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Here's a link to our coverage with videos compiled from social media: @RxMayhem With video - massive caravan of pro-Trump Jews was attacked today in New York City - pelted by rocks and eggs. You probably wo… is true, according to USA Today. Hussein Obama. That's his name. Barack Hussein Obama. B.H. Obama.This @realDonaldTrump rally. It's a classic. What a great president we have.PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I didn't know the swamp was that deep and that vicious." FACT CHECK: TRUTH #MAGAThis is what a RED WAVE looks like. #Ohio #MAGA #Trump for a red wave, folks. The Silent Majority has been mobilized and we're about to save this country from the…
@JaneAustenJunk a long-suffering fan! lolYear 3 and no improvement. Fulmer needs to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with CJP. #GoVolsJoe said the quiet words out loud. has returned to his roots - as a professional rabble rouser - pardon me - community organizer. Biden: "I AM SCREAMING."Who built the cages, Barry?Oh, look. It’s the guy who put the children in cages. #Obama won’t show a wide shot of the Obama crowd. Hmm. I wonder why?Barry Obama is raging in Miami delivering an unhinged attack on @realDonaldTrump. He’s screaming and flailing his h… Barry- “normal” presidents don’t try to sabotage campaigns or overthrow a duly elected president. #obamaEvangelical Never Trumpers who equate killing an unborn baby to rude behavior are not Evangelicals.Obama: “If you gotta walk out of a 60 Minutes interview, you’re never going to stand up to a dictator.” Says the ma… Joe Biden is not a socialist. Maybe. But Kamala is.There is a shameful attempt by some prominent evangelicals to discourage voter turnout for President Trump. Let me…'all, this is just sad. I'm afraid the cheese has done slid off this man's cracker.'s #MAGA Day on @Mighty990KWAM! Call Chett and Sherrie live on the radio as they talk about the presidential race… IN: Someone is sending letters to pro-Trump homeowners across the country threatening to burn down their homes. love America and I'm proud to be an America - the greatest nation with the most exceptional people on Earth. God bless our great country!The great gardening team at KWAM is taking your gardening and landscaping questions live on-air. LISTEN:"It's disgusting," @SenRickScott said on my radio show. He says Joe Biden sat by while the Chinese took our jobs &… Venezuelan socialists looted their country. That's the same model that the Left and the Biden Crime Family are… knows that the Mainstream Media are bigger liars than he is, says @DineshDSouza on the @toddstarnes show.… I’m With Rapper 50 Cent on This One! Entrepreneur Stunned by Biden’s Proposed Tax Rates
Retweeted by toddstarnesAirlines get government bailouts. Bookstores do not.
High School Spanish Quiz Describes President Trump as Selfish - Democrat Chris Wallace says he's disappointed that no one calls him the "Big Guy." #tmi #debate2020Who won the presidential debate?Joe Biden said he would "transition from the oil industry." Horse and buggy time, America. Democrat Chris Wallace is just giddy as a school girl about Biden's performance tonight. #notfairorbalancedThis lib moderator is much fairer than Chris Wallace.
Retweeted by toddstarnesBiden says he wants to shut down the oil industry. Even the leftist moderator was like, "Wait. What?" #debate2020Biden says he wants to transition from the oil industry. Sweet mercy, America. #Debate2020Joe: I don't know where he comes from. Trump: Queens. #LOL #Debate2020Joe is rattled. #debate2020Trump: "I am the least racist person in this room." FACT CHECK: True. Biden once eulogized a former member of the KKK. #Debate2020 @glasscockks YES!Ohhhh! Biden just threw shade on Obama: I'll be PRESIDENT, not VICE PRESIDENT, saying what he'd do differently than that slacker Obama.
Retweeted by toddstarnesTrump: "Who built the cages, Joe? Who built the cages, Joe?" Joe did. #Debate2020I've lost count of the number of times that Trump had Biden on the ropes only to have the moderator interrupt to sa… moderator doesn't understand how Congress works. How terribly sad, but not all that surprising. #Debate2020NBC is in the bag for Biden. This is just wrong.
