen: @dzhunev Iced coffee :D @barhate_gm 3x LG 27" @ $1800 Desk @ $450 Speakers/audio @$500 Keyboard @ $120 Don't ask about the PC... xD @kemosite It's a kneeling chair, much better than a normal chair but not as good as a gym ball. Had to order a new… @Damian_Kidd Thanks very much! Am really happy how it turned out. Just need a beer fridge!🔥 Full steam ahead on my JavaScript Masterclass course, coming end of month! It’s almost ready and fully focused o…
@lohanna_dev @walmyrcarvalho Thanks so much ! @robsterlini @BecksBiochemist @Jack_Franklin It's utterly brilliant LOL sadly I didn't see the vertical killer whale @BecksBiochemist @Jack_Franklin @robsterlini Haha, it completely threw me off, I never knew they existed and was li… @BecksBiochemist @Jack_Franklin @robsterlini Super! Would love to swim there for sure. I stayed in that hotel yacht… @BecksBiochemist @Jack_Franklin @robsterlini Oh this would be amazing! Is that the Emirates thing going over the to… @maartentibau Haha thanks dude! I don’t am afraid it was a present somewhen. I think it’s Boss black though so will… @ManfredSteyer Yeah! I do a lap, stop the watch to catch the time then restart and go again ✅ @ManfredSteyer This is a typical swim 3/4 times a week. You could get away with 2/3 though. Freestyle 🏊‍♂️
@jh3yy Yeah I’m not sure either. And yeah, to combat the whole “sharing equipment” thing the lake I swim at does… @jh3yy Let’s hope some sense returns soon. But - I also fully understand the challenges that come with most pools b… @jh3yy Yep, thousands are closely gathering in the streets now the ☀️ 🍺 ✅ 😒 pubs are open, yet I can’t go to a chlo… @jh3yy Yep, get used to holding your breathe like a boss. It’s like running and only breathing every 5 seconds whil… @jh3yy Oh definitely. 95% of the time you’re face down in the water, I alternate sides when breathing with a fully… @jh3yy That’s the way to do it! Step 1. Cut it out Step 2. acknowledge the benefits and differences otherwise why would you stick to it? @jh3yy Oh yeah that was me too. Then I practiced minimalism technique and got so much better. Fully relaxed and loose. 😎 @ammar__mani Hopefully swim into me 😜 @ammar__mani I had to wrestle a few gators 🐊 but apart from that it was smooth swimming! Cotswold Water Park is the place. Lake 86. @Brussells Yep I haven't counted a thing, don't really need to when you stick to similar meals and eat the right ch… @codeinfected I aim for 3 but mostly it's 4. Basically any time I am afk I am probably swallowing lake water at warp speed 🏊‍♀️ @keithort I've had about 6 Dominos pizzas. Maybe 8. @jh3yy DM for swim tips xD I went for a decent wetsuit and the thing is incredible! Doesn't even feel cold. It was… @DanWahlin Follow me on Garmin for swim inspo 🙏😂 @Jack_Franklin You don't choose the concrete jungle life! Oh wait... xD @jh3yy Yes, the sugar drop is a must! For me it was mostly in sugary drinks... :P yep started swimming, watched a t… @FrancescoCiull4 Thank you kindly sir. I told myself I wouldn't eat shit and go back to before. Glad I made it through! @FrancescoCiull4 About 4 months! ⏰ could’ve been a lot faster but the pools closed 😭 we will see what happens now I am swimming again. @jh3yy Haha thanks man! I really turned to swimming in Feb and haven’t looked back, was gutted with closures. So gl… @Julie_M_Knowles I am fully available 😂🤣I’m down about 15/16kg of fat. No dieting, just ate the right things, switched to better options. There is no quic… the IE9 dependency. Took a few months. @imacnu @UltHackKeyboard @keebio I prefer the look of mine too, but that’s not what I’m going for ;-) @cmwhited Trackscapes website I think but I’ve no clue if they’re operating anymore. Hopefully something US located for you? @imacnu @UltHackKeyboard @keebio This is the current keyboard - I love it but I think my hands and wrists would pre… @imacnu @UltHackKeyboard @keebio Why is it horrible? @cmwhited You know it, tracks I’ve driven! Silverstone GP Spa Francorchamps Castle Combe Brands Hatch GP Snetterton 300 Donington Park @viniciodeltoro Yes but we were given it xD @jkup Thanks man! It’s all about the ambience 🤩🐾 Milo is killing it at the being cute game again with his new bed 😭😆 @paulchinjr @UltHackKeyboard I'd never heard of Kailh before today, so thank you! How do they compare to Cherry? @SailensMC @UltHackKeyboard Yeah that's probably not gonna be do-able with covid, hey let's find a store to go rub…⌨ Keyboard friends, I'm choosing a @UltHackKeyboard - this thing looks amazing! Which Switches would you recommend?… @tommcfarlin My guy. @tommcfarlin Our paths may diverge, but our love is strong <3 ;) @1stevengrant Yep that was my fave part, combined with the two-tone. Love it, reminds me of a beach house I stayed at once. @1stevengrant Really nice! Love interior design/decorating like this. @matzatorski Same here. Like 4 years I think! @SamVerschueren @RocketLeague Let’s play
@robertcaldecott Does sitting outside your house watching you read my tweets count? 👀 @jlrbezerra I’ll put it in the calendar ;)Oh hay @jlrbezerra I live about 30 mins from Stone Henge. If you’re ever passing by... 😎 @kirsty44SUNSETS It happens to the best of us 💁🏻‍♂️Good evening can do so much with only HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript + DOM. I had a look at this course and it's amazing.…
Retweeted by Todd Motto ⚡ @TiagoCedrim @John_Papa @simdufour This does sound amazing, I wish I knew how to do this! @LayZeeDK That counts as code ;) @catalinmpit You probably use GitMud @tommcfarlin Thanks so much Tom! <3if @toddmotto puts together anything like this, i'm more than happy to spread the good word, y'all
Retweeted by Todd Motto ⚡ @hybrid_alex Coming from SourceTree Mac to Windows, I hated it at first but kinda like it now! Just less clutter maybe. @DeborahKurata Wow, that's amazing. Similarly I've kept a few 'major' news things aside for the future decades. Sta… anyone using GitHub Desktop? I'm currently using SourceTree as I think it's a pretty nic… @v1rtl @dym_sh I'm with you on that oneWhat's something fun you do on your computer, that's not coding?
Still *love* this feature in Chrome, type in the URL bar: sheet.​new doc.​new To create a new Google Sheet or Doc 🤯
Retweeted by Todd Motto ⚡You’re a nerd when you wake up and notice Pi o’clock
@GaryNeed4Speed @Rachael_Motto Papa Gary!