Retweeted by toddstarnesSo proud of my president tonight. God bless you, @realDonaldTrump #Debates2020This is worse that the debate moderated by that registered Democrat. follow up? The moderator never pushed back on the Big Guy. Gave him a pass. #FixIsIn #Debates2020Wow. @realDonaldTrump just nailed @JoeBiden
Retweeted by toddstarnesTrump to Biden: "You do live very well. You have houses all over the place." #Debates2020The moderator runs interference for Biden so the Big Guy doesn't have to answer Trump's attacks. #Debates2020Trump: "Joe, what's that all about? That's terrible." #Debates2020Biden just called America's mayor a Russian pawn. Go get 'em, Mr. President. #Debates2020How about a question regarding Facebook and Twitter interfering with American elections? #Debates2020Mute the moderator! She interrupted @realDonaldTrump #Debates2020Pardon me, ma'am - you don't get to interrupt the president. Follow the rules, please.Biden says the government should dictate how you run your businesses during the China Virus pandemic. #Debates2020Notice that the leftist moderator allowed Biden to interrupt her. #Debates2020Biden: You people are going to die. #Debates2020TRUMP: "We can't lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does." #BOOM #Debates2020Biden: Dark Winter. Trump: Morning in America. #Debates2020Somebody wake up the #BigGuy #Debates2020 we mute the moderator? #Debates2020LIVE COVERAGE: Join the Todd Starnes Show as we provide real-time commentary as President Trump takes on the NBC le…, look! It's registered Democrat Chris Wallace headlining Fox News Channel's debate coverage - along with Donna B… question President @realDonaldTrump should ask Beijing @JoeBiden tonight: - Are you the “big guy?”…
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A high school Spanish class described President Trump as selfish. These leftist educators are muy loco, folks. Joe Biden under a federal investigation?An out-of-town atheist group got triggered by a student prayer at a high school football game in Georgia.🚨Coming up in the 2 o’clock hour! I’ll be joining @toddstarnes at 2PM & @cvpayne at 2:45PM to discuss the…
Retweeted by toddstarnesA Mississippi business owner politely tells the state's Republican governor what to do with his mask ordinance.… solution is simple: Either play the fight song or lose your scholarship. Lemon doesn't believe that black men who support President Trump can think for themselves. #moron #bigot Got a personal message and apology from Facebook - for falsely labeling me as connected to QAnon. They said it was a "glitch."So let's review. @andrewcuomo is a Jew-hater and he sent elderly people to their deaths. Laptop connected to Hunter Biden linked to FBI money laundering probe, according to documents obtained by Fox…
Retweeted by toddstarnesA homeowner will not face charges after he delivered a whoopin' to two teenagers who stole his Thin Blue Line flag.…
Pro-Trump Farmer Targeted by Arsonist, Tractor & Combine Burned - just slapped me with a warning label accusing me of being a violent extremist and associated with QAnon. I… journalism by @BrookeSingman and Jake Gibson at @foxnews'm very proud of this school for defending this patriotic students! They love America and President Trump.
Lord only knows how many folks Lesley Stahl may have breathed on. Trump campaign is urging supporters to stand tough and stand tall against the violent leftist mob. Be safe out… bad as the presidential debates have been, it could've been worse. #ToobinA pro-Trump farmer is facing the loss of his tractor, combine and other equipment after it was torched by an arsoni… you so much for your overwhelming encouragement, support, and prayers out there. They absolutely work! Fear n…
Retweeted by toddstarnesThe cheese has done slid off this lady's cracker. @debates give @realDonaldTrump the ability to mute the moderator when she's taking Biden's side?
“It’s really a shame that all of these Biden supporters have decided to take to violence in burning our city street… bless you, #Rush. Ditto heads across the fruited plain are lifting you up in prayer.Now I understand why Biden doesn't want to hold any rallies with his fans. CDC says flu cases are at a record low - or maybe it's just called something else now. #ChinaVirusThe Trump campaign called out Biden supporters who they say are attacking conservatives in the streets - like this… CONSEQUENCES: Pro-Trump Homeowners Face Anonymous Threats -"Hunter Biden was a Crackhead," say Diamond and Silk during an interview with @WakeUpMemphis on @Mighty990KWAM